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  1. sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    on the part of making strafing harder to do, i would like this. BUT, with also more distance on strafes
  2. Which maps do you want?

  3. i want to send this clip in: https://clips.twitch.tv/SlipperyEntertainingHorseBleedPurple he was deliberately harassing all of my teammates, namely trainwreck and also the enemy team his name was bjorn, my steam id is: STEAM_1:1:15522230 if an admin can check my match history.
  4. if this is the case then it was a map issue and not a movement issue
  5. Demos for EA?

    brammer has said a few times that it'll come out in due time, i'd imagine something like a demo system would take awhile to integrate, demo viewers are always so glitchy, i guess besides cod4/2 for some reason
  6. few issues that make the games feel clunky.

    "cod4 clone" good movement isn't cloning cod4, its taking what was one of the best parts of cod4 into another game, this is like saying clean mouse movement shouldn't be a main priority while making battalion because call of dutys engine had great mouse movement
  7. few issues that make the games feel clunky.

    really good video comparison, i agree 100%. i think over time it will get smoother
  8. slow down strafe speed? its hardly accelerated. if you want promod movement the strafing needs to be the same. i agree on everything else that you said besides making strafes slower
  9. Overall movement

    Completely agree, the only thing i'm really fussed about is the movement, I'm not trying to be greedy but i just thought that it would be so close to cod2/cod4. if they ever decided to ditch sprinting i would be ok with it, as long as the strafing is like cod2/cod4. Phantasy has stated that one of the reasons why theres so much height on the strafe right now is because there isn't that much mantling, in cod4 you could mantle so many things and in battalion that's not a thing (at least not yet)
  10. I will say that this is one of the best fps games that I've played in years, but I thought that it would be a little less clunky. The strafing seems to be all height without that much distance, I think that it could use a boost. As well as that just the movement of walking around is a little bit clunky. I know in time that these issues will be fixed but i can't be the only one thinking this right? thanks for reading
  11. Jumping ruins gameplay and feel.

    there needs to be more distance in the strafe
  12. sensitivity calculator?

    wondering if anybody has a calculator for idtech3>UE4 is same aim different game the only option?
  13. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    whats up dawg
  14. some codjumper type maps, i wanna be able to have a new game to strafe in and master the movement