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  1. The Twitter game

    Its kind of ridiculous. I posted this on twitter but ill repeat it again, There are people who have been really really hyped up about this game and followed it for a while. They don't seem to get any keys, but there are people who registered like a week ago and they get keys. I feel like its just not fair. I guess its all just luck but I wish they did this beta system differently.
  2. Release Price, DLC

    Ok great to know. Thanks for responding! Free DLC is definitely the way to go, will get you guys alot more supporters and respect. Cant Wait!
  3. Release Price, DLC

    Sometimes I don't like to pre-order and just wait till the game comes out so I can see how the full game is. How much will the game be on release? Sorry if this is a question often answered, but im just curious. Also, will there be any DLC for the game?