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  1. When is the next beta?

    Yea i know but its a private forum, wanted to share with everyone.
  2. When is the next beta?

    I'm not sure about you guys but why is noone saying we got a new beta upcoming weekend ^^ HYYPE HYPEEE A MSG to you alpha Backers: If you didn't receive anything check your spam folder. I noticed the e-mail when i was searching for something else..
  3. When is the next beta?

    Not so dark anymore..... thank you 'HYPE'
  4. Cod ww2 Beta

    Yea but Activision didn't state they are, or not doing this. So for now in my opinion everything is speculation. Things happend in the past are most likely to happen again but we can't be sure. Also this could still be added by a patch which they maybe did to late on BO3 then. Though there are also other pro teams that are getting their squads together like Millenium. Ahh ye doesn't matter either we'll c this Friday and it doesnt matter anyway because there is no batallion atm. Batallion1944 also the idea is nice but we don't know if it's gonna be rly good untill january. A lot of work to do still and we don't know what we rly get in the end. Since cod releases this Friday they are 1 step ahead.
  5. Cod ww2 Beta

    My guess would be there Will be no killstreaks when you play "competitive". But Ye Maybe there are Maybe not. So far everything is speculation. Ofcourse they have a streak of bad games But Maybe they Will do something different. I guess they also didnt plan to move back to ww2, without seeing the succes of other games
  6. Cod ww2 Beta

    Yea Well depends What dedicaded means they still have been confirmed http://steamcommunity.com/games/476600/announcements/detail/1461842131333048375 Nevertheless this is the first Cod Imo where the makers were like we Did iT wrong last years. So also Because bat1944 is dark, I Will Give em a chance this friday. They havent Given us much information these days so Its gonna be a Total miss or something rly cool. Though I think theres a lot we dont know yet. And my guess would be that they realize that this game needs a conpetitive scène. Also Some pro teams are. Getting their teams together so Maybe they got Some extra info already.
  7. Cod ww2 Beta

    yes. dedicaded servers confirmed gamebattles confirmed call of duty world league confirmed. So yes?
  8. When is the next beta?

    I think we should blame @Dark that the game creators have gone dark Since he became a friend of bulkhead we didn't get any info
  9. When is the next beta?

    Cannot agree more. I guess i'm not the only who isn't active on the forums anymore as I don't really care to follow it atm or anything else regarding the game. Í'm more like well c when the full game drops and if it will be better then the other ww2 games. I didn't check out the interviews, i thought when investing that we would be the first to hear news and being a part of development and maybe have a part in decisions. Atm it feels like we invested and the 'pro's' are allowed to test the game for free and we wait till january.. GREAT. let's hope cod ww2 is shit and doesnt introduce dedicaded servers otherwise there might be a problem here.
  10. Beta Release

    would be disapointing. As a humble backer i paid 65 euro's and it stated cleary in a later stage the game would be around 40 euro's. From that i thought investing 25 extra towards the game and being part of alpha, beta early acces was reasonable. Would be rly bad if people can buy in soon for 10 or 20 euro's. I wouldn't like this at all, as i expected more gametime. Not sure if they even stated it would be only weekends (nights), because of that and some problems i only played like 25 minutes so far.
  11. Competitive wars / Clanwar

  12. Alpha 0.1 Times

    I understand but i wonder, how will you know when most people are available? If you started for example the whole weekend u would see when most people are playing. I guess a lot of people have free time on Sunday for example. But ofcourse i understand the decision, i can't wait though. Will try to catch up this weekend, but think if it would be these times every week i won't be able to play much.
  13. Alpha 0.1 Times

    Really hope in the next weekends we are able to play longer. Only Friday and Saturday evenings is not a lot. As a lot of people have a social life (^^) aswell it would be nice to play middays and sundays.
  14. I thought i have read somewhere that we had to pm you when we didn't get a password ^^
  15. Claiming Alpha access via Paypal

    There are some people on the forums who might want a refund. Contact them and make a deal