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  1. warlock

    Untrusted system file error

    Hi, I think if you make process monitor log it may help for devs to make your driver "trusted" for anticheat https://support.easyanticheat.net/kb/troubleshooting/procmon/?lr=en-us post MPL log file in zip here
  2. warlock

    PC for Battalion

    Hello, what CPU ( processor) and GPU ( grafic card) is in your PC ?
  3. warlock

    Hi, I'm warlock

    Hi Battalion players and fans, My name is Martin, I'm 26 years old, I'm living in Czech Republic. I spend thousands of hours on CoD games, mostly CoD4 promod( non-Steam ver.) - ( I was on 1st place on ESL VERSUS in 2015 Season 1 and 2, HERE you can look at my ESL profile, ESL VERSUS was quite good matchmaking system for CoD4 promod 5v5, worst part and completely devastating of it was ESL Wire anticheat - because of that anticheat was actually banned more legit players then cheaters, because of crashing all the time - when ESL Wire anticheat stopped working when uploading data after match you gets no logout ban, when you start ESL Wire again during match or on end of match because of it crashed you can get banned for so called "Wire Anti-Cheat Fakesession(s)", first it is one week ban then month and then 3 moths ban + reset all stats and levels from game, that is what happened to me, HERE you can see me playing one of my last ESL VERSUS matches in CoD4 promod - that is why no one play CoD4 promod on ESL VERSUS anymore, last year I was trying to play CoD5: WaW on Steam and I was falsely banned after 15 minutes of playing on some public TDM server ( for "wh" as you can see in video HERE in time 10:10, I started record after that some players called me wallhacker ) Currently I'm playing CS: GO, it is quite fun for me but overall it is not that fun as CoD4 promod was back then for me, so now I'm here to help you guys to make Battalion great, find bugs and so on... I do not remember how I hear about Battalion 1944 first time but I pledged £15 on Kickstarter ( Standard Rifleman Backer (PC) Pre-Purchase for Steam Early Access! ) last year and this year I pre-ordered Alpha via Humble Bundle and today I have got email with Steam code for testing Alpha so I'm ready for tomorrow HERE is my Steam account , feel free to add me but I do not accept players with private profiles