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  1. Intuitive Gaming says hi!

    Cya on the Battlefield...
  2. Battlion 1944 Clan List

    =R9= Community Clan/Competitive Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/R9Brotherhood FaceBook: =R9= Gaming
  3. =R9=

    Agreed brother....
  4. A big hello from the -|DeD|- Clan

    Welcome!!! We look forward seeing you and your clan on the battlefield!!! Hell
  5. =R9=

    Since we are talking about the old days, here is a video that a fellow clan member made years ago...
  6. COD2 Tactical Community Calling

    Welcome, a fellow old guy here as well...
  7. =R9=

    Greetings - KiN, Actually, those individuals are brothers of current or former players, we are mainly a bunch of older guys.. The majority of our clan is U.S. based, we do have a couple of members that reside in Europe and Canada (I'm on the East Coast of the U.S.).. =R9= is composed of approx 4 gaming clans, [RAT] formerly 69th MP Company, (WP) Wolvesden, =U9= Union of the Nine, and MtO Montana Outlaws. We are what remains from those four great gaming clans (maybe you have heard of one of them since you played as long we have).. Years ago we competed on TWL and CAL League (ahhh those were the days), now we just get together and shoot it up.. I'm sure if Battalion 1944 is as good as i think it will be, it will revive the gaming of yesterday (larger maps, tactics, less run and gun, dedicated servers, map development)... I'm hoping the developers of this game are listening!!!! Anyway, =R9= would love to play in some scrimmages with your clan (or any clan).. Lets plan for it after the games release. We look forward seeing you on the battlefield... Hell * Our MtO Brothers still have a COD2 server, let us know if your guys ever decide to jump on...
  8. =R9=

    =R9= is a mature PC Gaming clan that’s been around for almost twenty years. We have members from their late twenties to their early sixties and have played all the various COD games from CODUO, COD2, COD4, COD:WAW. If you are interested in joining an older gaming clan, go ahead and post on this thread. We look forward to playing with everyone in the future. For us it’s not just about the game, it’s about the brotherhood.. Cya on the battlefield.... =R9= HellRazor