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  1. Battalion's community health

    They did the video with Nvidia, they also do tweet things out last I saw. I admit to not being an avid Twitter user, but last I saw they were putting things out on Twitter. The last couple of CS events they went out to, made videos from those and got given feedback.
  2. Price Strategy

    $50 in pounds would be what, £30-£40 on somewhere like steam, and I know I would feel a bit turned off from it. I ain't rich, as a matter of fact I'm still part way through getting my PC after 4-5 months of saving to get the motherboard, CPU, RAM and a new case. A new game being good doesn't by itself bring new players in droves, it's it being accessible and/or fun. Accessibility includes it's price not being too high, so that most people can afford it as well as being able to get into it and have fun at whatever level you want to play. I have a bit of a small experience in competitive anything, but what I have is in Insurgency, and that has a small price barrier of £7, but then the skills required to be able to play and the need to develop those skills normally turned people off and so went nowhere as a competitive game however fun it was. As long as those two are balanced and people can enter and be retained and stay for a while then the game will do fine
  3. Battalion's community health

    Meh, small tidbits I tend to find is cool, but then some will moan that it's not enough for an update and other complaints. They can't please everyone so might as well just go with it I suppose.
  4. Battalion's community health

    I would imagine as Zane said most are on holiday, outside, or just waiting for more things to discuss.
  5. Rifle Balance

    The balance is needed, but you guys are forgetting about the Hearthstone mixed with CSGO economy system. Changes the entire dynamics, I'm pro 1 shot kills though. Headshot only would be a bit too heavy of a nerf.
  6. Rifle Balance

    I'd like to see any of us like the people actively talking in this thread, one shots a guy as he strafes past a doorway, or jumps onto us with a headshot 1 shot kill Kar98. I seriously doubt any of us would be able to, and I can say that just at weighing up the pros and cons of the proposed balance for the rifles it wouldn't be fun. The SMG's would be able to move faster, fire faster, and would result in a game that doesn't really take advantage of its available period. It would be a bit like in a modern game not including AK's or M4's or any other full auto assault rifle or carbine because they have range and damage. You wouldn't be using the period to its potential, as in WW2 bolt actions and semi automatic rifles were given to most soldiers, particularly to the Germans. For me, that doesn't really matter but the setting and coat of paint that WW2 offers is the interesting part. The idea that most people would be using bolt actions instead of SMG's, full auto carbines ect. If you make the rifles as weak as you want them to them only being able to one shot above the neck, you take away their viability and you are starting to turn them into this games pistols when the economic system will be completely different, and so that won't work. We won't be able to save weapons or do eco rounds, it will be a fair bit different. Hence, the only way I see to balance rifles is to make them one shot to the chest and above or stomach and above. If you have a deck of cards you make and you decide to make it so that you have 20 rifles and 10 SMG's, 5 shotguns and 5 sniper or something similar, then you already have to develop a lot of skill with being able to flick quickly and at a high level to use them. They will have a gap between the shots and in that time you'll likely die unless you are just better. Bit of a ramble, and sorry if this was incoherent, but this was just a wall of text displaying my thoughts.
  7. Hosting Battalion 1944 game servers for free

    We know nothing at all Clem, gonna be waiting until the beta or later to hear more
  8. Hosting Battalion 1944 game servers for free

    I would love this. As my only experience in competitive anything has been with Insurgency (not very competitive relative to CoD4, CS ect xD) finding a private server to mess around on was stupidly hard.
  9. Battalion Early Access

    He was stating what they have said. They have said that the alpha and beta are not some glorious marketing tool for them. Also, if you watch the interview with Joe Brammer, one of the devs, he did say he wanted to open up the alpha and beta potentially. He didn't say he was for sure going to, just that he wanted to. Keep your eyes peeled!
  10. I feel like that goes without saying, and I get what your saying. You want them to as such see the importance of good textures of whatever, but I feel like they would have already. If you haven't played the alpha at either E3, the weekend testing or the London show they went to, I can tell you without giving too much away that they have done a good job with the coloration. You needn't worry as they are like you or me, they want an old school CoD game that encapsulates some modern aspects of games such as matchmaking with their own twist on the game mechanics. They know what we want in all likelihood as it is probably what they want as well.
  11. For sure, but some games (and at a first impression Day of Infamy has this issue) have maps where if you have 11 buildings, every building is enterable, and all have windows. The issue created by this is the map having very little flow or direction.
  12. I think his point was more directed at the idea of having all buildings even having interiors, if you have to check 11 windows in a street, all with 9 rooms in the buildings that have the windows, that would be awful for clearing them out or trying to predict where the enemy would be.
  13. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    In my experience from Insurgency which has a whole host of issues with it's nades (Random bounces, they get blocked by things like wood, water absorbs the damage entirely), cooked nades are really annoying. So, for some context. Insurgency's maps, for the most part, have pre-nades. They are pretty in-depth and certainly add a layer of skill due to the fact you need to line them up so much, and they are so precise. BUT, I have seen what it can do to some maps with open skyboxes. There is a map on Insurgency called Station, and is the nemesis of many. Five seconds out of each spawn, you can nade the other side of the map. These nades don't hit the sides of the maps, but the main lanes. At a higher level, people will play very passively and sometimes the rounds nearly hit 0, where only a couple of people will die. That's just my experience from one single game, but I will say that coming from a game where the nades bounce randomly and can be cooked, it was awful in CQC. Sure, you can dodge the grenade, but when it's off a doorway into your face and air bursts, what do you do?
  14. Phantasy, ono, hiffer, davys, supreme, FrosteR, Knaller, chippy to name a few. The reason you cant buy it, is so that the devs can limit the numbers. They don't want 30000 alpha testers
  15. A BIG thx to Tuna

    You do the hardest work, or at least in my opinion, being dealing with people who are sometimes impatient, annoying and constant being all us Thank you @[CM] BigTuna so much, same to the rest of the team.