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  1. Scope Sway NEEDED!!!!

    Hell no, sway is awful. Just learn how to smoke a snipers peeks and stop peeking him just like that. Bait out a shot and then peek while he reloads. Snipers are fine in competitive atm.
  2. 240hz works fine on 200fps, I am using it as well. Sure I'd have preferred getting 240fps, but it's not that big of a deal anyway. It's impossible with the UE4 engine.
  3. Demos for EA?

    He doesn't mean a ''theater mode''.
  4. Timer sound

    I did feel this was very helpful in COD4, but perhaps make it optional?
  5. Esport bomb timer

    There is a bar on the top of the screen though (for viewers). From a player perspective I'd hate seeing the timer removed.
  6. Demos for EA?

    It's not the same thing at all. Demos are needed in case of cheating or other disputes in leagues etc. Recording a demo doesn't affect your FPS at all and they are incredibly small. A COD4 demo would be 5mb for a match or so. Plus you can't edit them. You can edit video files and remove the parts where you turned an aimbot, wallhack etc.
  7. Demos for EA?

    Doesn't Unreal Engine have a recording function built-in? I thought I had read that somewhere.
  8. A thing that made me wondering

    I think he means the awful ''weapnext;wait 2;weapnext'' bind which caused massive controversy and was one of the worst things in COD4. It basically meant you could shoot much faster after sprinting (immediately) and was used as an illegal macro bind by half the community, even though everyone pretended they didn't use it. For the love of god do not add this to the game, I can't take another 10 years of macro-abusing kids
  9. Demos for EA?

    It's an absolute must to have this available as soon as possible. Especially if you're going to run online cups with prizes.
  10. Good luck! Good organisation to play for, I can speak from experience! They supported us for a while in COD4 in 2017. They were very professional and gave us everything they had promised.
  11. 250 fps & 240 hz

    I'd love to get at least 240fps to properly utilise my 240hz monitor. Tough luck if it's not possible and screws with the engine.
  12. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    They'd obviously double check. People also heavily underestimate the cost of a professional translation. It's ridiculously expensive.