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  1. Hello This is my first discussion post, but i follow every post on forum. For sure we would like to know much more about maps, so far we known about Manor House, we saw in trailer/gameplay. What else ? Which maps will be applied, any ideas or info ? Enjoy
  2. @Freakshow thanks ! btw. For sure these weapons will be in Alpha 0.2, i wonder if will we get other maps or just new weapons + fixed previous bugs ?
  3. and mp44
  4. Alex Richardson here ? i don't belive it in this game i will be like snax in csgo
  5. Welcome ! @[DEV] James and @[DEV] Tn6 bunch devs on forum growing, it's for us, for everyone. Nice to see you !
  6. guys today can be update info about alpha, what u think ?
  7. Hello all Battalion 1944 people ! Alpha is coming, 10 days left. Like devs said this week we gonna see update from them about Alpha Info & Roadmap etc. I have seen this on Pansy twitter. Guys help me solve the riddle. I made photo for you. Let's go ! Any ideas ?
  8. E3

    @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON i saw photos on twitter, short question, everything is ok with you/studio/pc's/server etc. ? is alpha endangered ?
  9. very good question !
  10. guys and @Koffee what is it ? Looks like "coldzera" graffiti on Mirage haha
  11. - Who will be online when the game release at May26? 1. i report myself at 26th ! - What do you expect from the game? 2. skilled and competetive game - Do you think this game will be esport-oriented or nah? 3. of course ! - What weapons will you play first? 4. m1 garand with his incredible "PING" sound - Will you help developers by detecting and sharing bugs? 5. sure - What ideas would you give developers to make the game more enjoyable for everyone or at least for the majority? 6. idk yet, my head is near to explode - How long will it take you to see the first cheat/cheater in the game what do you think? 7. dunno, maybe 2/3 months, middle finger for them ! - Do you also want classic cod2 maps in the game? For example, carentan. 8. probably not, i want new maps, classic cod2 maps as additional maps/ not for competetive - How do you think developers are loyal to their words? 9. Of course, i trust them. Cool guys i think
  12. hello netherlando !
  13. probably these are trying victory poses like devs said , soo funny and looks cool
  14. Like @FrosteR said . It's simple. I dont know why people dont understand obvious cycle
  15. every time when DEVS says "update coming soon" i feel like
  16. don't forget about me ! ( i didn't spam you ^^ )
  17. the same like u ,
  18. @Farq-S thanks ! I had in mind, somefresh info, alpha is close
  19. you don't like skins ? Just play without them. Through example csgo this show us it's helpful improve game/ esport scene etc. It's simple
  20. ready to play also !
  21. actually there is in cs:go, but without team logos. First of all b:44 need build a good and stabile competetive scene, very important is to good start with release game, then we can discuss about gadget,skins etc. moreover idea is good
  22. @craven. welcome another polish soldier in b:44 witam
  23. Welcome and hello !