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  1. Have you ever seen this video? haha, it is cool. it is a shame to dont have a "planting box" in battalion. BUT planting area could bring more bomb plant tactics ... or am I wrong?
  2. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    I hope so, but every successful game need an active community. As big community is as better we can expect updates of the game, tournaments sponsoring and happier devs The game is pushed to the right direction so we can expect community will rapidly growing after EA. Every big community has bad guys (they don't have to be children). It is sad but it is true. But every problem can be solved in specific way. FE: after match we could give player good or bad reputation.. if somebody will have a bad reputation he could have a competitive cooldown. It is a way to dont let cheaters and psychopats ruin our ranked matches. But probably it could not be applied for unranked matches we could only hope and tech them to better behavior
  3. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    me2 It could be 3000+ promod players waiting for this game and I believe after early access when advertising of the game will not be prohibit but supported so old promod players number will increase. BUT atm lot of people dont check out the forums and the forum is almost dead so your way of find out how many promod players are waiting for this game will not be accurate. But the battalion community does not contain only cod4 players, also cod2 and lot of newcomers interested in the game which are bored of the modern game mechanics but they want to play and have fun during competitive matches or playing with their friends. Dont worry about the community guys, it will be huge!
  4. Mouse accel isn't hard to put in to the game so if the early access version will not have it in options menu the devs can add it in next update tbh it is a minor thing but I can imagine mouse accel can somebody make more satisfied gamer
  5. Nintendo Switch Support?

    I am not an IT guy so i dont understand the back end of game development but lot of game studios making their game for consoles first and than the are porting game to pc - pretty sad story .. battalion is made for PC first and than console... As much as the devs can port of pc build to console version as sooner console players could expect their game. Dont talking about DIRECT PORT, it is not even possible imo. But every game has main platform development and then ported and edited for others... I am pc player but anyway I expect one of the greatest console port ever made. (WHY? because look at csgo and its console port is fuc*ing trash because the gameplay mechanics feel weird on gamepad., but cod2/4 was fun to play even on consoles) so I hope people will be enjoying bat44 also on consoles @60fps
  6. CoD World at War Promod anyone?

    The springfield shot sounds so satisfying
  7. Nintendo Switch Support?

    Wondering about making standalone build for consoles... PC and console version should use exactly the same maps, 3d models, textures, sounds or even UI. The only reason why console build should be different than pc version is optimization. Lot of console games sacrifice texture sized and details of models (LOD is more aggressive on consoles) - so dev optimize console version and than make pc port of unpotimized version of the game (with full size texture...etc.) so that is the reason why lot of pc games are unoptimized trash. But IMO battalion will be well optimized/polished on pc (bat44 is less demanding game than others, so almost everyone should enjoy playing this game without stuttering) so pc version will be super fine (I believe ) and even consoles should handle pretty fine exactly the same build of the game at 60fps. So there is no reason cutting down texture size or 3d models... Only different things are game client(with main menu) because of: 1.) UI navigating should be optimized for gamepads 2.) in-game friend list sync (depends on used system - ps4, xbox, steam) 3.) wallet, game server sync, bindings, (maybe auto aim on consoles...) AND the main thing is RENDERER! -windows/xbox use DirectX library -steamOS(linux), ps4 use VulkanAPI(OpenGL) So renderer on ps4 should be a bit rewritten but it could look exactly the same (BUT nVidia game works is only supported in DirectX) IMO nVidia game works didnt help any game. Yea it can make some fancy stuff but it is FPS killier and unnecessary thing. Every special FXs and heavy postprocessing are killing FPS so as less as possible of this things could be beneficial for us players and devs also. So building a console(ps4/xbox) version of scratch doesnt give much sens. I am not sure about running original build on nintendo switch without sacrificing on models,textures or renderer... it depends how much powerful nintendo switch will be.
  8. Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    Ahh, I miss this info, thanks mate It is a great "news" for me I like it!
  9. Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    Will we be able to host ranked servers on our own? In csgo all ranked matches are hosted on official servers.. or am I wrong ?
  10. Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    I am not sure about that but I think @[DEV] KingHoward said in an interview early access coming in january. EDIT: so i watched interviews from EGX 2017 and nobody confirms EA in January but they said big reveal coming in January.
  11. You are right at this point... IMO modding community should create funny mods and maps ... smth like zombie mod, demolition mod or sabotage mod from cod4. I don't know why somebody want to make realistic and history accurate gamemode in bat44 with new weapon models, player models and larger maps, maybe vehicles... then everything texture and animate. It doesnt't make much sens to make completely "new game"... Now a days you can choose game like this which aiming for authenticity I hope modding community brings us some old cod2/4 maps in battalion theme
  12. Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    Welcome to the forum WW isn't a bad game but it is a game which we don't want to be... so that is why Bulkhead Interactive brings Battalion 1944 to us. There is list of servers during the alpha phase...So yes server in Sydney should be online at beginning of the early access/full release of the game. Official Closed Alpha Server Locations: Europe - Amsterdam, London Russia - Moscow East-US -New York, Washington DC Central-US - Dallas West-US - Salt Lake City, San Jose LATAM - Sao Paulo Australia - Sydney Southeast Asia - Singapore Asia - Hong Kong North Asia - Tokyo
  13. Rob, I have to say you that the game concept and core gameplay mechanics are already discussed and the devs are working on it and polishing right now... The direction of the game was announced after finishing kickstarter campaign. Battalion isn't aiming for be a realistic wwII shooter. Devs are aiming for great and balanced gameplay with responsive movement like old school game has. Inspired by cod2/4, moh, et, quake .... I'll have to disappoint you about the historical authenticity. If you really want hardcore wwII game - go and check Hell let loose BUT I believe the game will be well balanced and optimized and it will be definitely fun to play About the "X" indicator, you mean hitmarker ... It is already implemented in the game. If you want to check latest public video showing bat44's stage of developement, go check IT out (uploaded on August 17th)
  14. In cod 4 gamertags was similar or the same as all cod has.. but in promod if i remember correctly if you were aiming at visible enemy gamertag appears. IMO enemy gamertag should be hidden all the time in battalion... there is no reason why you should care about player's name until you kill him or he killed you. If the gamertag will be ONLY above your allies' head ...it will be great way to distinguish teammates and enemies by UI. (of course they have different uniforms but it will feel less hardcore you know )
  15. Fake download sites

    one more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnNPx8HXrCg
  16. Fake download sites

    Hi i find some fake sites offering battalion to download. This could bring some negative experiences for newcomers searching for a game. I'm tired of this sites. I hope it will help you @[CM] BigTuna http://mygamespot.org/battalion-1944-pc-download-reworked-games-free-download/ http://reworkedgames.info/category/battalion-1944-on-pc/ http://www.rgmechanics.com/battalion-1944-free-download/ http://install-game.com/battalion-1944-free-download-game-pc/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8ZS-wrT7oc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhPJRNyuGmg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlF55jOiRzE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TBuBdouiZc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A53LA46_ZYQ
  17. That's the part of UI which influence the gameplay of course... IMO gamertags will be only above your allies' heads if they will be close to you and visible ... maybe above enemy heads too but gamertag could appears ONLY when you will be aiming directly at enemy... I believe gamerstag behavior could change during EA
  18. The game don't aim for historical accuracy. They want to make game well balanced with great gameplay and old-school game mechanics. Of course fair play not pay2win. 1-2. Weapon accuracy and firing range will not be based on the true historic facts. Weapon damage will be inspired by promod(cod4) and cod2 but it will be balanced during early access feedback. Weapon range will be defined by map design IMO. 3. Weapon upgrades will not be included in the game. 4. It seems like every team will be allowed to fight with its own weapon like it was back then in cod2. So yes it wil be historical accurate or at least historically inspired If you searching for historically accurate game try to check Hell let loose or similar: Squad, Day of Infamy, Insurgency, Red orchestra or Rising storm, maybe Arma3
  19. PC Games Insider Interview

    Unemployment will increase in January haha
  20. Enjoy reading @ http://www.pcgamesinsider.biz/indie-interview/66310/meet-bulkhead-interactives-battalion-1944-the-indie-call-of-duty-wwii/ "The title is currently in Early Access, with a launch pencilled in for next year..." No beta.... but sooner release!
  21. Cod ww2 Beta

    TBH I like cod ww2 campaign the war atmosphere they've made is awesome. It is the game which i expected it will be. BUT the PPSh surprised me a little bit
  22. Cod ww2 Beta

    PPSH in normandy ?
  23. Cod ww2 Beta

    In general We can say about every game it is a competitive because this is the reason why games are born/design. If you playing some card(or board) game with friends - you are trying to beat them and win ... and also you are having fun... so yes, it is competitive and entertaining! So basically we can say cod:wwII is a competitive game... BUT IT'S NOT! TBH Great weapon balance is a key to competitive ground and fair play... (in cod there is not good weapon balance and cod brings weapon variants which is ruining fair play). IMO in last cods there is not weapon balance at all, the are not trying to make it... because the want to sell weapon variants and make no money. It is Good for business Bad for esport. Damage system is a part of weapon balance Every game is delivered with different type of "playground"... f.e. Imagine you are playing chess... everybody has same opportunity to play game as they want and win(nobody has any advantages or disadvantages)... we can say chessboard is a FUCKING well balanced "MAP". So there is a huge science about map design and its balance in competitive kinds of game. Look at battlefield's maps... no map balance, huge blank space...(for me boring gameplay). I'm not trying to say battlefield has bad maps.. I'm trying to say batllefield's maps isn't designed for competitive ground and this is the reason why battlefield esport ended in trash. BUT I can't give battlefield a thumb down because they are not trying to do comp. maps... reason why people like it and the are still playing it is that they like graphics and some sketchy war fillings which battlefield gameplay delivered with(huge maps, visual and sound fx, huge battles, planes and vehicles.... Somebody like it somebody not... TBH old cod games has some pretty well balanced maps(not everyone). because the maps was designed for close combat gameplay (but there were not based on reality ... ) Actualy cod games comes with different map design then before, the maps are more inspired by reality (or by NASA missions and designed for jetpack movement) and the maps are not balanced for gameplay like it was before. So this is a reason why players less play objective based game modes because the maps aren't designed for. Poor map balance mean worse competitive ground and non fair play gameplay. BUT activision is aiming for kill confiremd, non balanced map which support buying supply drops to get advantages over others. IT works for making money GJ activison. BUT TBH it is pretty fucked up and we all hate it. COD competitive hype? you sure about that...??? there is no competitive community in cod.... everything you see is just artificial... everything is for marketing and advertising purpose.. to show casual players that their game is balanced and well optimized but it is not! COD MLG is a show, not electronics sport only bussiness AF
  24. PC Games Insider Interview

    Maybe Howard Philpott tried to say they are working on early access development.. which coming in January. They've done movement and core gameplay mechanics as they want to SO it is a time for preparing for EA. IMO early access could bring 4-5 playable maps with prototype of main competitive game mode (with working card economy system) and working matchmaking system(could be in early stage of development). Comp. game mode will be polished during the early access based on players' suggestions (minor changes). I'm 100% sure EA will contain all weapons because they will be able to make statistics of comp. game mode in its full range :). There will be also other game modes like TDM and DM. Hopefully more funny objective modes coming later like CTF, HQ. domination and War mode (like in cod:waw). Last think I hope we will be able to touch in EA will be weapon skins/camos to show people how micro-transactions will look like and don't let people worry about pay to win content (It is not COD guys!). What do you think about that???
  25. New map leaked?

    Today appear new image/in-game screenshot on twitter showing a bit of new map! Looks beautiful :-* Is it rendered by your modified render engine or by using unreal's default render? @[CM] BigTuna?