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  1. Ah yes Ron, i remember him aswell. I came after that period i think. I joined when Issey basically made a whole new team. With me, uzzer, euan etc. We played a lot on public aswell. Shame xfire is down, had some ss ^^
  2. maSs, who are you? Issey, Uzzer or Euan? Shame Issey went MIA at some point we had a good lineup.
  3. Played for Highjinx in Cod4, BRBR in cod2/5 (CTF) as well as morefrag (S&D cod2). Played a bit for Phantasmogoria on MW2
  4. Reload Kar98K Jumpshot (CoD2)

    Wait whut? Real Solz? Alles goed lol?