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  1. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    Keys in hand. Thanks for getting this resolved! Very much appreciated.
  2. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    I haven't even got a reply or acknowledgement from anyone. That's the most frustrating part. Like I mentioned before, a simple "working on it" would be fine, just so I know it has attention.
  3. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    Got a LAN party tomorrow, lol. A few wanted to look over my shoulder and check it out, not anymore.
  4. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    I've been hyping this to my friends like mad. "Dude you get to play it yet? How is it?" My answer, "They haven't sent me a key and haven't heard one word from support." Their reply, "That sucks, wonder how they'll handle it once the game actually goes live." Might only see it a bit on the forums, but I got some old guild mates that I hyped this up to, and now they've only got to hear me complain about a silly game key. Doubt I'm the only one. I know it's Alpha, I expect delays, bugs, problems, etc., and that's all good. But as it was billed, thus far we're not getting what we paid for. As a friend said, if they don't know how to email you a key.....what do we expect?
  5. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    What a way to crush enthusiasm....
  6. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    Sure did. Was read 20 hours ago, nada.
  7. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    Oh it's claimed. And still not a peep from anyone.
  8. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    No support or email via Humble Bundle, no reply via forums, no support at all. I understand it's alpha, but even a "working on it" would be nice from support or the devs.
  9. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    Nothing yet. Has anyone got their Humble Bundle keys?
  10. What about the Humble Bundle purchases? Will the key / download show there?
  11. For consoles: aim assist

    Aim assist on consoles, I don't care. But no way in hell should it be on the PC. Assist has a lot of drawbacks, like unskilled "lock on" and automatically tempers or even eliminates recoil effects. Depending on how it's implemented, it's damn near a built in aimbot. Personally I'd say no to all aim assist. And the Xbox One and PS4 actually have the ability to use a mouse and keyboard.....it's up to the designers of the game to offer it. So I say give them the option. Hell, you could even market a "PC Master Race" edition for the consoles that is a box set with a mouse and keyboard. If we can get just one game dev to open up to a mouse / keyboard on consoles, it could start a small change in the landscape.
  12. Headshots (Idea)

    If anyone remembers, they did this exact idea in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. It was just horrible.
  13. I used to play on a MoH server that had some custom code to it. Basically if someone stayed in one place for 10 seconds or more, they would get a warning and if they didn't move at least 5ft (or whatever really small amount it was) they got booted. It worked really well in that respect, but didn't differentiate from snipers. If they sit and wait due to an audio cue or map ping, that's understandable. But it's not really camping in the true sense. Real camping is sitting in a corner waiting for people to walk by, without any cues or input. I agree it can be a solid tactic, but as this is supposed to be a skill based game, not in BAT44's spirit. Damn right! I had a server rented out of Chicago, and had a 50 ping limit on the sucker. Yea that's low, but it was all about having a good quality game. (my ping averaged around 12 on that server) Best server I ever rented. And population wasn't an issue back then since so many played.
  14. Been playing FPS games since Wolfenstein 3D and earlier, and have played MoH, CoD, and CoD2 competitively on the old TWL (Team Warfare League) ladders back when that was relevant. So I wanted to make some suggestions, some of which may have been addressed, but given my experience and extensive gameplay I hope to contribute. ---- 1) Key Binding Since the days of DOOM 1 I've used a keyset that's very odd to most. (but competitively, has it's benefits) Basically using the numpad. For example, NumpadEnter is my ADS key, while my right click is actually jump. I just want to make sure this game, as much hope as I have for it, allows those such key bindings. Too many newer games restrict key binds or won't let you change them at all. Honestly, if I can't change my key binds, I refund the game. (trust me, get used to my keyset, you'll never use the default ones again. Got a lot of friends using it) However, do not allow "fire" to be bound to the mouse wheel. Too many people with semi-auto weapons will bind "fire" to the mouse wheel, and then spin it causing a full auto effect. Don't let that happen. Either click quick, or get a full auto. --- 2) Shooting through Walls This has to be one of the most frustrating things ever put into an FPS. Back in the early days of MoH and CoD, there was no wall penetration, it was all skill and the ability to take cover. Modern games now...just get an LMG with some silly perk and mow down people through walls. No skill, lots of luck, and maybe a little "UAV" reading. If there is any wall penetration, please put heavy limits on it. Pistols can't shoot through walls period, neither can SMGs. Some assault and LMGs can with very heavy reduced damage. Snipers have the best wall penetration ability. However, in current games you can shoot through 4 walls get a head shot and lulz your way to a point. 1 wall max, and limit it to only thin structures. Say something like a wooden shed or house. Brick, steel, no....just don't. Or just no wall penetration at all. I'm happy with that. --- 3) The return of health packs? I miss those old days, when you actually had a health bar. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing though. Thoughts? --- 4) An actual lean! MoH had the best lean...cause....well...you actually LEANED. CoD it's more like a body shift, full side of ones body completely exposed. MoH...the first one to do it, and the only one to get it mostly right. However, it caused a lot of head glitching and abuse of the map itself back then. Not to mention very hard to hit people, if not impossible from those glitches. If a "true" lean is going to be used, I would have to suggest at least the opponents body, from the shoulders up, has to be exposed in order to see around corners. It still provides more cover, but may be able to avoid the map glitches. --- 5) Snipers and Bolt Action Rifles Here is where the skilled players shine. Not the snipers so much, but the basic Bolt Action. Like a KAR98. Treat these weapons well. Chest up shot, you're dead, on any bolt action. So many new games deprive the players of a kill when they make great long shots or just quick action / twitching to get a good shot off......injuring the opponent, only to be LOLed by some SMG wielding scrub that doesn't know how to aim down the sight. Skill needs to be rewarded, and the choice of weapon needs to as well. (on the old TWL league, CoD2, 2v2 bolt action only, me and my buddy were ranked #1) Quick scoping......needs to go. MoH it wasn't really an issue, but CoD made it one. That's not how a sniper is supposed to be played, an even Activision stated that was never the intent of using a sniper. Up close a sniper needs to swap to their secondary to survive, or get REALLY lucky off a hip shot. --- 6) Campers...oh how we love campers... Modern definition of a camper..... someone who stays in the same area for long periods of time. Old school definition of a camper.......someone who sits in a corner all game and waits for people to walk by. The modern definition isn't really a camper. That's just snowflakes crying about someone who knows how to defend an area well. The old school definition is the one that should be addressed. Such players sitting in corners should get exposed on the mini-map, or even "wall hacked". Or hell, even just booted. It takes no skill to sit in a corner, and so many of the old school server admins would just ban people who played like that. The only person who shouldn't be revealed for sitting in one place for long periods is a sniper. That's their job and true playstyle. --- 7) Game modes. Limit them.....just limit them. TDM, FFA, CTF, DOM, S&D.....thats it! Too many game modes thins players out. Have some special events with limited time unique game modes with special rewards, but just don't overload us with silly modes most people don't care about. Just look at any modern FPS, even Modern Warfare Remasterd. The population playing that game now is very small, but yet between normal and HC, over 20 game modes.....most of which aren't even populated. Don't hurt your own game, and spend valuable time, by making silly modes. ---- 8) User interface and Mini-map Let us position those. Some like the mini-map in the bottom left, some top left, wherever. Let us pick which corner to put it in along with the UI. That will make CoD and BF players all happy. ---- 9) Positional audio. I have one of the best rigs you can get. A Sennheiser HD 800 with a Sound Blaster X7 elite pushing it. It really doesn't get much better. But so many games recently have horrible audio, even modern CoD games. The old MoH I could have a junk set of headphones and pick people out anywhere on the map with audio cues. Now, since these games are made for console and not PC anymore, they don't seem to care about positional audio. Please make this a high priority. ---- 10) "Lag compensation" Don't. Just......my god....don't! Old school, low ping gave you the advantage. Modern games, a high ping makes you harder to hit and your shots register first.....at least with CoD's crappy net-code. DO NOT CAVE to the snowflakes that have crappy internet or complain about lag all the time due to their own connection / hardware. Don't try to "compensate" for them. Do NOT use peer-to-peer hosting....ever! I know you plan to use dedicated servers, but Activision tells us the same thing over and over.......and over and over we get lied to and disappointment follows. If anyone suggests using peer-to-peer....just fire them. They don't get the idea behind BAT44 and shouldn't even be on your dev team. Well I sure typed more than expected. Anyway, looking forward to the Alpha in May. I'll be giving some input along the way.