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  1. Seems way too overcomplicated. Simplicity is key in my opinion. A regen system works well in COD and other fast-paced games. I think the COD system should be used, pretty much.
  2. I don't think you have to worry about Battalion. It will be a game for both casual as well as competitive players. Calm down
  3. Well that is kind of what you said lol
  4. I also think they have no place in publics either. COD4 Promod publics are how it should be. Not Stock COD4. In my opinion.
  5. 27, starting to feel old hahaha
  6. MR10 seems a bit short, MR15 seems a bit long since there is no buy system like in CS:GO where you have lots of ''throw-away'' rounds where you eco. MR12 seems to be a solid idea. Depends on how fast the game is anyway. CS:GO stays interesting for MR15 because of the buy system, COD4 and COD2 get boring after a while because every round is ''the same'', so I'd say MR12 should be good
  7. Customization is fine for public servers, it gives everyone what they want. For competitive play there has to be 1 clear ruleset which will be used in all competitive matches.
  8. Speaking of which, where can I find this group? Would love to get involved some more
  9. Happy to see some gameplay looks great
  10. Yeah the COD4 one (which can be disabled if you prefer that) just follows the nade, as soon as it explodes, it puts you back where you threw it from so you can adjust if needed
  11. COD4 has /noclip which means you can just fly through the map and through buildings etc. It also has an option that when you throw your nade, your camera automatically follows the nade to see the trajectory.
  12. Hey man! I guess any COD after COD4 just never took off. COD4 was too big at that point and Activision clearly only cared about the casual players, not the competitive PC scene.
  13. Sensitivity is really important to have as a customizable option. (Both Hipfire and ADS). Look at all players, casual and pro. Everyone has a different preference. For example, f0rest in CS:GO plays on a very high sens whereas NiKo plays very low. Or in COD4, Phantasy needs about 2cm to do a 360 and I need 75. It would be awesome if we could customize both the sensitivity (which they've confirmed we obviously can) and the ADS sens!
  14. Oh man I loved Socom 2. Crossroads is probably one of the best maps ever created for the Socom games!
  15. @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON What do you think about my suggestion of having a customizable sensitivity and a customizable zoom/ADS sensitivity I for one prefer a very slow sens when ADS and a faster one when zoomed out, but I'd like to be able to set it exactly as I want. Rainbow Six: Siege has this, for example. CS:GO also has it but only for AWP (/zoom_sensitivity_ratio)