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  1. i need harry up in few day i will buy, @WeAsOne thanks for info !
  2. @WeAsOne i can't decide , waiting for gameplay next week or just buy today cuz after gameplay might be HUGE hyppe and sell out
  3. "Explosives planted" This is awesome voice !
  4. Hello my friendo I'm waiting for u in B:44
  5. Hello everyone I'm so excited, i can't wait to play this game. I was COD2 player with big competetive experience and with more than +5k hrs in this game When i saw backgrond scene's in last vlog, remember these memories from cod2 scene. Currently im playing CS:GO but for sure i will change platform for BATTALION 1944 . Im looking forward for this game, i waited for game like this since COD2 was decline. Sad times Like i said, now im very happy cuz on the horizon is Battalion Im also the owner of youtube channel, if u want visit me at yt/sumacz . See you in Battalion battlefield