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  1. What mouse do you have?

    my old copperhead seems to be dying so I'm about to get a new one, prolly gonna go with the latest deathadder since its like the successor of that model, or zowie gear, they look simple and decent without any pointless lights and buttons. Btw anyone could explain, why in all those new mouses there's only optic sensor? Back in the days all mouses that wanted to be precise used laser. I'm guessing that now the technology allows optic sensors to be much more precise, but it should be same with lasers
  2. Let's talk about health regen

    The game looks like its gonna have a fast and dynamic gameplay so health regeneration just like the one in cod2/4/5 would fit. Since Battalion will be something between cod2 and 4, mixing both, it will basically be something simlar to cod5 so once again I think its good to take example from it. At the begining when cod5 was using promod, later modified by different guy and renamed as warmod, it did not use sprint, guns were slower which made game less dynamic. But still it had health regeneration and it worked well, kinda like cod2. Cant imagine no regeneration with such wall penetration. Maps like Castle, Asylum Corrosion, Hangar etc. would not be playable. It would be all about stg44. Later on when commod took the scene, the sprint was back, cars and barrels were blowing up, guns were much faster and smgs were rushing too fast plus those wallbangs, it had to have health regeneration, otherwise it would be way too easy to die, without even reaching the bomb site. Btw. devs, If you have someone from cod5 in your ex-pro group ask him to give some feedback about game dynamics according to health regeneration.
  3. Early access

    lol mass wtf why "maszii" ?!
  4. Recoil

    It's a general knowledge. Turning down all extra graphics helps the visibilty and gives you additional fps.
  5. What we know about the HUD so far

    So true, turning on scoreboard to see who's left used to be so annoying, especially when someone jumped on you during that time (btw I wonder how scoreboard will look like). Oh and I see that the player who has a rifle also has a smoke. Thats a really good solution, gives much more tactical opportunities, thats what was missing in cod2 and worked out great in cod5.
  6. Recoil

    Well for example you have some of top vcod/cod2/4/5 players who actually support such solutions, so its not about wanting to have another counter strike
  7. Early access

    Maszii have you played cod5 competitively? If so what team you were in? I used to play cod5 a lot
  8. Recoil

    Well cod5 was much faster than cod2, even on promod/warmod and commod there was a sway with scope, smaller and slower than in cod2, but it worked out great. Here's some footage where it's visible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f8DflMhZh0 as for bullets penetration, as I mentioned before, it would be silly to not make any, but on the other hand having the same one as in cod4 could be too much. The best option is to balance it well, depending on type of material, and its thickness
  9. Competitive Players

    Hey there, great to see big names involved!
  10. Recoil

    Thats true, it'd give another area to show the skill. But ofc the pattern should be different for different guns, just like it is in CS As for sensivity, personally I prefer the same sens when runing and zooming, but the more options to personalize a game the better! Btw FrosteR Where does cod scene hang out these days, since tek9's dead? Is there any Battalion thread on CG or somewhere else?
  11. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    LOL manto Soooo nice to see you buddy To już widzę pierwszego potencjalnego ziomeczka do gry I have not done it properly yet so, here it comes My name is Tomasz, I'm from Poland. Been playing CoD serie since cod2, then in 2008 got cod5 and played there competetively till the last tournaments, also played a lot of cod4 and a bit vanilla as well. Tbh as for serious competitions I only participated in cod5 scene with a lot of achievements there, both as teams and a nationteam. I found out about Battalion 1944 few days ago through an old cod mate, and got totaly psyched about it!
  12. Battalion Announcement Vlog!

    Ohhh boi! it sure looks great! Not sure but it looks like the movement is much smoother than it was in previous teaser :> and that rifle jump shot <3
  13. Competitive Players

    So nice to see many people with competetive experience considering comming back for this game Me and my mates from cod5 will also give it a try, ofc everyone played cod series on cb/esl since vcod/cod2 so can't wait to see some old nicknames soon ;q
  14. Hey, I'm a new guy here, got involved through phantasy video, so hello everyone, its so great that someone has taken the iniciative to create old school WWII fps game with priority towards online competition So big ups for the developers! First of all, if you guys really want to make this game a priority towards competetive gaming, then you should coopereate with people who really have been playin this way, so yea phantasy is one of those guys. I've seen some posts on this forum which suggest things that are not important in competetive gameplay, or even would make it worse. No offence, but looks like some people here used to play the silly way called "35 year old dad after work, who loves WWII history", with weird mods, beeing in 20+ people clans, with clannames like 101st Airborne Division, had ranks within the clan, and whenever tried to compete with teams from any league (CB, ESL) always were totaly destroyed. IMO game should be focused on the "more professional" gamestyle. As for the OP, I'd like to adress his points 1. Ofc there have to bind keys. No question about it. 2. Since your game aims at something between cod2/4, taking best things from both games, it makes it basically the cod5, so I suggest peeping some of cod5 solutions (the game was rly great, even though it had terrible start, I know it cuz been playin it since beta till the last tournaments on clanbase and esl). So as for the penetration, cod5 has it, but its not so powerful as cod4's, and it works great, bullets go through thin material easily, but gets harder with stronger material and its thickness, so its imposible to make sirious damage through concrete walls. 3. As for the health regeneration. thats a tuff one. Having limited health made vanilla harder, and required more responsibity, but the regeneration made a gameplay in latter ones more dynamic. I guess it depends on the game itself. 4. Cod leaning was fine. Don't see any point of changing it. 5. As for the guns. The rifles are crucial factor of WWII fps game. They have to be able to kill with one hit on the main parts of the body, otherwise it makes no sense of playing them. As for sniper rifle, I dont see any problem with quickscopes, Scope is the most valueable weapon, so it has to be deadly when well used, and ofc there has to be a limit for it, one scope per team, no doubt. 6. Camping is nothing wrong. if someone's camping in weird place, who cares?, The goal is to get the objective, no one has to kill the guy, he wil have to come out eventially, otherwise he has a good spot for a defense. (if you can't handle campers during match, that means you suck) BTW this subject often makes nade timing issue come up, and ofc nade cooking should not be possible) 8. I think since it wont be typical commercial game, there is no need for many gamtypes, just the regular SD, TDM, DM, CTF 9. The well balanced sound system is CRUCIAL, cod5 had a problem with it at the begining and it was one of the issues that killed the game. 10. Yup, there should not be any ping regulation. In other thread someone mentioned the active surroundings, and again CoD5 had it well balanced, even better than cod4. EDIT : Oh and I forgot, are you planing having shotguns? If so, they have to limited just like a scope, one per team. And its range/damage has to be well balanced. For example in cod4, even tho so dynamic, the shotguns were kinda useless.