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  1. Have they stated "flashy stupid pink shit skins" will be in the game? You seem so obsessed by those words, just calm down. We haven't even seen any skins yet...
  2. I wouldn't want to see him banned either but if he keeps this attitude up he most likely will be
  3. Thanks! that would be nice
  4. There is no "Edit" button
  5. You can do that? Sorry, I had no idea. I started using the forums earlier this month and I didn't really check the options for posting
  6. He already got one warning from the mods so it wont be long until he is banned if he keeps this up..
  7. Doing a strawpoll for fun, I think at least 90-95% of the community are here for the competitive side of the game http://www.strawpoll.me/12784808
  8. It's even more clunky to scroll to the grenade and then throw it, also while standing there exposed with no means to defend yourself with. The CoD 2/4/Promod way of throwing grenades is more streamlined and I think the majority of the community actually prefer it. Bulkhead said that they wanted to create an old-school fps. Most games back then used CoDs style of handling grenades..
  9. You and me both! I'm going away the 23rd and come back home the 29th.. It's gonna be a long week
  10. Why do you think it is flawed? Can you go into detail? I really want to hear your point of view.
  11. Nice video, I'm thinking about subbing! Only there for Battalion 1944 tho
  12. Why would they? They are developing for PC first.. PC is gonna be their main platform.