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  1. bilbin

    Jump Boosting

    It's not my video, I was shown it by the creator and decided to make a post because the tournament organiser believes it could be allowed if it's by design.
  2. bilbin

    Jump Boosting

    You can do this boost anywhere and gather a lot of information, it also seems possible that being that high in the air some textures would become invisible in the same way that the fnatic's triple boost against LOLC was deemed illegal. Rulesets in most tournaments allow boosting generally, I aim to seek clarification if this form of jump boosting is an intended mechanic by the developers or if it warrants sanctions against exploiting this in tournaments, I feel it's an unfair advantage and will deeply affect the integrity of the game if players are forced to adapt to a jump boost meta to make sure they're on equal footing to their opponents.
  3. bilbin

    B Site on Derailed

    You have block nades and smokes for a reason.
  4. bilbin

    Bomb fakes

    I believe you're talking about the sound you're hearing after the initial sound of planting and defusing which is in correlation with the animation of you turning the bomb. That is only heard by the planter or defuser (spectators of them too), you can easily fake the defuse or plant if you didn't know. Though sticking it can be quite tricky because of that turning sound that persists which might hinder you from hearing a person rushing you.
  5. bilbin

    A real concern for this game

    References don't mean anything, it doesn't mean that the game is going to be like them, you really need to grasp this basic concept to understand where you are wrong. I suggest you watch the kickstarter video again and listen to the wording very carefully. Have you played the game or read the patch notes? If you've done both of those you would know there is no bunny hopping and that air accuracy has been nerfed to curb people jumping around corners, the game isn't being fully released til 2019 Q1 so there are a lot more changes that will happen. The group of players disappointed that are a minority in the community were not lied to, it was genius marketing to capture the hearts of 30+ year olds with nostalgia and it's not Bulkhead's fault they can't understand marketing tactics and lack fundamental English comprehension skills. I'm not too sure what "the most authentic, down the barrel experience of WW2" means because it is a subjective opinion.
  6. bilbin

    A real concern for this game

    Referencing a game =/= direct copy Howard Philpott also wrote:
  7. bilbin

    A real concern for this game

    No where is it said how the game will play, all the videos and writing only speak about the game being a spiritual successor or that the developers have experience and love for the great multiplayer shooters of the past. Your math is good, but you need help with your comprehension skills. The only thing in common with Quake is that it's an FPS, the game couldn't feel further away from Quake if it tried.
  8. bilbin

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    I'm very sure that the majority of people that are following Battalion never played CoD2
  9. bilbin

    A real concern for this game

    These are opinions on how the game should change to your liking, they're not by any stretch game breaking as you're implying with your tone.
  10. bilbin

    A real concern for this game

    kar98k, sniper and heavy classes also received movement/speed changes, maybe if you read the patch notes you could find out.
  11. bilbin

    A real concern for this game

    Have you even read the patch notes? Pistol has it's own unique speed now.
  12. bilbin

    few issues that make the games feel clunky.

    It's hard to please the community with movement speed, it used to be pretty quick but people complained that it was too fast for them so they made it slower. Before watching the video comparison I didn't notice how clunky it was, now I definitely will.
  13. bilbin

    individual gun xp and levels.

    Yeah that would be nice, maybe a stattrak with engraving or something
  14. Main thing that makes this game stand out from the thousands of other FPS games out there would probably be that it's the only game that has kept true to its back to the roots promise. Apart from the new Call of Duty games that are garbage and not competitively viable at all due to the lack of mod tools and dedicated servers, there are no games like this in the market. I think the game's biggest selling point is that it involves raw skill, no perks, no grinding, no Overwatch dive comp meta etc. It's literally just you and your skill.
  15. bilbin

    Will there be censorship??? (Dev question)

    Hopefully someone will make a game reskin for those wanting to play with swastikas, going by their comments I don't think they would ever add a censorship option unfortunately.