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  1. PS4 does not seem to interest anyone?! All my hopes rest on Battalion and now I have to wait another year...
  3. Sad news for all console backers (especially PS4): And i saw this tweet at the Battalion Fanpage Channel: I often read "console release at the end of 2017". Here's "late 2017 at the earliest" and now approx. 1 year after PC EA? Very disappointing for me...
  4. @Devs: There will be a PS4 Pro optimization/patch?
  5. 900p/60fps and i'm happy. Especially on the PS4 Pro it's more than possible.
  6. Thats great! It will be a port or extra programmed for the console?
  7. Also PS4! I hate mouse + keyboard. But I have fears that it will be delayed into early 2018 and we get only 30fps.
  8. CoD or BF run on all platforms the same (minimal differences) and I expect that from Battalion. Of course, no 120+ Hz is possible, but I just hope that the console port will not be a fail...
  9. I have the feeling the console versions are neglected. It's understandable that the PC version has priority, but very many backers are console players and want the same experience as the PC players. Joe said last year after the kickstarter campaign: "Now we can compete with CoD and BF." So I expect a reasonable console port, so 1080p/60fps are mandatory, especially on the PS4 Pro. A beta I do not expect, but maybe with Square Enix is now possible? Anyway, please also provide the best possible game for the console players. We would be very thankful! Cheers PS: Sorry for my english...
  10. 100% agree. Nothing more to say. (I'm also a backer)
  11. Slowly but surely I lose faith in you... Cancelled war torn sytsem, added crazy skins, ... whats next? Supply drops?
  12. This will split the community. They (Bulkhead) said: "There will be only authentic weapon skins!" And now: "We have spoke to Ubisoft." *facepalm*
  13. This words make me sad and thoughtful. Also in R6 those crazy skins are AWFUL! And BTW BAT44 is not R6 or something else. BAT44 is BAT44 and i thought it was clear that there are NO CRAZY PINK CAMO SHI*!! SOLDAT RYAN has said everything. It's not okay to implement those skins, also as a option. It ruins the WW2 feeling... Very sad, that you now change your mind.