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  1. A more authentic feeling

    Ah the days of friendly fire. When you decide to troll in a competitive match and kill your teammates and then /kill. I loved those days.
  2. I hope theres a 12v12 search and destroy.

    Small maps, fast paced playstyle, competitive playstyle. 5v5 will more than likely be the main mode competitive wise but with dedi servers there will probably be 32 and 64 slot servers plus offering a wide variety of gametypes.
  3. Spectating Battalion 1944 for competitive play

    PAM eventually was used especially in NA for "competitive" play. Rifles only SD and All weps SD. Good mod had all the essentials.
  4. Dabbled in UE4

    I'm sure Bulkhead will provide information on how to do it in the future.
  5. Hello Everyone

    Can always use more COD 1 veterans. Us vCoD guys need to stick together.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Thanks Everyone. Happy to be here.
  7. Dabbled in UE4

    I found something called the Virtus Learning Hub. Seems like they go through a lot of UE 4 aspects, 70 video series.
  8. Competitive Players

    Wow codpug, it's been awhile since I heard that term.
  9. Hello Everyone

    Thanks Fellas. Appreciate it.
  10. Spectating Battalion 1944 for competitive play

    I come the very old school of Call of Duty 1 and I absolutely enjoyed the game. We didn't have promod but we had PAM mod. I believe that stood for Project Ares Mod, it's been awhile but I don't know for sure. I think for the competitive side of things there are all kinds of things you need to ensure. A spectator client is of course essential for competitive play. I also agree with Dust that I feel CS has done it best. I also am a firm believer that it has to have developer/publisher support and I know it has that because of everything I've read and seen about the game and Bulkhead. If you want some opinions from an old Call of Duty 1 player it needs to have a high skill curve, in which players who put in the time should be able to utilize the map in ways newer players do not know how to utilize it. The bullet registration has to be on point as well, and I will argue this is one of the most essential points because to make a great Esport title you first have to create a great game. The Esport features should come after the game is on a stable foundation as a game.
  11. Dabbled in UE4

    Is there any "tutorials" or guides that those from Bulkhead would recommend to go in depth on UE4? I would very much enjoy creating maps and things of that nature once this comes out. I've only dabbled in UE4 and am following a Youtube guide to learn more but was just curious if there were any guides you would recommend more than others.
  12. Hello Everyone

    My name is Jason and I'm a Esports Organization owner, Wisefrag.com. I am also a massive fan of WW2 Shooters. I clocked over 3000 hours in Call of Duty 1. I was also a popular server provider back in Call of Duty 1 when I was using the alias Pieman. I kickstarted this game as soon as I possibly could when I saw it and just recently decided to join the forums and be a part of this community. i'm at a loss for words at how excited I am by this game. I want to be a part of this community and be a potential voice on the Esports/Competitive side of Battalion 1944. I want to be a part of giving feedback on weapon balance, esports discussion and advice, and things of that nature. I'm happy to be here and happy to finally be a part of the community that obviously enjoys the same things I do.