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  1. Anyone have a Windows Server up running & able to join since the update. My server starts & is in server browser but unable to join it. Clicking it does nothing.
  2. COACH

    Server Browser Issue.

    Just took my server offline No point without browser access If this didn't require immediate measures to fix the Devs are on the wrong boat THERE update screwed it so should have been made a priority but obviously the care factor is 0 unless it is an eSport event
  3. Works good but as FeuerSturm said use your QueryPort Excellent work
  4. The difference is either inability to setup a server or overloading a server trying to make too much by server suppliers The same files are used so there is no difference. Can't qualify Linux builds but definitely for Windows builds
  5. Run it from home on a dedicated box Doesn't make a difference as same files are used
  6. I run a Windows server & have not had a crash for days. I found it was crashing on Bomb mode so simply removed it for now I run a random DOM, CTF & DM server on all maps except Aim
  7. COACH

    Server - Change player limit

    MaxPlayers=16 Or whatever number is wanted in the server start commandline