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  1. 1) Approximate maps size? Can you make a comparison with another competitive game? 2) How many players would we see during the matches? Thanks!
  2. As a presentation ticket, I would like to share with you my first post in the forum. The subject will be about immersion in combat, and how you think it could be reflected for Batallion 1944. Here are some ideas. 1). Some music in specific moments. War is a situation capable of the most dramatic and epic moments in the history of both movies and video games. And a good way to represent it in Batallion 1944 would be to add some music. It's something I've noticed since the first Red Orchestra, and believe me, it makes the situations memorable. In fact, the recent Battlefield 1 does it in its Operations mode when the attackers advance to the next zone. With that added, the shootouts become epic (as the classic Medal of Honor campaigns did; the franchise who understood the importance of music). They do not have to be big-budget musical themes; a good example in this regard is Red Orchestra Ostfront 41_45. They simply have to fulfill their purpose ... 2). Shouts and voices of soldiers during combats. In my opinion, a battle does not lead to basic and technical dialogues, but to more desperate and spontaneous ones. With that in mind, adding shouts in German and English, involving both orders and deaths, would not only enhance the immersion, but the credibility of a shooting. A good example of this is Red Orchestra 2. 3). Sounds of weapons at the height of the current generation I am not talking about a recreation like Battlefield 1, which exacerbates budget, but one that fulfills its purpose in only two areas: echo and strength. When I press the trigger, the sound must transmit enough force so that the player realizes that he is using a weapon; and also, you need enough echo to notice the impact on the environment. I point out this, because I am very disappointed when in a video game it seems that I am firing an airsoft gun. So it has happened in recent Call of Dutys, and in my opinion the result is deplorable. Dear developers, take as an example what was achieved in the last update of Days of War: they are not outstanding, but they represent an incredible improvement over the first sounds they had... That is all gentlemen. Now, I would like to know your opinion and recommendations on the subject. Greetings! PD. Is Battalion 1944 predicted for 2017? Will it launch jointly between platforms? Thanks.