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  1. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Totally true the group with the so called pro's who joined us later after alpha basically took over from the Original backers. They we're more important and they are still with 150 people who actually play this game daily. I don't know how much people backed this game but the backers should have been the group to focus on, i don't think they would have all left if they had the feeling they we're still listened to and the game was going in the direction of what they had backed from the start.
  2. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    It's really such a shame. At the announcement i basically bought a pc for this game.. Times can change i was so hyped for this. Imo it's bad decision after decision and for a long time i thought with some pressure from the backers they would have changed the game even a bit.. Few months ago i thought there was a still a chance. But hosting lans and tournaments on a game that is far from done and that playerbase, it was hard to take the game any serious. the 1% hope i still have brings me back to the forums now and then. But basically i'm pretty convinced nothing is going to change rly positive. But atleast there is a new gun, i couldn't care any less. The 1% in me hopes that someone in the dev team stands up and decides to pay back the orginal backers give us the game that u promoted from the start. The orginal backers would probally pay u back by having atleast 1000 players a day as a start. But i guess this will not happen, and the game will not be a huge succes. But ofcourse there will be lans for a playerbase of probally max 500 people. Perhaps i'm wrong but i wish you the best of luck to prove us wrong. fact is most backers quit already and probally 90% of the people we hyped for this game quit aswell.
  3. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Happy the focus is full on the reddit playerbase. The mass from there still bring 150 players to the game.. I bet if the love of the devs was focused on this forum there would still be atleast 300 from here.
  4. sNrklhaai

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    I believed for so long that this would work. But the shit started basically after the private forums we're removed. After that they gave day 1 keys to people (streamers or w/e) and not even all the guys on the forums had a key. Some of them being here from day 1. A lot of people didn't get their incentives from kickstarter and we haven't heard anything anymore about the console versions. I really wondered where this people where untill actually 1 person opened a topic about it. Close to that developers we're fighting with people on the forums, which didn't look so professional in any way.. Communication with the community is ok but not in that way, in that way i even liked communication of aaa games better, where they don't communicate with most of the players @ all. It looked so retarted all this weird posts on twitter and mr.cool guy posts on the forums. Reading the direction the game is going basically nothing is going to change. They will create a better game for themselves and probally the 300 that are still there and perhaps 200 will come back. I basically stopped reading when they stated the reasons why people left. I don't think people left for bugs or server issues but most of them left because they didn't like the type of game, because i't wasn't going anywhere from what we expected after we we're hyped from the kickstarter.. But ahh yeah like some people stated here above Battalion is Battalion and they are not gonna change for the masses. Which is 2 bad.
  5. sNrklhaai

    Kickstarter but no PS4 game key

    was already wondering where the ps4 guys were... they haven't said anything about ps4 anymore.. I guess it will not be there any soon.. It's nowhere on the roadmap either.
  6. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    yea well atleast it is some new information. I rather read this then those flaming twitter thoughts of him saying that players think the only thing that is working are loot boxes rofl ^^ But yes i agree it doesn't change the world. Basically this is for all you waiting for the game to change a lot the final confirmation that they will NOT change the game. They are going to fix the bugs and will create a better matchsystem overall and new maps and other new things.. And everyone left because of the problems with the servers they are saying. Well my guess is they wouldn't have left if the gameplay was good and the servers we're buggy. Basically the majority doesn't come back because they don't like the game and it's perspective. If it was mostly servers than they probally we're back allready as i haven't had so much problems with it. Dno if i read it right but they are thinking about closing the matchsystem down for some time. I'm scared the last 500 or maybe 800 will leave aswell.
  7. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Thanks for that! I think there is some valuable information that a lot of us want to know. I advice to read boys
  8. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Anyone got the link to the 10000 words post of Brammertron which was shared on twitter? I guess there is a lot of (new) information in that. Please share
  9. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Well it was the same in the alpha actually. At that stage u already had to search everywhere for information. One time it's on this forums, other time on kickstarter then on discord. Basically it's the same as before. I am in the discord for a lot of months now but the people who i played with before didn't even have the info about the updates and stuff.. Which probally also means a lot of people didn't even know about the first huge update. Except the people who we're still following
  10. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    2 bad joe is still using his time to tweet towards haters or other people that complain about certain elements of the game. This is still a thing that makes me scared for the future of battalion 1944. It just doesn't really look professional to me. Ahh ye we'll c, haven't played for some days now. But i guess they are happy when soon 50 players are playing for the rest of the year to help them test wartide 2 and the other new updates, and when there will still be a tournament every week with 10 teams playing. Let's hope we get a huge turn around.
  11. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Ye I feel u. It's also the lack of interest from the others in my friendslist.. Nobody of them seems to really care about the updates anymore.. Most of them haven't touched the game after the first days of play.. Imo the game speaks to a to small group, and is not the game that u want to play every day. Yeah sometimes I have this like tommorow i wanna play again but sometimes not.. Because everybody seems to want something else i don't know what they have to change anymore, I can speak for myself but it seems it's not only the jumping or ttk or w/e other change. The lack of interest from a lot pretty much is telling us a large part of the game doesn't attract the majority. Also the kickstarter guys received a coin that is currently for sale for a lot of money^^ I really wonder if we (the humblebundle backers who also paid 65 euro and have helped this game testing) ever get something... No special coin , no skin , no recognition, no answer
  12. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Hmm player numbers are running back again :(.
  13. sNrklhaai

    Addicted? No. Dissapointed? Yeah pretty much :(

    I wonder if the cod 4 communities are still together. We're they like what we had in cod 1 and perhaps others had on cod2? I mean we are still in touch with a lot of other players from cod 1 and their teams. I managed to start a call of duty 1 cup half a year ago with 20 teams actually. The love for cod 1 was still big and if we had xfire again and the graphics we're optimized and perhaps a few extra maps i would play cod 1 every day again.
  14. sNrklhaai

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Ok so the game is pretty stable for me after the last update. I didn't get any crashes anymore after the last (small) update. Also the gameplay is playable and kinda fun. BUT i still think the development needs to make a few tough decisions maybe towards something that they aimed for @ the kickstarter or maybe something (a bit) different from what we have now. As on discord we did a small bet about how players that would play after the update. I said like 1250 because I don't think a lot of people we're still waiting for the update only the players who already basically loved the game kinda or we're playing already. The others who went away don't even know there was an update because they stopped following.. Now we're back at the same playercount as before the update. And that tells us IMO that there are not enough players who like the game how it's meant to be atm. Because im pretty sure they didn't just leave for the bugs, but a lot of them left because of what the game is heading towards. The guys who only left for the bugs probally tried the game right after the first big update. I hope bulkhead get's the right information what everybody is basically looking for, because it's true the playercount is a big enemy of this game. Will the current 1000 still be here after 9 more months of development?
  15. sNrklhaai

    12 Noon Europe Server 12 players in total????