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    Pc and xbox games.
  1. Hi I'm CrazyZxZGhost

    Haha ok, dejligt at se andre scandinaviske fans for Battalion! Er det tilladt at snakke andre sprog end engelsk på nettsiden?
  2. Hi I'm CrazyZxZGhost

    Thanks guys! @Razor Are you Danish?:O
  3. Battle Royale

    sounds like a really cool idea although Battle royale is more enjoyable if the maps are very large and considering BAT44 is focused on small comp maps balanced for 5v5 i think it would be hard for the devs to implement the gamemode into the already excisting maps. But i do think however the modding community could become extremely creative with this one. Maybe making a D-Day battle royale map where everyone starts on the beaches? I don't know it also kinda seems like if people want a good battle royale experience then BAT44 is probaly not the best platform to offer that. With mods or without.
  4. Battalion in Xbox game preview?

    Ok thanks for the answer! If it happens is it likely that the preview version will launch the same time as the EA version on steam? Or is that to early to tell?
  5. Battalion in Xbox game preview?

    Hey i wanted to ask if the developers are in talks or are working with xbox to bring Battalion to Xbox game preview? It's basically Early acces but for xbox. It has seen succes in terms of sales with previous titles like Ark and The Long Dark (I know these games have nothing in common with Battalion but it's more to show that people also buy early acces games on xbox). My main reason for asking is because i have friends on xbox that i want to play with on battalion but doesnt have a pc and they of course want to get there hands on Battalion as early as possible. It could also help batallion with having a big community on xbox from the start of launch and i also think Battalion could become quite succesfull consideirng there aren't really any comp shooters like BAT44 on console.Thanks!
  6. Hi I'm CrazyZxZGhost

    Hello My name is Jakob but my In game name is CrazyZxZGhost. I'm from Denmark and have been extremely excited for Battalion 1944 ever since i discovered the game on kickstarter last year. I haven't really played any shooter games very competitively before except Cod WaW. I play both Pc and xbox. I plan on getting Batallion on both platforms though because my friends are on xbox but i enjoy playing shooter games with Mouse and Keyboard. The game i used to play very competitively was Chivalry Medieval Warfare which is a melee focused multiplayer game that is now pretty much dead which is why im looking for the next comp Mp game and Battalion sounds like my dream game. Thanks to the developers for this game and i can't wait to start discussing different things here on the forums:) cheers!
  7. Waffen SS dedicated thread :)

    Me neither. Especially considering this is a competive shooter with historical accuracy not being the developers priority.