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  1. Game Client ?

    What about game client? Will be battalion 1944 offered as a nonsteam version with its own game client? smth like league of legend or world of tanks... client with friends, updates etc.??? OR... ...there will be only steam version with integrated friends and other things from steam ?
  2. Split Screen

    It can works only for Console version IMO.... why not?? but for PC rather NOT!. I guess most of people there are interested in pc version and don't care about others.
  3. UI/HUD - monolytic

    Hi, i want to ask if you still collaborate wih guys from MONOLYTIC.??? or do you have internal ui_artist/ux_designer?? I know, it is a pointless question but i am curious...
  4. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    R6siege is different game with different type of gameplay... "NOBODY" complain? you sure ? R6siege is good game, BUT it's too complicated and optimizing is really hard, maybe impossible.... it's why R6siege never reach TOP competitive gaming. I like R6siege, but there're lot of things that could be done better and it's why lot of us waiting for well optimized competitive shooter... (like promod was) and hopefully batt44 will be even better.
  5. Level design

    I want to share with you some links of COD modding creators. Cod modding is stil hudge as we can see in BO3 which is still active... Cod mappers are good cause they had to learn about map sizing and measurements for specific movement type (cod2 = slow movement; promod = fast movement; ...) If BAT44 modding comunity will be allow to ctreate maps easily and then share it on workshop .. then you can accept it to the ACTIVE COMPETITIVE maps... OR they can inspire you http://convictiondr.weebly.com/ https://www.zartax-level-design.com/ - http://steamcommunity.com/id/zeroy99/myworkshopfiles/?appid=311210&p=1
  6. MOD training

    I hope there will be some great mix of cod4 promod strat mode and csgo training commads. Promod - strat mode nade throwing (great to see where nades are landing): CSGO example :

    This skins are fan made and they are ugly as fu*k... it looks like somebody put some ugly pattern to the texture and the UV mapping slice this pattern badly... IMO skins will works pretty well... Maybe they can look like camos in cod = camuflages smth like that??? http://www.cod7blackops.com/weapons/camouflages/ or or just simply BLOODY CAMO - blood splashes applied to the gun. DONT blame anybody for his/her opinion and dont blame DEV for something you've picked from different game
  8. Call Of Duty (2017)

    COD:BRO = Call Of Duty: Big Red One was only console title... im not sure about dedicated servers ... IMO dedicated servers doesnt exist in COD:BRO and COD3.
  9. IMO it's better to have same (visual)conditions for all players NO one will be able to get visibility advantage. ... btw i love promod filmtweaks so much but CS doesnt have it and it also works pretty well.
  10. Battalion1944 Keyboard !

    [1] , [2] are missing in description NOT A WELL DONE JOB!
  11. IMO lot of CS players play newer games... and there is a huge difference between CS and modern games graphics and no one is complaining about it ... its simple = lot of people like it. BUT cs is running on old engine what makes game less optimized for low-end pcs. Stylized and less demanding graphics is better than realistic graphics like bf1 has. TBH i dont like bf1 graphics at all.. Every frame counts!!
  12. Noscope/Nozoom

    I want to know how noscope/nozoom mechanics will work? I hope smth like cod2 or promod!
  13. Colourful maps with example pictures

    Thursday 30th March be like... *Gameplay video *Livestream (EGX) ... I hope will se some search and destroy gameplay
  14. Upcomming news

    I hope phantasy will be able to make some vlog about bat44 little sneak peek
  15. Spectating Battalion 1944 for competitive play

    The progress bar could be available for teammates(defenders).. also option on/off will be nice to have.
  16. Noscope/Nozoom

    but no scope firing in original game was terrible... until promod come
  17. Noscope/Nozoom

    The noscope bullet trajectory.. smth like that:
  18. Forum Speed

    maybe devs should delete old closed topics to improve performance of the forum
  19. The SNIPER RIFLE .

    Cod4 and cod2 snipers were looking nice but the main difference was speed that you mentioned. I think it's all about player movement speed ... cod2 is slower than cod4 which has sprint ability. The sprint allows you to move around fast IMO it will be like cod4 sniper mechanics with old cod2 rifles... maybe smth like this:
  20. Fidelity

    Skins are great idea.. it is a way to make favourite(main) weapon more personalized. About skins OPTION (on/off) ... i think it will be working simply.. in your loadout/class setup you will be able to choose weapon skin/camo then jump right into the game and you will play with your SKINNED WEAPON you've choosen. But if you dont like skins at all ... you will be able to turn it off = you dont see yours and other players skins BUT other players will be able to see your SKINNED WEAPON and theirs... If you are competitive player and you dont be distracted of skins you can turn it OFF. If you are recording demos and montage EDITOR leave the skin setting ON ...the editor will be able to see skin including your skinned weapon if you set it into your loadout. Same as cod4 camos work ... r_detail 0/1 (0=disabled; 1=enabled)
  21. Sniper Scope in B:44

    Scopes are looking very similar... I love simplicity of cod4promod scope or csgo scope... BUT i hate visual fx that are bluring scope sight (crossed lines) while player is moving! I like static one like promod has which is rendered of simple texture with alpha channel.
  22. Sniper Scope in B:44

    COD promod scope? MW2 scope?
  23. What TEAM matchmaking is going to look like? In csgo we are used to competitive set to BO1 / mr15 - but is's for "solo matchmaking/personal ranking" ... i know we can play with friend but everyone has his own rank(league). It means that I play map which I've choosen. System match 2 teams and autoassign them and then randomly set the starting side(T/CT - Att/Deff) of each team. and team who gets 16 match/map points wins! BUT what we can expect of team matchmaking? 1. What about map selection... What about banning maps in matchmaking >> (similar as league of legends when players banning champs) ... or same as cs/cod players do on LANs. Team will be able to decide which maps they dont want to play in the match. 2. Best of XYZ - number of maps... BO1 is great for solo matchmaking... its fast and work pretty well... BUT for TEAM matchmaking we could do something greater... f.e.: BO3 - mr10/12. It will be great to measure skill on different maps in one match.. every team has the best and the worst map.. Match rounds it supposed to be lower than in BO1... f.e.: 10 ro 12. 3. Competitive gameplay look like... What about KNIFE ROUND at beginning of each map. Winners of knife round will be able to choose SIDE/ROLE - if the want to be attackers or defenders at beginning. 4. ECONOMY system... some of us want to economy system like csgo has. Economy work well for cs franchise and the economy system make core of gameplay/cs-mechanics.. BUT! IMHO lot of us dont want it at all (including me ). Not implementing economy system has lot of PROs and CONs. Cod2-pam/Cod4promodd dont have it and it also works very nice... Big advantage to DONT HAVE ECONOMY is that every round players have same opportunity with no "ECO limitations" etc. we can expect more risk plays... like 1vs5 cause players dont save their guns for next round (1 or 2 guns in team barely made great opportuinity to force enemy) - so saving is little bit useless and spectators are impoverished of sick actions like 1vs5 etc.
  24. Team Matchmaking - Competitive

    I played lot of cod4PROMOD and some CSGO(only in game competitive). I am promod fan with no eco system but eco system in CS is really great, I absolutelly love how this thing affects the gameplay. BUT IMO not every game must have this ECO system to make gameplay less linear.. Whatever devs are going to implement into the Bat44 it will be great i believe. They have my trust.. I am pretty sure they solve gameplay mechanics very well