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  1. thats 99 % true. Cod 5 was not as bad as everyone says. With mod it was very fluent and ready for competition . But it just came to early after cod 4. cod 4 was at a very high level in 2008. No chance But battalion will i hope
  2. we are back too from Cod5 Logix / 6Feet-Under
  3. yeah. i was very drunk after testing it at munich. couldnt remember if there were hitmarkers
  4. true. its more "Casual Players ruins Esport"
  5. i think they will add 1 smoke for each player like cod4 or cod5 . makes the game more faster
  6. it feels great. but it doesnt look so
  7. no but it still doesnt look fluent. But how i said, at this early stage i think its ok
  8. no criticism but some points to improve: - models are very clunky and moves unrealistic - u didnt get a hitmarker or some info that u hit the enemy - or? - low recoil on thommy the game is fantastic at this stage - cant wait for alpha
  9. same here
  10. All right, but i wanna see some footage - cant wait
  11. When do i have to be there? Was it friday evening?
  12. Welcome Jason