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  1. 250 fps & 240 hz

    I'd love to get at least 240fps to properly utilise my 240hz monitor. Tough luck if it's not possible and screws with the engine.
  2. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    They'd obviously double check. People also heavily underestimate the cost of a professional translation. It's ridiculously expensive.
  3. Hello los peoples of earth

    Good to see some Rainbow Six players finding their way to Battalion too!
  4. Hello they call me Pansy

    :DDDDD Would get grouped again, just for you!
  5. hi my name is machine

    10/10 nipples, would do
  6. Hello, i am miRACLE

    Lol miracle nice nade catch in AEF final gg wp cu @ battalion LAN
  7. Day of the Alpha

    Just gotta wait a bit. Hi btw Didn't know you were gonna play Battalion, mister Rainbow Six
  8. Hi, I am FrosteR

    Hello! I am Erik, also known by my in-game name which is FrosteR! I played competitive COD4 from 2007-2012 in teams such as eSuba, Power Gaming and TCM-Gaming. Attended many LANs and won quite a few, including the Antwerp eSports Festival 2010, which was the biggest COD4 LAN ever hosted in Europe! I played together with Paradox, Luboshmir, Toxjee and King for a number of years. I guess those names should ring a bell to any COD4 fan! Looking forward to play this game and me and toxjee will definitely be playing it. The others might as well!
  9. Hi, I am FrosteR

    God damnit shulepov lol sorry never saw this comment! COD:UO Rifles was awesome
  10. Filmtweaks?

    Sounds great Joe
  11. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Yeah hate the cars on catwalk
  12. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    City has a B site? Power Gaming 2k10 tactics, 12 rounds slow A.
  13. What antivirus

    I was talking about your Kaspersky + Windows Defender combination. Seems to me it just hogs up CPU usage for no reason. Either one alone should be fine.
  14. What antivirus

    Why use 2 real-time antivirus?
  15. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    You were talking about rushes, not late game. Exploding cars would really not affect any rush on citystreets. Sure, late game it makes a difference, but rushes? Absolutely not.
  16. What antivirus

    Avast has always worked fine for me and never annoyed me with ads like Avira does.
  17. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Car park -> just nade the gate or near windows, easily timed for first rusher. Or let scope rush flowers or peek from A house door, they can't smoke that quickly. Scope -> has a tiny bit more freedom, but useless anyway if you just throw the standard smokes as attack SMG on B -> You won't get naded on cars if your anti-rush nades on left alley and right alley on catwalk are good, cus the car nade only works if you rush straight in. I almost never get naded there even as an AK rushing B link lol
  18. Forum Reputation System

    Please elaborate and stop vagueposting adding nothing to the discussion. Nobody has a clue what you are talking about.
  19. Forum Reputation System

    There is a reason the devs are working closely together with many former and current pros. This game is aiming to become a competitive game, not a casual shitfest like COD is nowadays. It might just be that those players know a little bit more about how a game works in terms of competitiveness. You are starting to sound a lot like a jealous ToonBE now with your use of "". Sounds like you are jealous of what some people achieved in your own hobby. No idea why but that is quite sad. As Joe tweeted the other day, we are all on the same team, casual and competitive players, so how about we stop chatting shit and instead talk about ideas to improve the game so we can all have an enjoyable game?
  20. Forum Reputation System

    Not sure why people care so much about some up or downvotes on a forum anyway. Just wait for the goddamn game to release and kick some ass.
  21. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Not really. Let's look at at the possible attack rushes: SMG to car park -> is an idiot if he runs by the cars, you go to carpark, into the arches, then into A. Cars don't affect him unless it's a late nade SMG to market stairs -> no cars anywhere near his rush route SMG to small alley to catwalk -> once again, no cars anywhere near. For defence: SMG rushing car park -> only a barrel in A arch, no cars SMG rushing B -> run left side, cars near bomb won't affect you, or run through fences SMG rushing market, either side -> no cars anywhere near mid So yeah, it would make literally zero difference if cars exploded or not, with the only exception of a late nade on car park (which usually doesnt even blow up both cars). Maybe the AK on B would have a few more spots behind the cars but you can just smoke him off and plant.
  22. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Citystreets layout doesn't need changing. The problem for the attacking team was the nuclear nades in COD4, the design is actually great. People who complain they get stuck as attack just don't know how to control market.