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  1. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Date Required

    This game needs mod tools urgently, otherwise it will be just like all the other FPS games out there with a short shelf life.....
  2. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Tactical TDM Server. Rifles only

    Sounds like fun, always enjoyed rifles only..... Reminds me of the K98 only battles we used to have in COD2.....fun!
  3. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Which maps do you want?

    Here are a few maps that would work well...
  4. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Tactical Realism

    Before a mod is created there should be a lot of server side settings that can be changed, I believe you can turn off all the clutter on the screen and effect the less attractive parts of a vanilla (out of the box) game. So perhaps before we get a mod (which could take a while), these setting changes should be our first avenue of exploration as an interim measure. As for maps I have a little bit of experience using UE4 (but a lot more in radiant, which does help when looking at the SDK that gets released with UE4 games), I will have some time to look into producing something after I finish my current projects.
  5. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    Ahh yes I remember the ETO league.....Oh and NightStalker.............you still suck.
  6. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Working With TR rules

    We in the 82ndAB have 8 game rules and a further 9 centred around general server behaviour, it has always kept our public servers full just because the rules and server admins that administer them are even handed at all times....those that are not lose their rights. Rule #1 (TK) Do not intentionally team-kill or team-wound another player(including revenge.) Rule #2 (RNG) Running around wildly without cause and not using sights. You must use sights at all times whilst firing. Rule#3 (Bunny) Do not jump to avoid enemy fire or use the 'jump shooting' method. Rule#4 (Nadespam) Do not throw grenades over building or into areas where you have not seen, heard or been told of an enemy position. Room clearing is ok. Rule#5 (Badjump) Do not jump from unrealistic heights (higher than your character). Rule#6 (Ledge) Do not stand on ledges or objects that make you appear to be floating on air. Rule#7 (Exploit) Do not use exploits or graphic flaws in the map to gain an advantage. Rule#8 (Respect) Do not ignore admin requests. Keep your eyes and ears open for warnings and messages at all times! Rule#9 (Argue) Do not argue with other players or admins. Rule#10 (Cuss) Do not use profanity through voice or text chat. Rule#11 (Advertising/Recruiting) Do not give out or ask for any contact information, clan or otherwise, by any method via our servers or website. Do NOT ask people that you meet on our servers to join your clan, directly or indirectly. Rule#12 (Spawnshoot) Do not shoot in spawn at the start of a round unless engaging an enemy. Rule#13 (Morality) Do not use sexist, racist, religious or offensive remarks. Rule#14 (Spam) Do not spam voice, text or quick text messages including playing music. Rule#15 (Asshat) Do not be an asshat by running around and acting stupid. Rule#16 (Stack) Do not clan stack on our servers. Our servers are not here for your clan to practice your teamwork skills. Auto-assign like the rest of the public players. Rule#17 (English) Only English should be spoken or typed whilst playing on our servers, unless an 82nd member is giving assistance to a player in a foreign language.
  7. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    You guys were in that league, and then ran another I think. PZGR won our league
  8. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    Are you talking about the TRL league, we did try to revive that but it didn't take off unfortunately....
  9. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    Totally agree with you Soldat, we will do what we have always done and mod the shit out of the game given the access of course.
  10. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    Hi Soldat, Like Brothers Chris said, really would like to see a TR mod for this game. I totally agree that the TR community has sat silently watching as our options have deminished in recent years, and it is about time we stood up to be counted. We need to come up with a combined effort to ensure that we can include all that we as a community (as diverse as we are) want to be included into this game. That is the only way we can ensure that we are at least heard, and hopefully can influence the direction the core mechanics etc that we need. Not many developers are aware of the following that well managed tactical realism servers have past the normal six month shelf life of most FPS games, this is what has helped our COD4 server survive and flourish well past its release date, custom maps and an enviroment that is all inclusive and with a friendly atmosphere has a longer shelf life than the latest games that have come since with their better graphics and DLC's sold in map packs and weapon customisation can ever do. The next developer who can fulfil those needs will have a better following for not only this title, but any future titles that they create based on the success of their previous titles and the community that supports them.
  11. Hello from The 82nd Airborne Clan, Our main page of our website to those who do not know us has the below statement. We are known in the gaming world as a Tactical Realism clan. We play every game using tactics and strategy to achieve victory. If you are not familiar with our server rules, you are encouraged to read them by clicking the Rules link on our main menu. Remember, if you cannot do it in real life combat then do not do it on our server. Our clan was formed in the Call of Duty United Offensive era, and we have always had tactical fun public servers with a large non-clan player base (our COD4 server is still up and running, with custom maps and our core rules in place with a regular population daily). We are looking for a new World War II game, and are hoping that this will be the one that we have been looking for. Hopefully there will be enough tactically modable content, custom maps, and dedicated servers (with more than 6v6, configurable up to about 30 v 30 depending on map and server population of course). I notice the Brothers Clan Hi Guys! <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan.