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  1. Ehh you console guys ruined enough stuff for us pc gamers already. Just stand in line thanks :).
  2. Did you guys play MW2 on the CB ladders? I used to play for Phantasmogoria (you might know the Cod4 team), although that was near the end of things. We did manage to get rank 1 on all the ladders though XD.
  3. Tbh i share the same opinion as you but i can see people wanting this in the game. But maybe it can be modded into the game, i know there were some cod2 servers who had those type of things, but it was a mod. So people can use it, but just not standard.
  4. Should also look at the public side of thing Erik ;). They can be kept outside of competitive, but i think a lot of people enjoy those things in random pubs. On the flash side of things, Cod WaW had flares, which caused the screen to get very bright in some places where the flare was thrown and it disabled some noise. It wasnt really used very much in competitive though.
  5. Hope my laptop can run it
  6. It was oke, but other guns were just better to use. It was not anything close to the Cod2 250FPS Garand style. But that was also because WaW didnt want to run on 250 at the time :p.
  7. As a CTF player im highly interested in this. Cus in Cod2/5 CTF one of the "skills" was to sorta spawntrap the other team. You knew where they would spawn if you would take the flag via route X or route B. And if your players moved to far in the direction you would f up the spawntrap giving you less time to score several flags. It was a really nice and thin line to balance your game around. I also send you a PM about this, but that was prior to me seeing this topic.
  8. Guess you didnt play WaW :D? Althought nearly every semi auto rifle sucked there ^^
  9. Not sure if i missed the topic but i was wondering what type of guns you guys are gonna add? Is it going to be the usual Axis/Allies/Russians (cod2) guns or will you guys include Japanese guns? And plz also make a non scoped Springfield rifle ^^.
  10. Depends on the pace of the Game idd, MR12 should be fine. Cod2 had MR10 cus of some of the bigger maps and no sprinting. But you could easily finish rounds fast when you play Touj or Burg XD.
  11. I think some of the recoil in Cod5 might be something you guys want to look at. I would upload some stuff, but I'm not at parents home where my gamepc and cod5 is atm (gotta love Uni)
  12. Played Cod2/5 on CB a lot both S&D and CTF. Cod5 S&D top 1/2, CTF top 1. Also played some Europcups in Cod2 CTF with BRBR and a lot of mix teams. Played a good stint of S&D cod2 in the morefrag team (people probably remember the morefrag S&D server) with Euan (One man Army), Uzzer and Issey untill Issey went MIA. Moved to Cod4 played in several Highjinx teams although mostly not on the LANS.
  13. Gaz lol its me maSs ^^. Unless you're not the Gaz who i used to play with XD. You know dazza and patz right?
  14. Well we had a lot of CB Eurocups for a couple of different modes aswell (won several CTF cups, been in several finals of S&D ones). But it was too soon after Cod4 unfortunatly.. When i'm back home at my parents (where my pc is), i might upload some gameplay so you can see some similarities.