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  1. havnt got mine yet from australia super keen but my childhood memories will once again be real
  2. all i can say is i cannot wait to test and play the living shit out of this game amazing devs and amazing game!
  3. thank you x1000 cant wait to test this with a solid ping
  4. Il buy probly every skin and add on feature they offer to support them as they are bringing back my childhood for me and this games going to be amazing and can't wait to help bug fix alpha and beyond ! Bulkhead ftw
  5. Defo 5v5 tourneys like the old cod1/2 days just hoping there is a decent sized Aus community to keep it active and scrim and play comp with few times a week
  6. Keeeeen I took time off work to play
  7. Should remove this pointless post
  8. I ment dx10 simple miss type of course they where free. But none of which where actually any good and most where just default with added key bindings and names so jokes on you. probly why u were u were trash in Aus cod and will be again in this game pub hero cgi wannabe.
  9. Obviously was along time ago like 9years so don't have any screenshots anymore but I bought and1's config and on dx11 max settings u could see better through smoke naturally without the tweaks. And I always played with pb / Pam in cgi ect was nothing illegal just smart use of config tweaks which is why I paid for it. Even using 250 fps which they made capped had good advantages
  10. 333 fps for me on 34 inch monitor hoping we can silent run and trick jump with higher fps
  11. I had a config that was almost as good as wall hacks I could see through a lot of spots that 99% of ppl couldn't because of textual tweaks in u config which gave me a solid unfair advantage, in cod1/2 and also I could see through basicly thick smoke
  12. thanks man yeah was already in that jcuz invited me the other day
  13. Have we heard anything offical about what stage or if Australia will have a server on release i know alot of Aussies/nz are gonna be playing this soon as it comes out and many many more will return once they find out about this game! also will we be able to buy servers ? I will be keen on that for my clan and doing prac and scrims ect, cannot wait for this game and to test out alpha