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  1. Playing on 60hz doesn't help either, but your PC isn't THAT high-end. It's good, but not ''the best''. It's kinda similar to my PC (i7-2600k and GTX 970) and I sure as hell can't run BF1 on Ultra High and still get 120+ FPS. Perhaps a new monitor would help anyway, 60hz is truly awful to play FPS on. 120, 144 or 240hz would be much better and smoother. Also make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card etc. Can't hurt!
  2. Who ever told you the skins would be this bright and colorful anyway?
  3. Please post your PC specs (Graphics card, processor etc etc)
  4. I feel sorry for the devs who are trying to be open and transparant and certain members of the community lash out at them at every single thing that changes. People have been crying for developers to be transparant for years, now they are and yet these people still complain. Things change all the time (and rightfully so), sometimes things don't work as expected so they have to be changed. Show some respect instead of freaking out at everything the devs change.
  5. You won't have a knife and 2 guns and a pistol. The knife will most likely be like COD2's bash and COD4's knife. Just a button, not equippable. You will spawn with one main weapon (let's say KAR98) and a pistol. When you pick up another weapon you will have to replace either the KAR or the pistol. You can't carry 3 weapons around. In this case it doesn't matter what bind you use. There are only 2 inventory items (gun 1 and gun 2), so whatever button you press is simply to switch from one gun to another. Whether you use scroll, 1, 2 or any other button doesn't matter then because there are no other guns/nades/items to cycle through except the two guns you are carrying.
  6. Dude... LOL. A few people played it at a COD2 LAN for like 10 minutes each, same at rezzed and phantasy played it a few times at their studio. Not like 30mins of playtime is going to give anyone a big headstart. Years of FPS experience on a competitive level will Also to answer your other question, they clearly said they will patch mid-week and resume play during weekends. They aren't a studio of 500 developers who can both keep the servers up and running during the week AND work on patching it etc.
  7. The last time I played an FPS on console was Socom 2 on PS2 online. Aim assist didn't exist back then and nobody really needed it. I don't see why it would be needed nowadays because I think the 12 year olds playing FPS on console nowadays are way better at it than 12 year old me playing console back then. For the people saying ''Don't put aim assist on PC'': It will obviously never be added to a PC version, that shouldn't even be a concern to anyone haha.
  8. Has been mentioned many times, the devs know, trust them to do the job now
  9. I purely play competitively and I am fine with skins. It keeps the game going in terms of development, income for the developers etc. If you don't like skins, just don't use them? Not that hard lol. Possibly the devs could add a command like /r_detail 0 in COD4 which turns off camo on your POV only.
  10. Nothing like taking away half your visibility for no reason whatsoever.. I'll just use my default aspect ratio, thanks.
  11. Yes you are clearly very good in discussions and open to other peoples opinions, as demonstrated by the screenshot attached to this post
  12. Sounds like someone is jealous that I got paid to play games and won some money. Meanwhile you are stuck at Legendary Eagle Master in CS:GO matchmaking and crying on forums... hmmm Also I'm pretty sure you get downvoted because all you post is either immature stuff or suggesting the devs to create a WW2 mod for CS:GO. Because if it isn't in CS:GO it must be shit.
  13. I can see why your ''forum reputation'' is currently at -116 LOL. In a fast-paced game like COD, like Battalion, having inventory nades slows things down and makes things clunky. In these games I want to be able to throw my grenade as fast as possible, 1 click of a button. I don't want to pull out my nade, wait for the animation to finish and THEN throw it. It slows me down, which is not what I want in fast-paced games. CS:GO is a much much slower game for example and it still feels clunky to me there. Also, please stop acting like a 12 year old every time someone disagrees with you, grow up man. (Unless you are actually 12 or have some sort of disorder, then I apologize, friend).
  14. I think it's fine. Maybe you should think twice before pulling out a grenade lol.
  15. Normally you will only have 2 weapons anyway, so ''last weapon used'' would be the exact same bind as ''next weapon'' or ''previous weapon''. I guess the grenades/smokes are gonna be like COD4, where they are not an inventory item, but something you pull out and then have to use, you cant pull it out and then go back. You pull them out with a dedicated button (mouse sidebuttons for me personally)
  16. I've posted this before but yes, I fully agree
  17. I'd say use Discord
  18. Could be hard to balance but could be a cool idea as well. In COD4 the scope would often go shotgun or AK and rush with the team (Crash Attack, Backlot Attack). Why not give him an SMG?
  19. I once told the story to my old teammate Germaine and his description is pretty much spot on: Erik was a young and naive young boy, just starting out in his gaming career. He saw people were using odd names such as Clogs, Cpt.Mike and K!LLER_B33 within online games. He thought he'd join the crowd, and thought "hmm..I want to be like some sort of ice man, and freeze things :)". Erik went on to choose "Froster". After receiving a reasonable education from the Netherlands he came to realise he should have named himself Freezer, being someone who freezes things. He's now stuck with his grammatically pathetic in-game name, FrosteR.
  20. Obviously on PC, this shouldn't even be a question tbh
  21. It is actually smaller than MX518/G400s etc, I use a claw grip too and it works perfectly fine for it. If anything it is too small, not too high, and I have very small hands.
  22. Logitech G403, love it. Great sensor and very similar shape to my old MX518 and G400s
  23. Joe said on page 1 lean will be similar to COD4. So I'm not sure why people are even discussing it anymore or linking MOH:AA videos which has a vastly different leaning system lol
  24. Activision has shown that they don't give a damn about competitive players on PC since COD4, so I won't even bother with any new COD game. The remaster was shockingly bad.
  25. Yes sir! I am FrosteR and I played for the European teams: Power Gaming, TCM-Gaming and eSuba, among others!