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  1. Competitive wars / Clanwar

  2. Alpha 0.1 Times

    I understand but i wonder, how will you know when most people are available? If you started for example the whole weekend u would see when most people are playing. I guess a lot of people have free time on Sunday for example. But ofcourse i understand the decision, i can't wait though. Will try to catch up this weekend, but think if it would be these times every week i won't be able to play much.
  3. Alpha 0.1 Times

    Really hope in the next weekends we are able to play longer. Only Friday and Saturday evenings is not a lot. As a lot of people have a social life (^^) aswell it would be nice to play middays and sundays.
  4. I thought i have read somewhere that we had to pm you when we didn't get a password ^^
  5. Claiming Alpha access via Paypal

    There are some people on the forums who might want a refund. Contact them and make a deal
  6. All of it? I just thought this part wasn't hehe ^^
  7. Inspiration from Moh

    If you start topics like this, dont expect to get a decent answer. I would suggest taking some time creating a new topic and put a proper description or question.
  8. I don't really understand why this affects gameplay. U could use the colored names only on the scoreboard for example. I like the colors in names aswell but it doesn't have to be shown in console, chat or latest events usually shown at the left of the screen (example: kills). Imo if you show it on scoreboards it will not affect the gameplay, even when you show the color when killing someone or getting killed it wouldn't disturb anyone i guess. Because this text is quite small isn't it? But if you think it would you could still leave this away.
  9. I would like to see this. But i guess they might link the names to groups and steamnames. But maybe this could be Done by an option to change or modify your name in game.
  10. Alpha Start in May?

    Not confirmed yet. I guess we hear about this the coming weeks.
  11. Competitive wars / Clanwar

    Playing two maps is like playing home and away. It's something that survived in competitive sports and esports. As this still works there is no reason to change this imo. The focus could be will a game last to long or not. For example u could bring the rounds per side back to 8 or something, or reduce the minutes per round to keep players from camping and rounds will end faster. I guess bulkhead could suit both sides with adding different matchmodes. (1 map , 2 map gamemodes)
  12. Competitive wars / Clanwar

    Yeah would be nice to stick to the topic. It's about discussing if we maybe could use a matchsystem and maybe get opinions from other people on the pro's of cons of this system and maybe to change the amount of arounds for example. Which is a good addition to this topic. In this topic let's stick to two maps. I wouldn't mind playing 120 max on a scrim which is breathtaking. It's nice to see u replying because this make me think about new solutions for possible cons. I still think a game will not Always be 120 minutes as rounds can go very fast. Other solution would be that the game stops when one team has won the game. For example if one team wins the first map 20-0 and second map 1-0 the game ends. There is actually no reason to play on after that. Could be a solution for people who don't want Always 100 min games. Second solution is as i stated before. Running quick matches(short) and competitive matches (might be long).
  13. Competitive wars / Clanwar

    Well i guess there is a solution for everything. Play a quickmatch and you play 1 map for example 60 - 90 minutes. Maybe this should be more funbased. I think there also should be a mode where i ofcourse want to find a match ''quick'' but don't want to end it quick. In serious play i would like to see 2 maps as this would be fair to both parties. This competitive matches should only be played on the standard maps created by bulkhead.
  14. Competitive wars / Clanwar

    Thanks for your replies so far. I actually don't care to much about the rounds, it's just what im used to from clanwars in call of duty. In the end the developers can choose how much rounds it will be. In a 5on5 rounds go very fast though. 3 minutes max per round would be like 120 max. Ofcourse there Is some extra time changing the map etc. but not every round with last 3 minutes aswell so I still think it would be ok. But if they want to change this it’s ok to me. My focus Is more on the match setup where you are able to play your own homemap. The home and away setting looks normal to me in a competive setting. It’s really nice when your tactics on your homemap work. Ofcourse this also brings varation as different teams will play different maps. And in the end you have to know all the maps J
  15. Build me a gaming pc

    Ok that's nice thanks, i have a 144hz monitor so seeing that made me a little scared ^^