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  1. Sounds cool, i thought this wouldn't be possible someone of development stated this before i guess. But sounds good
  2. Welcome to the club
  3. Thanks guys But it's not sure i guess but you are probally right :DI hope this gameplay video will be really nice so some of my friends who didn't join the alpha yet will buy the alpha aswell.
  4. I really think COD and BAT1944 will differ a lot from each other. COD probally builds a game looking a bit like their last games. I also think it will be better for BAT1944 to release the game earlier then Call of Duty. For now i am on the BAT1944 boat and will try to be a part of the development process playing the alpha. This is a chance that we will not get with Call of Duty. At the end of the day i will play the game that gives me a bit of a cod 1 feeling, which i liked so much. I'm not sure yet who it will be, but i bet it will be BAT1944 even when call of duty 1 is not the game where the development team is looking at the most. I just don't think Call of Duty is going back to these mechanics.
  5. Ok idea i guess. Not sure if people who like ''real' weapon skins would agree. i got no problem people using full weapon (strange) skins on their own screen.(first person view) I just don't want to see them on my screen ^^ as i like the game to be realistic.
  6. Which day can we expect the new gameplay footage this week? I can't wait!! If you also can't wait please bump or like
  7. would love to see that in bat1944
  8. wasn't me i like napalm explosions ^^ Everyone dead.. GREAT, ACE
  9. welcome Not sure about your in game name, but maybe we have met yesterday on a server in cod. Maybe you even know me from the past, i was playing during those days. Good to see people from the rifle only scene that still survived later on when all weapons became inactive. This game made me come back to call of duty a few weeks ago to get back the cod feeling before entering the battlegrounds of Battalion 1944.
  10. Ok well let me clear myself, it's a bit hard to tell you what i mean exactly. I just mean if you would use a flamethrower in a bunker/house you probally will kill everyone inside. In singleplayer the people in the bunker will run around burning and probally die after. In multiplayer do i have to run around myself so it looks a bit real? Or am i instant dead? I still think it would look a bit weird. Maybe i should be able to roll over^^ I also think it doesn't fit in the competive setting looking at above points and things like balancing. I understand you might find it cool to use the flamethrower but i guess a lot of people who are going to play this competive, wouldn't like to see this. no offence though
  11. I Think you should buy another game for the flamethrower. no offence but i Think it's more for a singleplayer game. Would be weird to get flamed from ouside when im crouching through a building. Animations would be weird aswell in my oppinion.
  12. .... well said
  13. I would like to see a spinoff of mp_railyard
  14. Thanks guys for your advice. For now im between the Ryzen 5 1600x and i5 7600. Ryzen 5 is not out yet, but i think they might be quite the same. This is the reason why i was wondering this game would benefit from the 6 cores of ryzen 5
  15. To bad i can't edit my first post and delete my latest post. For now i only got the following questions: 1) As a buyer i'd like to know what i can expect from the Alpha. Will i be able to play with friends in public servers or maybe even in 5vs5 matches. 2) Am i right we can only play online in the weekends? What can we do in Offline mode during week days? As not everyone is Always able to play during the weekends.