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  1. Day of the Alpha

    Just got mine! woop Added to steam and it downloads a 0byte placeholder, so i guess turn on auto update and wait for tomorrow
  2. Day of the Alpha

    @Soldat Ryan you're right dammit
  3. Day of the Alpha

  4. Discord Invite

    I guess humble bundle doesn't allow you to append text to the invite code email?
  5. Forum Reputation System

    It feels to me like you think because you have a high post count you are somehow higher than everyone else, and they must agree with your POV. I may be new to posting but I was following BAT44 since they launched their kickstarter. The patronising response you gave me is exactly why people have a problem with you. I have read the other posts, I think this is my 4th post in this particular thread, so I have been active in the discussion. You obviously like to cause friction. I voted to keep the votes how they are, but if it's gonna make people feel more secure about themselves I guess remove votes all together.
  6. Forum Reputation System

    @xXclusiivE he made no more of a point than anyone else who down votes.. He down voted because he disagreed, well that's a shock?! Do you really need an explanation as to why you're downvoted? I upvote quite frequently, but I don't then comment saying "I'm upvoting because I agree" that is implied by the vote. I can't believe how pathetic this is, it's almost getting cringy with the 'he said she said' running to the teacher type behaviour. You lot are the start of the community, which will hopefully be a long lasting community, so get off your high horses and make this a place people want to get involved with. Downvote me? That's fine it means you disagree, upvote me? Cool, someone else agrees with my view.
  7. Forum Reputation System

    Can we not just remove their ability to vote? If they are abusing. I'm pretty sure the forum rules are "don't be a dick or get banned" (something similar anyway)
  8. Forum Reputation System

    People take downvotes too personally, IMO it just means you don't agree, not a big problem and should be allowed to stay. If we can express the like of a post, we should be able to express our dislike too. If there is targeting from a selection of users abusing the vote then remove their ability to use the votes. @xXclusiivE upvotes can be for meme or w/e, an upvote is indication that your post was LIKED not strictly constructive to the game. Sorry for double post. Can't edit/merge.
  9. Clock is Ticking to Game Time

    For a second i thought this meant closed alpha was 13th April eheheh
  10. Your age?

    29 and a half (yep, still counting the half )
  11. Hardcore mode??

  12. Server Admin ideas

    I would like the ability to toggle things like wallhack & ESP when reviewing demos. And a server option toggle to force auto assign only, so no stacking
  13. Hardcore mode??

    Massive fan of HC - considering there's gonna be a server browser and the ability for us to host our own servers (correct me if I'm wrong there) - i would assume server admins can set health levels, radar, HUD etc to mimic HC even if it's not a pre-set mode. +1 for having it built in though
  14. Spawn protection

    Spawn protection is bad. If it's going to be added please make it a toggle option for the server admin or a mod as someone mentioned above.