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  1. some ideas abouth Vfx, Gameplay, Weapons

    But with the recent events like partnership with Square Enix Collective they have some extra resoures and budget and time, since square enix is going to handle some logistics/publications etc they might add a singlepayer expansion if this game is a succes on steam and the way i see it i think its going to be. Have a nice day.
  2. some ideas abouth Vfx, Gameplay, Weapons

    Some more stuff; VFX: Smoke and fire particles from exploding stuff Smoke grenades Gameplay: Might even add guns that can overheat or even jam. When in Singlepayer if you are say in the gunner seat of a tank or any vehicle; be able to use a stationary turret/weapon or even fire a tank. be able to use a stationary turret/weapon, like the ones they use on sandbags or in bunkers, outposts trenches etc....
  3. some ideas abouth Vfx, Gameplay, Weapons

    Greetings From Belgium.
  4. VFX: I would like to see some scenes where there is volumetric fog, like crossing a river/creek. Add godrays/sunlight, so that it might blind you when you are in wrong place at the wrong time so you have to position yourself better to ambush etc... Different weather conditions, like heavy rain and snow, might even add foot steps in mud and snow, and when crossing a creek, whet footsteps that dissapear after a amount of time Add spotlights that you can also shoot down around some bases, bunkers etc.... Gameplay: Shoot down lights when its dark so you can sneak by and kill from behind, even add a captured mission where you lose all gear so that you need to sneak and get your gear back. Barrels and cars etc... that can explode and combust everything in its vicinity, even trees and gras would look like burned down etc.... Decent amount of interactions so it's wouldnt be a run and gun game but not as much like in a role playing game. like levers, climbing using a rope , Singleplayer only. Add some Cutscenes, tragic when friends die or making lots of noise when storming a outpost, bunker etc.... like in cod waw i believe Some levels where the gameplay isn't that linear but not open world. Dedicated Servers for clans, might even add bots in the mix. Decent amount of customization for multiplayer; how many kills before game is over, timelimit, head shot only mode, FOV etc.... This might not be a good idea but what the hell, vehicles that you can drive, tanks, cars, bikes etc.... Weapons, might even add a flamethrower in it on some areas in singlepayer, dosn't need to be in multiplayer. Rpg and might even add mines for tanks and personal mines, also for singelplayer only. Maybe some Shotguns ???? Add a suppressors ; don't need to be customised weapons, its still is a FPS. USA - silenced Welrod Mk2 pistol ; used by OSS; also used by the CIA after the war - silenced High Standard H-D pistols; some sources claim the High Standard to be the most used silenced weapon of the OSS; also used after the war (e.g. Garry Power had one as he was captured by the soviets) - Thompson M1 with silencer; - silenced M3 submachinegun; used by the OSS(?);versions with an US-produced silencer and with the silencer of the Sten Mk2(S) exist; the gun wasn´t a great success, because the US-produced suppressor wasn´t very effective - Winchester M74 with silencer; the rifles of the British homeguard are said to be issued to the OSS later in the war Germany - P-08 pistol with silencer;some pictures prove that it existed;unfortunately no more information - Walther PP with silencer (?) - Walther PPK with silencer (caliber 5.6mm);some pictures prove that it existed;unfortunately no more information - P-38:no silenced version existed in WW2; all silenced P-38 (P-1) were built after the war - Revolver 612(r) [Nagant 1885]: a silencer was developed by the "SS-Waffenakademie"; prototype only (?) - Steyr M12/M16 machine pistol with silencer (thx varjag); used by the Brandenburger - Mp 751(e) [Sten Mk2(s)] said to be the most used silenced weapon by the Germans; Otto Skorzeny was said to have a Mp 751(e) as his personal weapon; some sources claim the Mp751e) wasused during the operation "Greif" in 1944 - G43: all G43 from the mid-1944 to 1945 production were able to use a suppressor, but these silencers seem to be very rare - K98K: some K98K got a German rebuilt of the Soviet S-40 silencer; no other information - Kommando-Karabiner: special rifle with the silencer of the Mp 751(e); only four Karabiner were built - Stg-44: several of my sources claim that some silencers for the Stg-44 and its versions (Mp-42 etc.) existed and were used by the Brandenburger I do like the feel of the game, reminds me a lot of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault, One Of my Favorite fps games back in the good old days. These are just the things that popped in my head.