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  1. Offline updates

    Wondering how contemporary games work during playing offline (local access)..?? I remember when everyone was playing cod2 with patch 1.3 and cod4 with patch 1.7 so if bunch of people want to play against at LAN so it was not an issue to match same versions of the game and setup local server easily. But nowadays games like lol,dota,wot and csgo (and other multiplayer games) are updated frequently ... Some games once a week so I can imagine situation that at "friends' LAN party" group up f.e.: 10 player... but game update was night before lan starts but not everyone updated his game so not everyone will have the same version of the game ... And it is an issue because it is impossible to match players with different version of the game because one version could have different weapon stat(balance) than others. SO what about implementing an ability for offline playing to update the game thru local network from the player's pc who has newest version of the game.. so everyone who forget to update the game or miss the update will be able to update the game at lan and start playing with friends without an issue. I don't know if this feature is already basic think delivered with multiplayer games or not. I know at big lans and tournaments this thing will not be an issue because of lan preparation and local pc build will be updated but if you want to play with friends offline this feature can kill the pain while setting up the local server. I don't know how others games work .. not sure if every moba game has opportunity to play at local network.. so the local updating idea sounds great for me
  2. Playing against bots is a bit hard to implement/develop..... Developing AI is really time consuming but definitely NOT impossible I think we can't expect this feature in early access... maybe not even in final release. But battalion will be ever updated game so it could be implemented later... I am not sure if this was already discussed or if it is planned or not. BUT remember Battalion 1944 is a game what players want to battalion will be.
  3. Community maps are planned. So people will be able to create maps/mods using unreal engine 4. What do you mean about offline mod??? the game will not be delivered with single player campaign. Battalion is focused on multiplayer only. But there will be offline mod for LANs. So you can play the game with your friends without internet access. I dont know if there will be option to play offline against bots like you can in csgo.
  4. When is the next beta?

    the devs dont put their time into making update videos, browsing forum, posting on twitter and other social media. they dont distract themself so the are focusing only to push their game forward to EA
  5. When is the next beta?

    i think yes, because the dev team is concentrating only to developing //the dark mode
  6. Ideas Batallion :)

    I am not a vision expert but all I wanted to say is that your dominant eye play greater role if you are observing 3d space than the flat surface(monitor) which displays only 2d image. So it is a different view/image if you aim down sigh with real weapon than if you see ADS on screen. BUT we are talking about science now...
  7. Ideas Batallion :)

    That's great. But there is a magic behind that... Thru your dominant eye flow more informations to your brain than thru your second eye. Every your eye see 2 dimensional image (because of 1 point of view) but your brain merges 2 a bit different two dimensional visions into a 3d dimensional view (adding a depth in your view) ... sou you can better orientate in space (also that's how 3d movies work - 3d stereoscopic) ... if you imagine you screen in front of you is 2 dimensional space without depth... so I am wondering if dominant eye can play a huge role if your monitor can display only 2 dimensional view on the flat screen... if you have f.e. left eye dominant it does NOT mean you are concentrating more on your LEFT SIDE OF YOUR ANGLE OF VIEW. and also if somebody can only see thru only one eye the brain can adjust the vision to make it 3d.. So there is definitely a magic behind our vision, it is a bit complicated but fascinating. IMO it is not 100% true what have you typed above because of 2d screens.
  8. Beta Release

    CoD costs 60 pounds and over 3/4 of players are angry kiddies so cost of the game does not mean how many kiddis will be in the game. Bat44 will be quality game because of microtransactions which can constantly support devs to making updates which allow devs to push their game even further. It is not only about gameplay but also about price design(price strategy)... The devs know what they are doing and they doing it right. Back then cod1,2 cost 60 pounds after few years player base decreased because of no updates(devs dont care about old game and they were making new one, because nobody can support the game anymore... No money, no honey) and no active dealing with cheater. The advantage of microtransactions is the davs could be supported over years, so ingame money flow will bring game updates and game evolving(repairing) ...so game will stay healthy and funny over time.
  9. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    Cause I am not a backer so I can just hope the update video will arrive to us.
  10. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    Je možné, že když je to jen pro “kickstarter’s bakers” tak z toho video nebude, ale byla by to škoda. Možná právě video s progressem bude jako vánoční dáreček, ale kdo ví...
  11. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    But title is saying Alpha 0.4! so I hope after alpha weekend the video update showing game progress will be coming for public!
  12. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    only for backers, not for everyone
  13. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    Main competitive game mode will be "modified search and destroy". The devs decided to add an economy system into SnD gamemode. The eco system is based on cards. Before round starts you will be able to choose your loadout by picking a card. There will be a card limit so you can not pick same card twice(i guess).... more info in January.
  14. Wolfenstein enemy territory

    It looks awesome but your maps looks awesome too... I've tried Day of Infamy, I am not a fan of "realistic shooter" but I liked it it was really fun but I have no friends to play with So now I am not playing anything... just waiting till battalion comes out EDIT: And I hope we will see your maps in battalion soon
  15. Wolfenstein enemy territory

    wondering if making enemy territory mod in battalion game using ue4 is worth it? you should rework movement, shooting, animations etc... maybe also make new gun or character models and of course porting/reworking map... you seem like a group of talented guys so why dont make a standalone indie game inspired by w:et promod?