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  1. Addicted? No. Dissapointed? Yeah pretty much :(

    I wonder if the cod 4 communities are still together. We're they like what we had in cod 1 and perhaps others had on cod2? I mean we are still in touch with a lot of other players from cod 1 and their teams. I managed to start a call of duty 1 cup half a year ago with 20 teams actually. The love for cod 1 was still big and if we had xfire again and the graphics we're optimized and perhaps a few extra maps i would play cod 1 every day again.
  2. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Ok so the game is pretty stable for me after the last update. I didn't get any crashes anymore after the last (small) update. Also the gameplay is playable and kinda fun. BUT i still think the development needs to make a few tough decisions maybe towards something that they aimed for @ the kickstarter or maybe something (a bit) different from what we have now. As on discord we did a small bet about how players that would play after the update. I said like 1250 because I don't think a lot of people we're still waiting for the update only the players who already basically loved the game kinda or we're playing already. The others who went away don't even know there was an update because they stopped following.. Now we're back at the same playercount as before the update. And that tells us IMO that there are not enough players who like the game how it's meant to be atm. Because im pretty sure they didn't just leave for the bugs, but a lot of them left because of what the game is heading towards. The guys who only left for the bugs probally tried the game right after the first big update. I hope bulkhead get's the right information what everybody is basically looking for, because it's true the playercount is a big enemy of this game. Will the current 1000 still be here after 9 more months of development?
  3. 12 Noon Europe Server 12 players in total????

  4. Hello, After the new update every player has it's own unique color on the minimap. I would like to see this same color around the avatar at the top of the screen, so i know who is which color on the minimap. Greetings, sNrkl
  5. Colours in names

    Why do you want to write in color? I can understand for names and clannames to make them more unique. But i guess a colored chat would be rly distracting and it doesn't add so much either. In cod 1 and cod 2 you couldn't write in color in suppose. U were able to use it in names, servers, server messages etc. But never in chat and the colors we're never shown below left where u see the latest kills. If u killed someone or someone killed u, u could see the color though which was nice imo. Basically the whole execution of colored names in cod 1 and cod 2 was perfect imo.
  6. Colours in names

    There is a big topic about this already. But the devs weren't very positive about it I Believe. However they didn't tell us if they we're or we''re not implementing this in the future. Looking at todays games and the combination with steam, I think Battalion will link their names with steam groups + names. Looking at that I think the chance is not so big. But yes it's a nice feature imo, but at this stage i don't think they will spend any time on it. What i would like to add to this please allow more special characters. The tm is working for example but ɪ and ε show up as ???? in game. In CS:GO these characters work without any problems. Not sure what they are called but perhaps it's a small adjustment?
  7. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    For me basically the same i guess i have like 20+ friends that bought the game on release day. Most of them we're tired after one day of playing mostly due to stability issues, cheaters, bad maps , bad graphics , movement , bad hit markers and finally the bs in game like ridiculous jumping to the sides and Always htting. The combination of all this turned a lot of my friends off. Me however i don't like most of these things either and am still playing, and will probally keep playing until i can't find a game anymore.
  8. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Dont get me wrong, I will add some extra info. First we had a private forum for all alpha backers there who we're actually testing the game. At that time it felt like our oppinions did rly matter. Now i feel like the people on Reddit matter more. Maybe it isn't true but it feels a bit like it. So the post was maybe wrong im not asking for the forums just miss the times But let's continue on the game instead.
  9. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Thanks I also don't see why brammertron is replying to these not so important posts and not replies to anything else in the topic. To me it just seems like a waste of time, we rather get some info of what the devs think of some points that actually matter in the topic. It wouldn't be bad to get our special backer forums back, so we can discuss again with the people who liked the game in the first place. Just missed the times where our oppinion really mattered reffering to the private forums. Didn't mean the forums should return 4 real.
  10. I don't really see why the last topic was closed. People reminding how much players are currently playing are just a small percentage of the total topic. Maybe ban them for some time if u don't like em to remind you all the time. Like 90% of the posts are people that are still trying to help this game and because of that give their oppinions. The title brougt life to the topic and I think it's good to have topics that trigger people to read it. Since there wasn't as much activity anymore since early access started. So i hope you don't mind that i created this topic so we can move on discussing the current state of the game and i hope you get some vulnerable info out of it.
  11. Game's Dead guys..

    You might be right and i personally don't care to much. I play every evening even now. I guess it would fix it for me. My concern is more that they will not even do the changes that you stated. this is not like the mistakes that they made u know. It's more like their oppinion about how the game should be, and they will probally not change this fast. On the other side I still think the game really needs a small revolution a list of some impact changes before the players who left before will come back. It's easier to try a game that u like then return to a game where u have a bad experience with.
  12. Game's Dead guys..

    Yes ofcourse you are right about the ads and accuracy. But jumpshooting without ads is still jumpshooting but more skillful and more of a risk for example. Furthermore it's hard to say, I don't really think much players are playing this specifically for jumpshots.. I think they never even talked about it in the kickstarter. A lot of people backed this game for only being a ww2 shooter. Don't forget there was no other cod ww2 game like this when the kickstarter started. The concept was also good because it was advertised as an old school ww2 shooter. This triggered a lot of people who we're so tired of all new cods with all these killstreaks and stuff. We all knew cod ww2 would fail just because of this new elements. I'm pretty sure if cod ww2 really would have returned to their roots like a cod 1 game with a lot better graphics, this game could have been huge. But it's never gonna happen because they release a new game every year so it will never be like call of duty 1 again. How the game is currently build it applies most to the cod 2 and cod 4 (promod) players. I'm pretty sure that the current numbers tell us that they alone can not save this game. And i asked this question before: we're the playerbases of cod 4 (promod) and cod 2 really this big? Because I think these were never games that the biggest teams have played? Tell me if i'm wrong but did teams like fnatic , sk gaming , mousesports etc etc play these games competitive? Maybe some big teams jumped in but was this really big esports games or just more a local community with like maybe 100 teams on clanbase or w/e? I'm also having second thought if u would change the jumping that a lot of players would go away? Where will they go then, towards CS:GO? Even when this is changed this game applies most to the cod 2 and cod 4 communties. I think the players who are still playing will also stay when the jumping system will be rewritten. Best thing is it will appeal to more people who don't like it at all, and they might return to this game. I think they should look for a balance somewhere between realism and arcade more like it was advertised from the start.
  13. Game's Dead guys..

    Well it's right that jumpshooting in general is not a big problem. But with the clunky movement not being seen when jumping over something, bad rng , recoil , no impact when landing all this combined makes it far beyond bs. However removing it would be a statement, and an statement is something the game needs atm. If you only edit it a bit like 10%, players won't come back probally.
  14. Game's Dead guys..

    Just fire againt fire I know that brammer posts sometimes like we don't need you and his last response in this topic clears it all. I think it's not really needed, i wouldn't do it personally even if i thought that way. Those times where it's better to not respond then respond like this u know. People that had those comments will be like I told u and ofcourse think it's funny that the charts are running back. The comments we get atm are like they aren't really worried. But I think they are pretty worried atleast i would be. I see people in my environment that basically liked the game but because the jumping stuff and other bs that is coming back every game they are getting already a bit in love and hate relationship with this game. Not sure it this keeps going if i have any friends to play with still as a lot of people quit already.... I keep calling this but can't do it enough. Please take a look @ the maps and gameplay and maybe basically everything of cod 1 and implement more of it and build the gunplay the same without that ridiculous jumping but just unscoped jumping or impact @ landing or maybe both. Imo there are a lot of players that are looking for a skillful game in ww2 style. Also find a way to get the casuals happy because without them we are nowhere..... I wanna add that i'm not really interested in a promod either. It will split the playerbase, while in cs go or vcod u just had the same gameplay for everybody. Ofcourse there we're some rifle only servers but looking at the whole game most of it was just the same. Modding imo is great for new maps and stuff but I hope we don't get a split community. Ofcourse we had PAM on cod but it only was to decide roundlength and max score for league's and stuff, i guess promod is way different and fixed the game for the devs. I really hope bulkhead will make the right basegame theirselves.
  15. Game's Dead guys..

    Well this topic is probally big because a lot of argue the way the game is going atm. Even when i'm playing i'm not really sure if this game will be fine over a few months. I also have 2nd thought if a second launch or new marketing will help this game without making some big changes first. This being said I don't think the points that u stated will be so important. Who cares about more tournaments if the playerbase doesn't grow. if nothing changes this will be 500 dollar tournaments with 32 teams attending . And nog big ones being around. A free weekend can maybe help a few days again, but what if they don't stay again? The game is cheap already and the people who like this gameplay probally already know about it, since the first launch was pretty hyped already. Oke we are getting a new updates that will probally fix some stabibility issues and maybe some other things. The problem is the current problems aren't really being acknowledged, basically the last post of brammer in this topic says it all. I will probally still be there over a few months, but are the ones even that are currently playing? Even if they like the game, there's not much of fun if not much more players are going to play short term. Also basically everyone i played with so far have mixed feelings about the game.. And they are not only stability issues it's more the actual gameplay that turns em off. A lot of players didn't like cod 2 either and went back to cod 1 or other games after a few months. I'm not sure if the cod 2 and cod 4 fanbase can save this game, I would like to see what they come up with so it attracts much more people than these 2 groups. But as long as we get shit comments like this i don't see that happening. But i guess they should post on Reddit where probally all haters are aswell, instead of the community that backed in the first place. BTW the chinese are taking over!!