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  1. Can you name me any big game with an E-Sports scene that doesnt have microtransaction? I sure cant and all of them have crazy skins in some way. My point here is that a game needs it to sustain itself otherwise there is no competitive scene. And whats the point in skins if others cant see? Its one big reason ppl buy skins if not they would just download mods so only they can see but thats not what they want.
  2. I just dont see how Skins even "crazy skins" could possibly be a distraction to ones gameplay, i really dont understand. In all the games i played where there were skins for weapons or character skins like Dota it never even crossed my mind that i would need an option to turn those off. All this complaining just seems really old minded and just wouldnt work in todays gaming especially in a game that wants to support competitive play.
  3. After reading everything here i thought i would give my opinion real quick. For me to enjoy a game in the long run i need some sort of Ranked so i can feel like i accomplished something with the hours i put into the game otherwise i feel like im wasting my time (which im probably doing anyways playing a game :D) but i guess some will understand my point here. Secondly, I dont mind microtransactions at all as long as it doesnt make the game P2W, i understand why people and the Devs would want "crazy" Skins in the game, if you got a Skin for your Weapon or whatever you want to show it off i get it and for the Devs it could be a consistent moneymaker to keep the game going (CSGO) and support the competitive scene like they stated. I also understand why OP is concerned, he supported the game when there was no such thing as microtransaction and prolly fears whats next BUT i feel like todays Games need microtransaction to survive and build a competitive scene.
  4. I really dont know anymore, but i think it was all of EU that played in there, its too long ago ^^ But nice to see someone else from that time here
  5. I started with MW2 when i was 16, that was my shooter i played on PC, i think after half a year i decided i wanted to play competitive, got in a really good Team "Team Defence" if anyone would recognize from back in the days, after that died i went back to CoD4 to play competitive. Started playin League in like Season 1, played EPS if anyone knows what that means, quit to play another game where we as a team visited about 4 Lans, which was a good experience, thats pretty much it, after i quit that game aswell i started looking for a good FPS where i mby could go Pro but nothing came out the last few years that is slightly like BOG CoD, hoping that changes with this game. PS: I think my Name back in MW2 was Vroggy at the end.
  6. Never made a Forum Post but i somehow feel like it with this game. My Ingame name is Ciiro like everywhere im 23 loved playing FPS-Games like CoD4, MW2(highest LVL which was just ESL) unfortunatly such games dont exist anymore and i cant set myself with those Futuristic FPS-Games. Found this game heard its gonna have CoD4 movemant and BOG, bought it and now im waiting so yeah. Cheers