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  1. It's nice to see that all of this has been acknowledged, oh wait.
  2. Completely agree with everything and feel well and truly fucked by the whole ordeal. AFAIK there was to be no difference between KS and Humble at the time, it was just for the option for those that needed to pay via PayPal (The amount you paid coincided with the tier cost on their KS page). Then we get news that the game is releasing at 1/3rd of their expected RRP from initial expectations, ok no problem, can deal with that. Then find out that effectively the only benefit we've had over anyone that has been Early Access is being able to play the Alpha and be in the Alpha forums, since they decided to give out codes left right and center for their Beta. Now that the game is launched it's a further 10% discounted and there's a special pack that gives you ; KEY FEATURES: Digital Soundtrack 5 War Chests Exclusive Weapon Skin All of which we don't receive and all for 1/4 of the price we paid..... KS backers have been fucked about, Humble Bundle backers have just been laughed about. Edit: I've even seen people on twitter complaining that they purchased the console version but have been getting the PC code sent instead. Being told that it's theirs to use until console version comes out. So will we all get console keys as well>?
  3. If he never received one then he can't fill it in. Not everyone got the surveys straight away, there were many threads on here at a time when people weren't getting there's.
  4. I mean surely you should either get a partial refund or something? You pledge support on a tier and didn't receive what you paid for? Effectively you've paid £35 for a £15 game?