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  1. Alpha gameplay

    Looks fan-freaking-tastic.
  2. Gloves

    That's a nice idea. Very simple way to include team names without being too flashy. Maybe you could also put team logos on your helmets? On the sides maybe?
  3. Headshots (Idea)

    It would be cool if there was still a meaty chunk and helmet sound that was made when someone gets headshot. It taking two bullets, however, is not cool. Haha.
  4. Headshots (Idea)

    Yea, One Click head shots better fit batallion.
  5. COD2 or COD4 PM Pugs?

    Anyway to play COD2?
  6. Lets all play Promod or COD2 together! My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/blaine_ We can even make a group and schedule pugs. Add me! Lets game!
  7. Idea for the minimap enemy shot indicator

    +1 to this idea. Very good middle-ground.
  8. Reinforcements System

    Well, of course, we all wish for that. The system does not change the game that much, it just adds simple depth. Its just so every round is not the same.
  9. Reinforcements System

    Just some ideas: 1 Extra SMG 1 Extra Sniper Shotgun Unlock Machine Gun Unlock - B.A.R, Bren, Lewis. Magazine Cards - Extended Magazines, Drum Magazines, Extra Magazines. (EX: Thompson can get a Drum Magazine / +25 Ammo to your ammo count) Pistol Unlock - Every nation has its own standard issue pistol. You could make a pistol that is very good, but not too OP. (EX: Mauser C96 with Broomhandle Stock and Sight) Grenade Unlocks - Extra Smoke, Extra Hand-Grenade, Flare Grenade (Flashbang Style Grenade or Spot Players), Firebomb, Gas Grenade. Defuse Kit Larger Plant Area - Make the area on bomb sites larger for more potential areas the bomb could be in that sight. Less Bomb Time - Less time for the bomb to explode. (EX: If the default time for the bomb to explode is 45 Seconds, the card would make it so it only took 35 seconds.) Piercing Rounds - Able to deal better damage through objects and deal more damage to players. (EX: Instead of 4 Bullets killing someone to the chest, it takes 3/2. Nothing too bad.)
  10. Reinforcements System

    Remember that "csgo meets cod4 meets hearthstone" thing that was talked about? Well, In Phantasy's video: He talks about the system and what it could be. Is there anything to be said about this? What cards will there be? How many rounds until you get a new deck? Will you be able to see what cards your enemies get? etc etc. If you have any ideas, post em here. If there's anyone who knows about this subject, feel free to post!
  11. Lets discuss aimpunch

    Mind to elaborate on that?
  12. Do you need any ideas for music in the game?

    It would be interesting if the music was very familiar and catchy! Try Ennio Morricone-esque music Music Quentin Tarantino would use! (Inglorious Basterds theme is a GREAT example!) If there's any original music to be made it would be awesome if the music was very distinctive and not just a drum heavy background beat that goes in EVERY war game.
  13. A more authentic feeling

    Any thought put into an "under-fire / shock system"? This is where, when you take damage, you can not regen damage while under fire. There is no screen shake or any BS like that, but just a way to signify that you cant regen health while under that fire.