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  1. Lyseeq

    Alpha tonight??

    thanks I already singed up on the 1st day they have announcement it. I hope I will be lucky today and win the giveaway
  2. Lyseeq

    Alpha tonight??

    Is there any chance to get into the alpha tonight?? I wanna play/try this game so much! Wanna find some bugs to help with polishing your masterpiece! and also test game performance on older PC. I am following the game since start of kickstarter campaign and active forums member since march 2017. I am amazed how you(devs) are shaping up your game during the development time. (judging by videos you published). Cant wait to try it on my own and judge by my experiences. AND be part of one of the best community ever created! Hope it will be possible
  3. Lyseeq

    Will macros be banned?

    http://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/3271170355985371430 "- M1 Carbine & Gewehr rate of fire decreased to counter fire macros and given a peak firing rhythm"
  4. Lyseeq

    Will macros be banned?

    I think in the game is already implemented "shooting delay" so macros dont work but i am not sure about that
  5. Lyseeq

    Where’s my key..

    Well, you are right.. they are busy. But today Joe said today they are going to giveaway thousands of beta codes... so the could give code to everyone who singed into the beta. So be prepared for it
  6. Lyseeq

    Where’s my key..

    Dont worry, I think you will be rewarded with a limited skin for backing it and also devs can send you a EA code maybe. I think the reason why you have to backed at least 30 pound to have game access was that developers want to sell their game for 30 pounds when they started kickstarter campaign. (they didnt know if the game could reach 1 200 000£ for offline campaign so with camapign the game could costs about 30+ pounds, maybe 60 like other games) But then they have realized that reducing game price could be better for faster growing community and easier for getting into the game for players. It is common for multiplayer games to cost about 10-15 pounds. CSGO, R6siege and many others. I dont want to defend the dev team and their decision but I understand what they and why they do it.
  7. Lyseeq

    The Twitter game

    twitter messages EDIT: cause giveaways was published on twitter
  8. Lyseeq

    The Twitter game

    TBH there was no chance to get into the game soon. Every key was taken in 1 second
  9. Lyseeq

    Ironsight too big on carabine

    Oh it is so rude @Razor just wanted you to tell that your worrying about the iron sight visibility is pointless!
  10. Lyseeq

    The Twitter game

    Me 2. Believe me .. there is thousands guys who just wasted 2 hours of their life. BUT Bramm said that they will be sending THOUSANDS of beta codes. I can imagine the CLOSED BETA will be almost OPEN BETA... or I hope so. CANT wait one more chance?
  11. Lyseeq

    Where’s my key..

    I understand what you are trying to say ... but think of Kickstarter campaign it is a way to support not a way to pass into the game. I can imagine it hurts when you supported the game with 20 penny and cant get in - even if the game price is 15penny. But when you were supporting the game and paying 20 you already know you will not get access to it. So It is a shame for you but according to it you are a KIND man
  12. Lyseeq

    The Twitter game

    every key shared was used in 5 sec ... it was almost impossible to get into it But i believe the devs will show us some love and give us a few chance to play against them!! I am fucking hyped of new CTF mod ... it will be funny AF! can't wait to get hands on it!!! tonight
  13. Lyseeq

    The Twitter game

    This twitter game with alpha/beta codes is fucking insane Cant believe how fast can somebody put the beta key in steam. Wondering if people even were hard trying to get into a game in the past. Thy hype which have you created is unbelievable. Congratulations the DEV TEAM!!!
  14. Lyseeq

    Sign up for Closed beta access

    well, beta is just around the corner... HYPE how long does beta take? does anyone know? or guess?
  15. R6 siege is not the best game out there but there is a few things this game make right. You should watch this video if you have not done yet. R6 siege' spectator mode is great and the game could be great source for inspirations (technical game side). !!! It will be great to make opportunity to open the replay in the spectator mode. So you can analyze your gameplay with your teammates in whole new perspective and also this could be a gamebreaker while streaming a tournaments... or basically you could make a stunning montages (cinematic shots) I remember cod:bo has cinema mod and everyone liked it ... but this spectator mode will be even better. There is something like that in WOT.. where you can spectate every tank in the battle(replay). I want to ask you, players, what do you think about it?