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  1. Let them do their thing, and also I don't know where you got the impression they would go past Beta, but w/e.
  2. Masser

    Potato Pc

    To be fair, I got 40 FPS with a i3-5005u in the alpha, no dedicated gpu and 8gb of RAM.
  3. Masser

    When is the next beta?

    Well, if I was to look for reasons for them being quiet including the CM I would look at the what they mentioned, the need to just crack on with the game, and secondly they are creating a marketing strategy. I assume this is with Square Enix as their publisher, but I would imagine that would include Tuna and Bramerton. I get that a CM has one set of responsibilities, but when it's the choice between using any of the development team and missing out on more sound assets being created or just using the CM to help, I would go with the latter. May be frustrating, but we didn't invest in their company and gain shares, we funded their project. We have been pretty involved when you think about it though, bugs were found, movement and strafe values changed and some other ideas I wouldn't be surprised if they shown up.
  4. They will no doubt compensate people, I don't mind if I get compensation either way because I only gave money to support the project, as that is how I understood Kickstarter was to be used. It's likely better if they just develop the game and come back to us with those things for compensation, they don't need something else to compete with the marketing campaign and actual development of the game. They will no doubt compensate people, I don't mind if I get compensation either way because I only gave money to support the project, as that is how I understood Kickstarter was to be used. It's likely better if they just develop the game and come back to us with those things for compensation, they don't need something else to compete with the marketing campaign and actual development of the game.
  5. Masser


    Same I did look on the website for the shirt printing guys, and the one would have been custom as far as I can see.
  6. Masser

    Price Strategy

    That may be true, but there are factors that they couldn't have foreseen. It's unfortunate for us it's happened, but they didn't know when they launched the Kickstarter they were going to have some of these things happen. It was out of their control to a large extent, and I think that they should clarify what is going to happen, but I just think it's very easy to say "They backstabbed us!" as some people have been hinting. Things change, and it is annoying when it happens, but if they didn't do anything then potentially these things wouldn't happen such as Square Enix picking them up like with the Turing Test, and in my mind, they had to change the price or be potentially left in the dust. They slipped up during the Kickstarter in my opinion stating a particular price even though it is something that is important to see, as it shows they had thought ahead of last year. They have slipped up now again and they should clarify. Don't know when EGX ends, but let's wait and see. tl;dr They weren't in control entirely and it's more complicated than it seems they should clarify what they will or will not do with the tiers of the backers.
  7. Masser

    Price Strategy

    They made that Kickstarter in early last year in Spring if I remember correctly. Since then they have had several things change, with support from Square Enix who had previously published their game the Turing Test, but they only got their support post Kickstarter. Admittedly maybe they should have taken this possibility into account, but with a potential niche thing in the eyes of some such as a competitive 5v5 FPS where even if you don't see it as a niche game, you have CSGO, Rainbow Six and even PUBG now to compete with and would take a lot of effort, PR and potentially money to increase its player base and make it a money maker which is what businesses are made to do. So with that taken into account, they also got a lot of support for a game which they had put three developers to work on for three weeks if I am not wrong. It was very early and so there was a risk people might have dismissed it and potentially only just been able to afford the game as a studio or have to drop it. I wouldn't be surprised to hear if they were overwhelmed with having hit their Kickstarter amount considering all of this. Almost as soon as I had heard about it around the Winter Update they mentioned about changing the price to be lower (So this was in November or December time), so maybe 5-6 months after they had finished their Kickstarter. Thing's had changed, and for sure they should compensate for having reduced the price to be £10.99, but it is the only real way of making the game a more probable success. A £30 competitive game, where it sure has matchmaking, the ability to rent servers, mod the game, and compete via leagues such as ESL, would not be successful in my mind. The game would need a constant flow of people coming into the game, enough so that it isn't the same 50 or so people at the top level (where ever that top level may be, pro or semi-pro it would still be a boring scene to be in with so few people coming into the top level) and considering that competitive play and competition is the main focus of this game, it would be sad to see it happen. They have in the past promised extras I'm sure for those who backed the alpha stage, not sure about the beta stage though. I may be wrong and misinformed, but if so there is the potential for getting keys to give to friends or something similar. I am personally not bothered, as I made a long-term investment. I didn't plan to play the alpha to be able to learn the best nades, smokes, wallbangs and prefires, but more just because I liked the look of the game. It looked like it had people who cared behind the reins, and so I only hoped to be able to play enough to get a feel myself for the game, and I did get to play a few hours of the game and decided that what I felt matched up with the footage and impressions I had got from the footage. If anyone feels they didn't get their money's worth, feel free to go to BigTuna, Brammer or any of the other developers about it. All I would ask if not to be abusive, harass them or be rude about it. They have worked hard with good intentions and were just unable to see as far as this and some of the bumps that happened along the road.
  8. Masser

    EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    As per how running a server works, there will be a server variable for the number of player slots. Stop overthinking things and let the devs do their jobs. When they release the game in beta or whatever the next stage is, then we can give a feedback and critique what they do. Kinda hard to critique vague and ambiguous statements in short videos where they are limited on time.
  9. Masser

    Price Strategy

    They didn't specify, but remember they might be referring to it being £10.99 considering they're British, and were talking to a British interviewer according to others as I haven't seen the interview yet.
  10. Masser

    Stacks - in-game economy

    It would lead to a snowball effect tbh. If you have X amount of sniper cards, let's say 11 or so (I have no idea, it's just a number being inserted, we have no idea how many cards you will get), and you win 4 rounds in a row, whilst they are losing theirs, it seems a bit unfair as if they try to counter snipe you, and you keep on winning and/or killing them, then they don't a have a counter to you having a sniper, and depending on the map, a shotgun may not be viable to kill the sniper. So by the time you have spent 4 rounds trying to kill a guy who is just stomping on you, you now have 7 sniper cards, significantly less and certainly limits the options of the player. On the topic of being able to keep a weapon after a round ends even if you lose, it makes no sense as you have a system where you are losing your currency or selection of available weapons, whilst in CSGO you are gaining a currency constantly every round that enables you to expand your selection of weapons. Ergo it sorta makes sense in CSGO. You are gaining currency every round but in this, you have a static number of weapons available that can only decrease. The idea of being able to stop this decrease in available weapons due to already having a weapon breaks the system essentially. It also will de-incentivise clutches. If you know you have nothing to lose but maybe a bit of pride and ego if you don't win a 1v1, you will in all likelihood go for it, and if you don't you're stupid. In CS you do see people try and go for those 1vX situations, but they are forced into those situations. They have been caught in a gunfight and so have to at least try and kill a player maybe and then run away, or kill the entire enemy team. I think when the player willingly goes for the clutch it's much more awesome, with them potentially being able to make more awesome moments than you see in a game like CS due to being able to clutch every round, or having that prospect at least.
  11. Masser

    Beta Release

    It would make sense, it would make it roughly $15 which is still pretty damn cheap.
  12. Masser

    Beta Release

    Already been stated that they want a cheap game by the devs.
  13. Masser

    EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    I'm figuring he meant to mention that it was SnD, but I have no idea. The human mind is quite good at making mistakes, so he easily could have forgotten that it was SnD he was talking about. I do it a lot, nearly everyone does.
  14. Masser

    Beta Release

    The way it's phrased, it's true it sounds like it would be weekly. But as I said previously, the game itself was not in a fun state as per se. One map with less than a dozen usable guns. If you can play that for hours and hours every week, all the more power to you. But most of us aren't going to sit and play a very early alpha constantly and they would just be leaving their game open to security flaws and if they were renting servers then the cost of the servers would also be there. Most people only played for a few hours anyhow, and the player count would still be low if they opened it up more, considering most people would not play constantly. They would play a few hours after a new update and stop playing shortly afterward.
  15. Masser

    Beta Release

    But they never specified the number of alpha weekends? They stated there would be alpha weekends with new changes and fixes and focuses for each weekend. Don't know where you got the idea of them being every weekend.