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  1. How would you react?

    Why not?
  2. {><}Tartan Army Recruitment

    Holy shit you guys still exist? I remember playing COD:UO Rifle Only against you in like 2006 haha
  3. Hello los peoples of earth

    Good to see some Rainbow Six players finding their way to Battalion too!
  4. Hello they call me Pansy

    :DDDDD Would get grouped again, just for you!
  5. hi my name is machine

    10/10 nipples, would do
  6. Hello, i am miRACLE

    Lol miracle nice nade catch in AEF final gg wp cu @ battalion LAN
  7. Day of the Alpha

    Just gotta wait a bit. Hi btw Didn't know you were gonna play Battalion, mister Rainbow Six
  8. Hi, I am FrosteR

    God damnit shulepov lol sorry never saw this comment! COD:UO Rifles was awesome
  9. Filmtweaks?

    Sounds great Joe
  10. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Yeah hate the cars on catwalk
  11. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    City has a B site? Power Gaming 2k10 tactics, 12 rounds slow A.
  12. What antivirus

    I was talking about your Kaspersky + Windows Defender combination. Seems to me it just hogs up CPU usage for no reason. Either one alone should be fine.
  13. What antivirus

    Why use 2 real-time antivirus?
  14. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    You were talking about rushes, not late game. Exploding cars would really not affect any rush on citystreets. Sure, late game it makes a difference, but rushes? Absolutely not.