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  1. Fidelity

    The game's active community as a whole is pretty small right now
  2. Fidelity

    I don't have a problem with the skins. In fact it's great since it'll give them enough revenue to not divide the player base with paid DLC. I just don't want the skins to look retarded. They promised weapon scratchings and other things relating to the "war torn system" that will hopefully make it into the final game. Literally the entire reason I started this post was to just say "I support the skins, please don't take advantage and make them look like they were designed by 4th graders who don't care for historical accuracy." Tape and scratchings are exactly what we need. It will Heighten the immersion. If they add in crazy colorful of god forbid "animated" weapon skins there will be a massive problem. Once you switch them off, you won't be able to see the actual cool, good looking, accurate weapon skins. Anyway, I think that people on this forum think that when I started this, I didn't want skins at all. I really want them since they won't divide the player base, but honestly if they look idiotic I'm passing on this game. I'm not paying $40-$50 on a game to see a pink nazi with an eSports team themed MP44 Play nice u 2 Actually there was recently a poll on the Batallion 1944 fan Twitter and over 60% said they didn't want the crazy skins while the rest either did or didn't care at all
  3. Fidelity

    Do you think that the thousands of backers who backed this game backed it so they could run around with neon green Garands? Or do you think they backed it because they wanted an immersive experience. The skins can still be realistic and look good. Weapon scratches, wood types, metal types, and a bunch of other stuff is what most people initially thought of when they backed this game. When the word competitive comes to mind, people don't immediately assume rainbow FaZe skins or other ridiculous stuff, they just think of a game that is hard to master. If they said On their kickstarter that the game would have bunny hops and pink camos they wouldn't have anywhere near as much support as they got a TRUE WW2 experience You realize a game can retain competitive aspects and at the same time be based around WW2 right? Look at Day of Infamy, Insurgency's expansion. That game is extremely intense and tactical, requiring team play to win. However it still utilizes a WW2 setting and technology. It also bases itself around actual battles
  4. Seasonal Events

    I've heard that Batallion will have seasonal events. This is great news, seeing how this will keep the game's life cycle going throughout the year (hats off to whoever's idea that was ?) I just have one question. What kind of content will drop during these seasonal events aside from general patches?
  5. Fidelity

    Ok. That doesn't mean the skins have to be stupid looking. They can look appropriate to the time period and still sell. If I see one, and I mean just one colorful looking MP40 I'm throwing my controller through a wall. It's not over gameplay. It's just over immersion. Even though it's not supposed to be a world war 2 game, it can at least try to replicate the era by not going too over the top. The skins can be appropriate to the time and still work with the game
  6. Flamethrower

    Well at least you guys gave the idea a spin
  7. Flamethrower

    Seems competitive to me ^^^^
  8. Flamethrower

    I like how nobody is on topic anymore lmao
  9. Flamethrower

    Why would you get killed through a building? Do you really think the devs would be incompetent enough to let a glitch like that through? Also the animations would be fine, flame throwers don't have too much recoil, it's all about just getting the textures right on the pack and hose.
  10. Flamethrower

    I just find it a fun weapon to use. It's a game after all; it's supposed to put fun above everything. It's good to have weapon variety, and I know the devs at Bulkhead could balance it. These guys can do anything.
  11. Fidelity

    What this will do is it will make it so anybody who has the option off can't see other people's skins. I know this is what they mean by this because CoD 4 Remastered (yuk) does something similar with emblems on guns. If you turn the option off, there is no emblem on your gun or someone else's
  12. Flamethrower

    Will there be any type of flamethrower in Batallion 1944?
  13. Fidelity

    Hello Batallion Devs, If you guys are reading this, do not soil the immersion and fidelity of Batallion by throwing in unrealistic customization into the game. People do not want to see pink Nazis and Neon Green Marines running around with rainbow SMGs. The game looks amazing graphically, but if you do not stick to keeping cosmetics realistic, none of that will matter. I understand you are merely considering this, but it is a bad road for the game. Just listing my concerns