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  1. Re-make Carentan

    We will have map tools so don't worry - if something goes wrong we will create everything what we want to.
  2. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    I really love the idea behind the modding community etc. but seeing that people are waiting for this game just because of modding tools is crazy. People didn't even play the close alpha version and some want already mod the game for more realistic feeling.
  3. New Idea - Weapon Crates

  4. Realism

    What makes your opinion more relevant than the others ?
  5. Realism

  6. Sniper Scope in B:44

    Yes, its just simple solution and i think that the most of us would be satisfied with that kind of scope.
  7. Sniper Scope in B:44

    COD4 Promod scope would be perfect, static and clear visibility is what we need.
  8. Let's talk about health regen

    Health regeneration from cod4 promod would be perfect, but we have to try it out in alpha stage.
  9. Fear is knocking to the door

    I'm glad to hear that
  10. Fear is knocking to the door

    Yeah, lets make game for only for casual market, because pro players could cheat playing online.
  11. Fear is knocking to the door

    You know that the best input and feedback you can get is from competitive players ? If you want to recreate "Old-School" FPS you have to listen to people who had more experience with that type of game , understand the mechanics and simply know what made old shooters so unique.
  12. Smoke / Flash grenades?

    I know that you don't want to make 1:1 copy of CS:GO or COD but did you consider about implementing the Molotov coctails ? They have been used @ WWII and it would make great tactical impact in 5v5 gameplay. Especially when the game is about fast movmenet and effective pushes - it could stop rush or prevent someone from planting the bomb.
  13. Recoil

    If the devs want to make Battalion like "old-school" FPS and competitive FPS it to contain as little as possible randomness at all. If the calculator is nice feature and it has been proven to work good, why we don't want to have it on the both sides ?
  14. Recoil

    If you want to have competitive scene in this game, you have to look forward to make this game a little bit challenging. Random recoil is just terrible and not fun to play at all (COD4 had random recoil but it was small anyway). Spray patterns would make this game little bit harder to play but it would reward you in the future if you would spend time for mastering the recoil. This argument is wrong. It's like " I dont need a calculator on my smartphone because i have my PC for this".