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  1. 14th and 15th July, what the heck? So we cant play until then?
  2. What keyboard do you have?

    Same keyboard just the K65 version because it has the cherry MX Speed

    I stoped writting in the forums and went to just reading most stuff but when i have to read that people say that skins distract them whilel playing i just cant hold myself. How in the world do skins distract you ingame, in all my years playing Shooters i have never noticed a Gun-Skin on the enemy, how is that even possible??!!
  4. What a bummer! Was really hoping it would be available in offline atleast.
  5. Nice, im unable to watch a 2 hour video cos my brain wont focus for that long so this helps

    How are we talking about this again? There already was a thread and a long discussion about it, most of the people are for skins or dont care about them so the number of people that say they wont play the game because of it dont really matter. (and they already stated that there wont be a Pink Skin) And well, you can always sell your key there is a lot of people looking for one.
  7. Stacks - in-game economy

    Seems pretty legit, had something similar in mind just with currency instead of cards, as long as a card only applies to one player even the stamina boost shouldnt be too bad.
  8. Clock is Ticking to Game Time

    Im curious, how the matchmaking is gonna work in the Closed-Alpha or how many servers there will be to play on, any info on that?
  9. Stacks - in-game economy

    But as far as i can remember, correct me if im wrong, the "economy" that was talked about was about different grenade resources, where you can choose how much of which nade you use this round and then cant use some next round. If they really want some form of economy, i mby got an idea. Every Team has for example 5k Gold or whatever currency they wanna use, you then can choose how to use it, get a second scope for a round, more grenades etc. Either make it a fix Gold count or create a way you can earn this currency and use it to play change up the strategy.
  10. How did you found your nickname?

    Had a few like most here, most come from either my sur or first name but the one im going with here is from a football magazine that im getting since i was 7 (I played football when i was young) they have been sending me this magazine for the past 16 years completly missspelling my name and now thats pretty much what i got here
  11. Competitive gun limit ideas.

    I was thinking about something similar recently but for general ranked matches. You either limit the numbers of weapons a team can use like in CoD4 or you make it somehow expensive running for instance 2 snipers or the last thing that came to my mind is choosing which weapon you wanna play, kinda like in League (Rolechoosing) where you pick your 2 favs and then get matches so your team has for example 2 Aussalts, 2 SMGs and 1 Sniper.
  12. Stacks - in-game economy

    I dont like the idea overall, its such an advantage even 1 second, it should be about skill which this is not.
  13. The second footage is so old and you are still using it for comparison, kinda ridiculous. I understand that graphics these days play a very important role in the success of a game, i belive thats a big reason why CS:GO got so popular but the game isnt even in Closed-Alpha right now and there is more important things to focus on, i wouldnt worry so much about it.
  14. Same, was clear to me that its gonna look exactly how its looking now and im happy about it, been waiting for a game like that for over 7 years.
  15. It's really sad to see all those "I thought this was a Realistic-Shooter" haters on every video.
  16. I get triggered looking at all these colours.
  17. Clock is Ticking to Game Time

    Yeah thought so, was confused for a second lol
  18. Clock is Ticking to Game Time

    Alpha is coming May right not April?!
  19. Clock is Ticking to Game Time

    April the 13th?
  20. Fidelity

    Can you name me any big game with an E-Sports scene that doesnt have microtransaction? I sure cant and all of them have crazy skins in some way. My point here is that a game needs it to sustain itself otherwise there is no competitive scene. And whats the point in skins if others cant see? Its one big reason ppl buy skins if not they would just download mods so only they can see but thats not what they want.
  21. Fidelity

    I just dont see how Skins even "crazy skins" could possibly be a distraction to ones gameplay, i really dont understand. In all the games i played where there were skins for weapons or character skins like Dota it never even crossed my mind that i would need an option to turn those off. All this complaining just seems really old minded and just wouldnt work in todays gaming especially in a game that wants to support competitive play.
  22. Fear is knocking to the door

    After reading everything here i thought i would give my opinion real quick. For me to enjoy a game in the long run i need some sort of Ranked so i can feel like i accomplished something with the hours i put into the game otherwise i feel like im wasting my time (which im probably doing anyways playing a game :D) but i guess some will understand my point here. Secondly, I dont mind microtransactions at all as long as it doesnt make the game P2W, i understand why people and the Devs would want "crazy" Skins in the game, if you got a Skin for your Weapon or whatever you want to show it off i get it and for the Devs it could be a consistent moneymaker to keep the game going (CSGO) and support the competitive scene like they stated. I also understand why OP is concerned, he supported the game when there was no such thing as microtransaction and prolly fears whats next BUT i feel like todays Games need microtransaction to survive and build a competitive scene.
  23. Competitive Players

    I really dont know anymore, but i think it was all of EU that played in there, its too long ago ^^ But nice to see someone else from that time here