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  1. Ok. That doesn't mean the skins have to be stupid looking. They can look appropriate to the time period and still sell.
  2. Well at least you guys gave the idea a spin
  3. Seems competitive to me ^^^^
  4. I like how nobody is on topic anymore lmao
  5. Why would you get killed through a building? Do you really think the devs would be incompetent enough to let a glitch like that through? Also the animations would be fine, flame throwers don't have too much recoil, it's all about just getting the textures right on the pack and hose.
  6. I just find it a fun weapon to use. It's a game after all; it's supposed to put fun above everything. It's good to have weapon variety, and I know the devs at Bulkhead could balance it. These guys can do anything.
  7. What this will do is it will make it so anybody who has the option off can't see other people's skins. I know this is what they mean by this because CoD 4 Remastered (yuk) does something similar with emblems on guns. If you turn the option off, there is no emblem on your gun or someone else's
  8. Will there be any type of flamethrower in Batallion 1944?
  9. Both sides experimented with different camo patterns and color shades during the war, so these would be very interesting to see instead of the run of the mill Flash colorful weapon skin
  10. Exactly
  11. Would the different variations of the weapons have different iron sights? (Example: the Thompson M1A1 vs the Thompson M1927)
  12. If everyone got to switch it off it would be perfect. It would be just like CoD 2, where all the weapons have that nice standard issue feel to them
  13. What makes it different is that they are appealing to different people. Batallion is trying to appeal to people who grew playing games like CoD 2. People in that audience are grown and probably wouldn't like to see some guy with a pink FaZe MG42, as opposed to a kid that plays CSGO who loses his mind over a colorful looking AK47
  14. Hello Batallion Devs, If you guys are reading this, do not soil the immersion and fidelity of Batallion by throwing in unrealistic customization into the game. People do not want to see pink Nazis and Neon Green Marines running around with rainbow SMGs. The game looks amazing graphically, but if you do not stick to keeping cosmetics realistic, none of that will matter. I understand you are merely considering this, but it is a bad road for the game. Just listing my concerns
  15. Please no. I don't want to see the Wehrmacht running around with Pink rainbow MP40s and the Marines running around with FaZe themed Thompsons. Let them carve their emblems into the wood. This is a WW2 game, not candy land