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    Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4, CS 1.6, CS:GO and Battalion 1944. Basically competitive FPS games

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  1. oh look... it's this discussion again Snipers are only able to beat the SMG/AR up close if the SMG/AR player is shit..
  2. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    You could, if you wanted to but why would you?
  3. Call Of Duty (2017)

    You really see "Wolfenstein" in everything.. LMAO
  4. Supported languages

    If you need help translating into Swedish, I'd love to help
  5. What antivirus

    Windows defender and Malwarebytes
  6. Forum Reputation System

    Exactly, all this bullshit isn't helping anyone, in fact it's hurting the community as a whole and the Devs. How hard is it to behave like a normal human being and actually have a nice discussion without calling others troll or SJW's for not agreeing with your views, like come on! Most people here are over 20, some are even over 40... Start acting your age..
  7. Forum Reputation System

    You know this game is competitive right? ofc you'll have competitive types and pro gamers here... and why are you blaming them? there is a saying "clean up your own shit before complaining about someone elses"
  8. game

    You wait for early access later this year or buy a key off someone who is willing to sell it to you

    You seem to be a part of the minority in this case, You've been saying the same thing over and over again. Hence why you are being downvoted by people
  10. Cards effecting competitive play?

    Trust the devs, they have done research and they know what they are doing..
  11. Dukethon

    I was just having a laugh on here as well with my comment, and then @Soldat Ryan starts calling me pathetic... then it got a bit more serious
  12. Dukethon

    What are you even talking about? I'm just trying to have some fun and you call me "#pathetic"
  13. Dukethon

    @Soldat Ryan you thought I was serious when I said "le meme eeekkssdeee"
  14. Dukethon

    I can't say that I've been "unfairly downvoted" but if someone gets free upvotes then I want some too, also... le meme eeekkssdeee *cringe*