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  1. E3 Battalion

    yea and some people complain about the game wont be competitiv because this or that is over powered... i mean, you will always play both sides in a match right?
  2. lol, i wasnt the one, whining about the rifle being op with the one shot but ok kiddo, i dont care what you say or what your concerns are. i quoted everything and didnt flamed at all. but im done here, have fun
  3. E3 Battalion

    yea nice find! a new map (maybe a bigger one) would be really awesome, but it still looks like the old one
  4. wow dude you are the ultimate troll you never played the game and judge about it, like you coded it. people who actually played the game, already answered your questions and you keep whining and talk about stuff that make no sense at all. for someone who acts like "you dont give a shit about it", you get really upset i wonder why the Dev team didnt ask you for their permission why dont you just relax and wait till the game comes available to you?
  5. E3 Battalion

    i hope it stays the way it is, i loved the kar98 scope from cod2
  6. VOIP Implementation

    but, if there is some competetive playstyle like cs go matchmaking, i would recommend some standart voip. you still have the option to mute others its working really good in overwatch for example
  7. Hey All, Alvin here from NZ

    welcome man
  8. they mentioned its due to the E3 and they dont have time to prepare it before mid July. and they want quality updates over quantity
  9. Hello

    Willkommen Bruder
  10. sorry for my dumb question but, is there any announcement for the next alpha weekend?
  11. Hello, I'm SNX

    hey SNX welcome
  12. Not having acces to the alpha section on the forum

    i did it days ago but no response
  13. Didnt received survey/discord invite

    wow dude, did you even read the email or searched this forum? everything you ask is already answered.. at the end of the email: Note: If you didn’t provide a forum username with your survey, or you didn’t respond to the Kickstarter survey before 23rd May 2017, or you pre-ordered via Humble Bundle, you will not currently be able to see and/or contribute to these forums. Please inbox [CM] Big Tuna via the forums if this has affected you and you would like to access the Alpha forum. and the download of the game will start tomorrow
  14. SFTO eSports recruiting

    i would love to play battalion competetive, i also played cod2/4 in esl/cb but i didnt put so much effort into it as my friend did, who joined team germany i added you on steam