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  1. Hello every1

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Hi all!

    Welcome to the forums Syren
  3. I found myself curious about the general geographic of the community. Just a simple poll to see the breakdown of where everyone is from, and where a majority of the community currently resides. Feel free to post where you are from below, or answer anonymously to add to the statistics. I will be playing on NA servers and reside from the great white north: Canada!
  4. What mouse do you have?

    Im rocking the Zowie EC2-A. I've had it for about a year and im loving it.
  5. [New Idea] - Weapon Badges!

    Hey! I would love to bring an idea I have for Battalion to the forefront of the forums. As we know cosmetic skins will be present in the game. This is a feature I value and believe adds a lot to a game, however it is something that has been done before. I have a unique idea that will be both cosmetically beautiful & add a sense of uniqueness to the game. One thing I believe games are missing in the common era is a sense of community. Players take part in events, tournaments, and challenges but never seem to have anything to commemorate these very times effectively. I want to add in a cosmetic item that players will value, cherish, and give their guns a unique flavor. I present to you... Gun Badges A "sticker" or "stamp" that can be added to and removed from a gun. These badges will be won or given away in the form of events (challenges, tournaments, holidays, etc.). These badges cannot be traded and will be account-bound. Each gun will have 4-5 slots in which players can choose from their inventory of badges to add to their guns. Anyone spectating a player, or whom picks up said players gun can then see the badges being shown-off on his/her gun. While similar CS:GO's sticker system badges offer some distinct differences: Badges are given to players through events, challenges, and tournaments. A player cannot simply buy a badge. Badges are used to show a players participation, success, and history. Badges may be interchanged at anytime to give the player control over which badges will be displayed. Badges will be small, organized, and represent the player rather than only the gun. All in all I feel that this idea may be slightly altered or change to fit Battalions needs. I have seen games in the past such as Habbo Hotel: an old social-based community where when you click on a player their "badges" are shown. Players became proud, envious, and determined to build up their arsenal of badges. It shows their history, participation, and gives them a sense of community and accomplishment. Examples from Habbo are below. I will be attaching an example image from Habbo, and two examples of how it may look in Battalion. Thank you for your time. I would love to hear everyone's opinion below!
  6. Alpha Access Rewards?

    I've noticed that the current options to pre-purchase Battalion don't offer any incentives other than guaranteed Alpha access for the top package. I have been very interested in Battalion and have wanted to guarantee my closed Alpha access however $70 to purchase a game that in months away from an official release is a big risk. I have faith in the game and hope to see the competitive scene strive but I would love to see more incentive to back the game for players that missed the kickstarter, even if its just a founder title, or a basic skin in-game, especially for the more expensive packages. At the end of the day $70 USD is a lot of money to spend for a game that I would love to back, but hasn't shown much gameplay.