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  1. Im 100% sure bat44 will include ONLY cosmetics microtransactions (NOT pay 2 win), because step forward for pay2win is step backward for fair play! Competitive ground doesn't mean it is made for esport, It means good gameplay ballance (or mod optimization) so everyone has same conditions as others (like it was in old school shooters). Well ballanced game and fair paly => great gameplay experience => competitive friendly => esport ready! TBH I sure that the fucked up micro-transactions system developed by activision appears in cod since advanced warfare. And I believe they've also included arrogant matchmaking system which support micro transactions market...
  2. When is the next beta?

    I am not sure but I think in a interview Howard Philpott said Early access coming in January.
  3. New map leaked?

    I think they were doing pretty hard to make the game as good as possible during alpha phase... BUT "the core gameplay mechanics seem pretty good right now - Joe said" ... BUT alpha phase was really time consuming for devs especially preparations... it stretched the developing time a bit more so they've decided to don't waste time of making development updates for followers, alpha/beta preparations...etc. and focus their work for making the game ready as soon as possible but i hope the devs will be uploading some pics on twitter/fb page at least to keep our hype alive
  4. New map leaked?

    Yea, looks bigger than the alpha testing map ... in cod2/cod4 you was able to enter buildings(not everyone but lot of them).. so IMO we will be able to enter the church like on dawnville in cod2 The church looks like Sainte Mère Église but with some dimensional changes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sainte-Mère-Église
  5. New map leaked?

    Today appear new image/in-game screenshot on twitter showing a bit of new map! Looks beautiful :-* Is it rendered by your modified render engine or by using unreal's default render? @[CM] BigTuna?
  6. Im sorry man, Im so confused today.... I wish announcement is coming this week...
  7. I hope you are right!
  8. Yea... I know ... its impossible to release it in next days... But I cant wait to play this game... I am bored of CSGO, R6Siege has bad netcode or servers... ragging every time i play with high ping players old cod4 promod servers are dying... there isnt a great fps game with big community on the market right now :'( :'(
  9. Newest interviews was recorded/wrote few days ago.... and everyone says EA release coming in january... sure? BUT!! Today @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON wrote "The game is getting close to finished" ... so ... there is a chance EA releasing in january is a "lie" and the release is coming in next days..... ?or am I absolutely wrong?
  10. CLOSE TO FINISHED? I'm sure everyone's getting overhyped! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to see your masterpiece @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON
  11. Will there be a scope zoom sensitivity?

    im not sure if cod4 this feature has BUT im pretty sure battalion will have it
  12. Beta Release

    I agree with you, I'm fine with micro transactions too (definitely can help devs to improve their game and adding dlc content like maps, balancing update or even tournament supporting) Free to play can bring more people to the game. Lot of people don't want to buy game if the don't like trailer etc. but if the game will be free to play so everybody can try it and play and then judge if the rly liked it or not. BUT there have to be some Ranked limitations (smth like LOL => LVL30 to play ranked games to avoid cheaters ruin the game, of course solid anticheat software) BUT in general more people = stronger community => better matchmaking experience => more servers = lower latency => overall better conditions for gamers! of course more money for development!!! I'm hundred percent sure battalion will be played a lot after release (if there will be functional matchmaking system for teams and solo/duo) also some skins too, cause everybody wants to differentiate yourself with weapon skins => (community marketing), streams on twitch have too much power to let other gamers know about bat44. If the game will be well polished then streamers will be play this game as their main so people will have constantly battalion before their eyes on twitch i believe this will work FOKIN well
  13. Gamescom 2017

    There is Mazarini's stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168891480 - 46:30 Enjoy.
  14. Competitive HUD/UI

    What do you think about CoD WWII competitive hud? Would you like to see something like that in battalion? (only for spectators / shoutcasters )
  15. Price Strategy

    Low price doesn't mean there's gonna be lot of cheaters. Reason why csgo has lot of cheaters is, because it has old engine with bad functioning anti cheat. (also comunity is not good at all) Prime acc is also shit. Valve devs got a great idea with levels system (you can play competitive when you reach lvl 3 or 4) but they fuck up the idea. Look at league of legends ... you cant play ranked games until you reach lvl 30 - it takes about 120-180 games > 1 game = 35min > 150 games = 5 250mins => 87.5 hours > let's take 90 hours ... If you play 4 hours per day it takes 22.5 days to reach lvl 30 and play RANKED games. Imagine if this system will be applied to FPS game ... do you think cheaters want create hundreds accounts to cheat again and again if they have to spend 22.5 days leveling up to play another ranked game? Probably NOT. Look at COD, it costs 60 euros because the put lot of staff into the game and thousands of hours were spend to develop it. (I know, devs fuck up everything) BUT produce game like this costs 100x or even 10000x more than indie gamse (huge dev team, investors, advertisement... etc.) and Bat44 is kind of indie game. IMHO bat44 should costs 10-15 euros , cause small dev team + micro transaction (every one be able to support devs and game buying skins and other cosmetics staff) => low price does mean huge community -> popularity .... popularity -> event sponsoring -> eSport growing