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  1. There's nothing authentic in Battalion. 100% agree with this video: It's a Quake arena shooter, not a WW2 fps. Call of Duty WWII will be a authentic WW2 shooter and it will be sooo awesome, I'm pretty sure!
  2. At the earliest 2017 means at the earliest 2017 and not Summer 2018.
  3. Lool the new gameplay "trailer" has the same gameplay as Westie's video: And BTW: Where'a the announced trailer? This isn't a trailer.
  4. Please Sledgehammer bring gore effects like in World at War! Would be so nice and authentic.
  5. Look at the comments. So many negative comments.
  6. A LOT of hate in the comments @ Westies video. Does not come well with the majority unfortunately...
  7. Exactly my opinion!
  8. Not really. CoD has: better graphics, much better animations, more content/maps/weapons, better movement, much more athmosphere, a single player campaign, Zombies, ... (my opinion)
  9. These jumps are cruel. Graphics looks okay, but not particularly. And important: The WW2 atmosphere does not come at all. Disappointing...
  11. This box art looks icredible. The CoD hype is back and Activision will be even richer. Can't wait to see first gameplay scenes from Omaha Beach.
  12. Insider Shinobi confirmed the WW2 setting!
  13. CoD WW2 = must have
  14. Where's the confirmation? Want a teaser!!
  15. For PC? Maybe. For consoles? Not really.