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  1. Hello, I’d like to first like to introduce myself and provide a little context for my intentions/biases. My alias is Tiptup, however many cod-vets may remember me as kodiak (GameWyze, Nefarious, The Final Stand, DeM, etc). I played Cod1 and 4 at the invite/pro level. My hope is that Battalion becomes a very popular niche esport. I am one of the supporters that recognize the purpose of this project is not to create a realistic WW2 shooter. The developers’ goal to my understanding is to take inspiration from cod2 and cod4 promod with elements of CS match-making and create a classic competitive shooter. I am hyped and the gameplay footage has only intensified that. To the point: BAT44 is not the first project to attempt to revive the gameplay of a classic competitive game (see. Toxikk, Reflex, Battlerite, Days of War, etc). In my opinion, many of these games have fallen flat because they focused entirely too much on mimicking these games. BAT44 will not succeed if it’s simply cod with matchmaking. BAT44 can certainly take inspiration from cod but at the end of the day it must absolutely forge its own identity and be a great game on its own merits. One example of BAT44 attempting to add their own flavor to the game is this potential Reinforcement feature in Search & Destroy. I love the idea! It would add incredible depth to the game and make each round unique. After hearing the idea I quickly came up with various possibilities (+1 bomb for the allies, portable mg42 for axis, +1 grenade per player, an allocation of shotguns and/or sniper rifles, extra smoke grenades). Please, developers, first and foremost this game must be your own. We’re all here because we missed that old school cod gameplay but skins and matchmaking aren’t enough to establish long term appeal. The Reinforcement feature is a great start; please continue this approach. On an unrelated note competitive games thrive because players have something to play for. COD1 essentially died the moment CPL cancelled the second COD CPL tournament. I believe it may be in your best interest to announce a tournament/league structure as soon as possible to keep your player base motivated. The reality of modern esports is that people flock to the games that people are playing in droves. This creates a long-term stability; the thought that if you put hours into this game, in a year or five people will still be playing it and your 'development' has a payoff. These tournaments do not need to be the grand 100k+ CS level grand prizes but a simple 10k EU and NA tournament would be substantial for early player base growth and stability. Crowd funding is an option as well. Best regards, Tiptup
  2. Fear is knocking to the door

    I lurk these forums and this post irked me so much I had to create a new account. I've backed the game and so have my small community of friends (6ish?). I played COD1, 2 and 4 competitively. MOHAA got me into pc gaming. This is the game I've been waiting for.. hopefully. Now I will respectfully address each of your points. First break was when Devs decided to add microtranscation. After discussion, they convinced me saying it won't be compulsory to buy these lootcrate and everyone will be able to unlock same stuff in the time and because it is a question of survival for the long term. Ok, but it is a step back. I support micro-transactions. I look how CSGO, DOTA and Overwatch have dealt with it and I'm delighted. If the game was P2W at all, it would ruin the game entirely but their post has outlined that this is not their goal. If it is purely aesthetic, does not affect your game whatsoever.. what do you care? It is not a step back, it is an alternative source of revenue that will allow them to continually support the game. If a guy runs by my screen with an outfit and gun that look different, I won't be hassled. Plus, as a nerd, I enjoy getting new skins and such. Then Devs stepped back on the fact it won't be possible to stream or record Alpha Closed. Ok. It is a detail. Not essential. Not a big problem and it is understandable. But again it is a step back. I understand why you'd be upset but is this is a step back? Certainly not. The devs are not confident that they want the general public to make a judgement or assessment on the game at such an early stage. All it takes is for someone to see a stream, say.. he this doesn't look finished/graphics suck/whatever.. I won't buy it and I'll tell my friends this as well. Then Devs looked for to implement an original quake engine bug : strafejump. I guess they are not looking for to add too much glitchies or intentionnal bugs. Strafe jumping is a nice movement feature that adds to the competitive depth/skillgap. Personally, I think its odd to try and recreate movement depth when you can add your own/original spins on movement tricks. Today Devs announce they are thinking to add "crazy skins". It is not what backers wanted when they decided to support the game massivly. Ok it is not WW2 reconstitution but neither CODMW5 or RB6-Siege. Again i have the feeling it is much more an economic reason than a real core game reason. Devs are starting to think profit insteed to make the game they promised first. Even if it is not fully decided, it is a new step back. I share your concern here. I hope they keep the skins within the environment. I support clan skins/logos ala CSGO but that is about it. If I see Santa costumes and pink leopards I'll be pretty bummed about that art decision. They can easily make profits off cool gritty realistic WW2 skins/huds/etc. In the same time, Devs are saying they are pending the development of "War Torn" System wich was a great feature announced after kickstarter but always in the spirit of customization of our characters. We didn't expect it and it had the approval of the majority. It is a step back. I honestly never really cared for the war torn system. Its a lot of work for something you won't really care for after the original "oh thats kind of a nifty feature." This if it anything is a positive thing if it means efforts are being redirected to more significant developments. The most dangerous, today i have the feeling Devs become elitist and are talking much more with pro-gamers. I take @Farq-S words because it is better said than i could : "the development is struggling to strike the right balance between casual and competitive. If it goes too far down either path this game will lose alot of its audience on the opposite side." The game needs both worlds but one world haven't to dominate the other. What next ?? Killstreak ? Perks ? Locking weapons ? ..... I included these as one point. I don't think you understand this quote. It is difficult for any developer to strike this balance but as seen with CSGO, the more you support the depth of a shooter and allow for a skill gap, the more people appreciate putting time and effort into the title. COD 1/2/4 were competitive heavy shooters that went casual and completely lost their original fan base in favor of a larger casual scene. Lastly, killstreaks, perks and locking weapons.. you realize these are not competitive features right? In COD4 the competitive community had to create modes to eliminate this garbage? If adding these is your concern you should support the input from competitive players.