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  1. This is what It was, and tbh Insurgency was PAM from COD 4 without a strict hipfire cone, the ability to jump as smoothly and more damage taken.
  2. True.
  3. Most of you apart from a select few likely haven't played Insurgency competitive, but I can say that despite it's flaws the clutches are amazing. The video is of a player called Link from a competitive team called Veritas who at one point was number one for months, a year maybe.
  4. I do also own a Steelseries Rival 100, not so great. I mainly use it as a travel mouse, as I keep my M65 on my desk. The Rival 100 doesn't feel as nice to hold though.
  5. Well he was referring to the ability to enable a config using the function keys for each map. I think being able to see how it will look on each map would be helpful though.
  6. Would still be a sketchy way of doing it. They want to make it accessible, but allowing the ability to change your config at a button press is going too far in making it accessible. People would just change their config when going somewhere where a standard config wouldn't work and they are aiming to get rid of that whole "Where can I get your config?" and making the "best" config for the game mentality. I wouldn't be surprised (even though I am not expecting it) if we will be able to put a config in that moves the sliders, but not anything I would imagine that will be doable with a button press to switch configs.
  7. Hope to see you two guys around
  8. Not often, 3-4 times but just not helpful.
  9. It bloody crashes often sometimes, and before now has just not accepted my mouse. But then a restart will fix it. But whatever, it works mostly.
  10. The invite links will be going out, but from what Tuna told me last it is just a large logistical issue sending them through the Humble Bundle store. Just wait and at some point you will get one.
  11. I suppose any system that relies on everyone being altruistic and honest won't work on the Internet.
  12. The reaction I am assuming he is talking about is the aim punch resulting from being shot.
  13. Please do join this Discord, and if you an Aussie player, be active and don't let it die! I hate seeing the Aussie scenes of games die, you guys have the awesome accent.
  14. Then they would have too high a population and not be able to manage that number of testers. They already have several thousand testers from just the kickstarter, don't know how many from the Humblebundle store. Look out for anyone selling a key, you might be able to get it from them Hope this was helpful.
  15. Space would be an issue, as I said I wanna get the K65 for that reason. And I would never use this keyboard for typing, I can type better mechanical of what I can see from the little I have done on a mechanical keyboard.