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  1. I have bad feeling, that alpha will be postponed
  2. Hei Smut28, Yeah only key per backer, unless you pledged more than 150€ I think
  3. They have to add noclip, trajectory and those things, because its competitive based game and people will try to improve 24/7 to be the best. I also hope we will be able to play custom workshop maps, similar than in other games, where u can training your aim, reflexes, movement etc.
  4. I like the idea that skins will be added to the game. But lets hope they will be tradable through Steam. Why? Because someone will make Battalion betting site, that will bring more viewers on streams, because people will follow the match they betted on. Which means more viewers = more potential players = bigger community = more tournaments = more investors = eSport. And if you don't like skins, u don't need to use it. Simple as that.
  5. I would say the best way is that players choose team captain by voting before the game starts. If the captain is not doing good job,he is trolling or he doesn't want to be captain anymore, then you can start new vote, but the previous captain can't be chosen anymore. Also I would like to see "badges" on scoreboard next to the players name, for being good captain etc. similar than in CS:GO (where those "badges" are useless, but in BAT44 would make sense), so people would know who is the most suitable captain in the team. For example you can command a player for being a good captain. And player with the most commands overall gets badge for good captain next to his name on scoreboard. What do you think?
  6. I don't care about uniforms, soldiers and any of military stuff. I care about the gameplay since I am ex CS:GO semi-pro player. But people just don't understand that this is not casual WW2 shooter. Its based on competitive gameplay, not on big ass maps and 60v60 gameplay like others.
  7. You are wrong. This game is not casual game like Insurgency, Arma, Squad and other crap, where people dream about roles and military ranks. This is competitive game and not casual military shooter.
  8. So much hype boys. Im ordering closed alpha right now! Now hurry up and show us new trailer Good job guys!
  9. 1. Bronze I 2. Bronze II 3. Bronze III 4. Bronze IV 5. Bronze V 6. Silver I 7. Silver II 8. Silver III 9. Silver IV 10. Gold I 11. Gold II 12. Gold III 13. Platinum I 14. Platinum II 15. Diamond Personaly I don't like military ranks which were mention above, since Batallion 1944 won't be casual game, so simple ranks like that suits this competitive game the most. Easy to remember. Also there is 5 bronze ranks, 4 silver, 3 gold, 2 platinum and one diamond. Because its more prestigue if there is less ranks with same name on top level.