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  1. exactly, i guess we'll find out if the movement has been drastically improved in the june update.. i dont see how using a script is "plagiarism" and if so, if its a 1:1 ratio thats REALLY close to how quake feels, then why wouldn't you buy rights off the owner to use it.. its like bulkhead just realise that little kids for some reason dislike movement, even though i thought it was one of the coolest things i've ever seen when i was younger
  2. fixed by putting steamcmd in C: drive
  3. I'm getting an error saying the following IPC client is in my process, could/should be using an in-process piepe. IPC server is in my process - could/should be using an in process pipe
  4. grizzly


    "decent players like the style of the game" more like the players that have gotten used to shit like csgo, overwatch, PUBG,r6 or any game that isn't movement focused anymore, that is catered to more of a casual linear gameplay instead of older games like Wolfenstein ET, cod2/4, quake etc. these are the players that never even understood game mechanics anyway or if they did, had never cared that much about them either way.
  5. yeah.. lets hope the devs take the right actions and improve the movement
  6. isn't even much like cod4 to be honest, but i would agree that it's more like cod4 than cod2. still nothing on the level as either of them yet
  7. teams competing, hopefully complete movement that's amazing to use, some community made maps in the rotation for comp and smooth animations battalion seriously still has so much potential, if you can't see that then i don't know what to say.. all i have to say is this game still has the potential to be huge
  8. it can't be impossible, these sound like excuses to be honest. it should be the standard of what their aim is, if anything cod4's from 2007, make it better than cod4. also there's already people that have ported idtech3 movement into ue4, obviously i haven't tested this so i'm not sure how good it is.
  9. i agree that the animations need to be improved but its more than just animations, overall the way air acceleration works and whatnot needs to be completely reworked. if reflex arena has amazing movement and that was built from scratch then bulkhead can manage to do it (obviously not as fast as reflex, but the same style as cod2/4)
  10. grizzly

    Strafe jump poll

    excel, lets hope they improve movement my g.. promod and cod2 are still much better versions of what battalion is meant to be. although its still early access so that's a positive They started out saying they wanted to do a cod2 remake, then they wanted cod4 movement and do we really have either of those yet? I get the fact that the team wants battalion to be its own thing, but be its own thing with good movement. its not an excuse when people say "cod this, cod that" it's based off cod for god's sake of course people are gonna compare the two, and they should because battalion is supposed to take inspiration from both games I want battalion to be a fucking masterpiece because it has SO much potential to be huge as an esport, it makes me so sad seeing the movement in this state. if any devs need help with testing movement PLEASE message me, I have mastered bhopping in css and have cod4 movement nailed down. I would love to help free of charge and for the pure passion of wanting this game to succeed the worst thing that could happen is they buff the strafing by 5% and leave it as is. its so much more than just a distance issue. the whole movement system needs a rehaul, the air control, air acceleration, friction, ground acceleration, mantling objects/walls/boxes etc needs to be focused in on and given the respect it deserves.
  11. grizzly

    Should I cap FPS with stable 150 or stable200?

    yeah, i can't get 200fps stable and when i dropped it down to 150 it felt so much better
  12. @johnoboro the movement is fine, but fine isn't good. the best example of another game that destroyed amazing movement was csgo, 1.6 and source are so much more individually skill based, it's more linear and boring for a spectator, but for the player you have so much more control, no dumb mechanics like full sprinting with a pistol and landing headshots, on 1.6 and source you side strafe and get rewarded (back when pistol rounds were 100% skill based). in csgo it's almost like a 50/50 chance that the sidestrafe wont even do anything, and don't get me started about the bhopping.. hidden path entertainment killed movement in the newer source engine also i'm on 1280x1024, the difference feels so noticeable but at the same time i wish i could just use 1920 while having smooth movement when you play on the allied side of derailed and do perfect strafes as an smg , all to just be naded on your feet. it feels so limiting
  13. I do see the potential in battalion as a competitive game and really want to see it succeed as each update rolls out. But right now, this movement doesn't feel rewarding in the slightest. Even cod2 has more fluid and beautiful movement compared to battalion. Call me an asshole but i just expected so much more, even from the beta weekend i watched phantasy playing battalion i was just like.. that's really the movement? surely they'll update it. Then i watched a dustmouret interview with brammertron, clarifying goals for battalion, how everything works and just getting the battalion message out there. He went on to say that the team thinks that movement is in a pretty good state right now. And that statement i can't disagree with enough, I have had enough of these games that have completely scrapped movement and made it cater to casual players so that everybody is on 1 level just like what csgo did It upsets me that the movement as a whole feels so lackluster, don't get me wrong i appreciate the spots you can jump up on and the clipping on every map is very well done. just like cod1/2/4. But please bulkhead, look into movement because it's not in a good state right now. I truly hope that brammer only said that to get more people to test out battalion... I truly believe one of the BIGGEST reasons why classic fps succeeded e.g (1.6,quake,doom,cod1/2/4,painkiller, Wolfenstein ET,daikatana) was because the movement was pure, it was simple but at the same time took many hours to master and FELT rewarding (key word there, FELT. MOVEMENT HAS A FEELING!!!). Please, for the PC community refine the movement, don't cater to the masses because they don't understand, do what's right.