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  1. Jhnwyn

    Key binds not working for space bar

    yea i also rebind spacebar to jump you have to do it manually in the config
  2. Jhnwyn

    When is the next beta?

    yea means "before"
  3. im killing some free time with overwatch
  4. Jhnwyn

    CoD2 Fragmovies

    BLACKLISTED starring paTriCk - Cod2
  5. Jhnwyn

    My not so brief FPS history

    Welcome bro! i also played countless hours of sof2 beta and 1.3 gold awesome game back in the days
  6. Jhnwyn

    Gamescom 2017

    no worries dude, 5vs5 s&d will be the core of the game
  7. Jhnwyn

    Gamescom 2017

    on a german website they said battalion will be sold for 11 dollar each ? is that true? they had an interview with brammertron they will also have some sort of loot boxes to buy, same style like overwatch but 11 dollar would be really really cheap http://www.gamestar.de/artikel/battalion-1944-waffen-als-ressourcen-entwickler-sprechen-ueber-zentralen-spielmodus-verkaufs-preis,3318806.html
  8. Jhnwyn

    Hello would love to stream this game.

    Hey and welcome at the moment, the game is at closed alpha and no one is allowed to stream or upload any content. i think when the game hits beta stage, you are able to buy the game and stream it (but im not sure yet)