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  1. How would you react?

    i think its okay with female russian snipers
  2. Yep i play 1280x960 Stretched, or sometimes 1024 blackbars and i have a feeling playing with CPU scaling gives me lagg sometimes it just feels different and cannot play with it, but nowhere i can find a answer on the internet how to enable DISPLAY scaling @ToonBE Display scaling. i dont like GPU scaling. @seekax
  3. I always had a AMD PC but switched not long ago to Nvidia ( because of the good words from other gamers. ) I had no problems in the first 3 months but got a message that my cpu does not get support anymore with security updates on my windows 7. so i bought windows 10 but now i got a problem with my SCALING i can only scale my nvidia on CPU and i dont want it. i want to scale it on display but there is no DISPLAY option in the nvidia Control center ( was available on windows 7 ) anyone know how i can fix this? i really cannot play with cpu scaling, need display scaling back!! Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3GB BENQ XL2411Z

    i hope its not true, skins are nice looking, and maybe fun for like a battle royale game
  5. Search in Destroy in Alpha

    @Jester scrims would be nice in the alpha!
  6. Search in Destroy in Alpha

    i prefer search and destroy, but on the other side i prefer TDM or FFA because everyone just jumps around at tdm and ffa so many glitches and buggs will be found. in S&D its the same round everytime you will still find the same buggs and glitches but not as fast as tdm maybe they can include FFA & S&D or something, but im okay with just ffa or tdm
  7. The highlight with the kar98 in the video is so sick i was instantly thinking about cod1/cod2 I hope the mosin nagant returns after release one of my favorite rifles on cod1/2
  8. Hi!

    Hi! Heard about battalion 1944 when it was announced was so excited because i read about the cod/moh feeling again. Im backing it now for the alpha acces and cannot wait to play it! i played cod1/cod2 and cod4 on some high+/academy skill(or whatever it was called) i spended many time mixing on IRC back in the days haha ( was more a onliner ) its fun to meet oldschool players again that i lost on xfire. cannot wait to give all my time and dedication to 1 game again See you on the battlefield again!
  9. Welcome! i was also a steady rifle only player in cod 1 and 2 Nice to meet some cod 2 legends here now Lets hope this game brings back the good times!
  10. Battalion Announcement Vlog!

    it looks good so far!