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  1. Well said man. I have given all my reputation away today, so I can't upvote your post, but well said!
  2. I don't know what I got told then because I was told by two or three people in posts on here, that they got a soft yes when asked about it and then a no from another developer. Meh, I like the idea of playing offline. I replied quite early my time in the morning, let me rephrase. Things such as 3rd person animation issues, spectator issues and anything else that relies on having another player in game with you to test wont be doable. On the other hand, things such as broken graphics, clipping in the maps, broken key prompts for mounting ect, will be reportable. I would just take their word for RAFF, they obviously thought it through and it isn't overly likely they will just change their development process because a few people don't like it. They have their system of doing these things, so let them do what they do best.
  3. That was never confirmed, only a sorta yes, and a don't know have been the two responses from what I read. Even if there is, things like person issues, spectating ect wont be doable offline.
  4. It's so that it is more concentrated. They will get 3 days of constant feedback and then can spend 4 days working on it with no more bugs reported and so in theory, everything reported in a week such as bugged animations, sounds ect will be fixed and then by Friday they are ready again to receive more bugs and on Monday can continue the bug fixing cycle. Same thing Player Unknowns Battlegrounds worked in the Alpha, it was only accessible during the weekends. Keep in mind the alpha and to some extent the beta as well are just about bug fixing, balancing ect, not the players actually playing it out of just enjoyment but also out of a willingness to help the developers make the game better even if is going to be buggy.
  5. You said it yourself, a lot of people will rent their own servers. No one can help it if a new player joins a server which isn't official and gets stomped on. The only work around's in my eyes are to have a tutorial and to have official servers which are somehow highlighted for newer players, maybe the game tracking your hours through Steam if possible.
  6. Lets wait and see. If we don't like it in the alpha, we can say then. Until we have played in SnD we can't say for certain.
  7. The pre-orders were closed off on the 31st.
  8. But as Tuna said, hard to promise when they have a lot to do.
  9. In that case you must think a bit differently. On twitch if you watch anyone who plays CS or R6:S which are the main two large scale comp shooters atm, people can have their play effected by a lot of things. The amount of times I have watched a CS stream and they have lost despite being an amazing player due to just not feeling the game at point is often. It's the players decision if they want to play a team match and play another team on a map they know well. The good teams will rise to the top due to pushing themselves and will go further. If a team plays the same map 5 times in a row, let them. Doesn't hurt you as a player unless you object to it as a team member for one of those teams.
  10. In a scrim, doing a BO3 might be a bit over the top to be honest. The way I tend to find teams I have been on and have subbed for in games, is that they play a match and spend some time going over what smokes didn't work, if they need to switch roles, discuss subbing out players due to performance and whatever else you would evaluate. Going from game to game wouldn't be helpful for most people I know who play games who intend on improving and getting better with their skill set. Instead a BO1 might be better. The reason you use a BO3 in tournaments and official matches is as a way of not making it unfair when a team gets knocked out due to not warming up properly (big issue with recent CSGO majors) or to even it out when they play on a map that isn't in their map pool. As a team you will have your flaws and weaknesses and pick a number of maps that you want to be good at and then just know how to play the others even if you can't play them amazingly. In a scrim, there are none of those factors. There would still also be a factor of come backs. Some teams use scrims as a form of warming up, and so if they jump in then they will not perform as well and lose outright potentially. The snowball effect is very real, sometimes you lose 3 rounds, then 4, and so on until you lose and won no rounds because none of your team thinks there's a chance of winning. Also, switching maps would be a bit jarring, and sure you need to know all the maps but not in this fashion. If you lose 11 rounds and switch in a scrim then you don't even have a chance to get used to that map, let alone sides when you switch at 10 rounds and so you still don't have time to get a feel for the side your on in that particular scrim.
  11. They had to code in the systems at a core level because UE4 was made to not include them by default as were bugs in the quake engine. They had a limited budget and the kickstarter video was the end result of that.
  12. Nit pick, but they said the Russians and the British! My OCD got the better than me, I'm sorry
  13. Nice to see this happening! I am in the UK and so likely won't be high on your list of people to play against, but I hope it grows guys
  14. Keep in mind it is only in early alpha. Don't judge a game without getting your hands on it too much.
  15. I can't care enough tbh about it for reasons I gave before, but as a critique of that sample size it is only 81 people who put their opinions in.