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  1. Mind to elaborate on that?
  2. It would be interesting if the music was very familiar and catchy! Try Ennio Morricone-esque music Music Quentin Tarantino would use! (Inglorious Basterds theme is a GREAT example!) If there's any original music to be made it would be awesome if the music was very distinctive and not just a drum heavy background beat that goes in EVERY war game.
  3. Any thought put into an "under-fire / shock system"? This is where, when you take damage, you can not regen damage while under fire. There is no screen shake or any BS like that, but just a way to signify that you cant regen health while under that fire.
  4. It could be done with Modding! Just gotta wait.
  5. I think the worst thing about grenades in COD4 was that, 1. They flew VERY far. 2. They came down very fast. Not much air time. 3. The radius in which it could one-hit you seemed just a little too big. (I do not think this is a huge issue. A grenade is a grenade. Still think it could be looked in to.) If we could tweak these I think it'd be much more pleasurable.