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  1. Ya the videos will be clearly labeled. CS:GO is definitely a passion of mine so I will always look to work with that game but definitely going to do Battalion content as I can.
  2. In this video I talk about some of the biggest features, main talking points, and core goals regarding Battalion 1944 as it heads into Alpha. I mostly spend time highlighting some of the new information we received in the interview I did with one of the main designers, Joe Brammer.
  3. Hey folks! So I did a rather lengthy interview with Joe Brammer about all things related to Battalion 1944. Included in the interview are a lot of details that were not previously known. While it is rather long, I feel this interview tells you everything you can know up to this point about Battalion 1944 that the devs are willing to have known publicly at this time. I have time stamped the interview so you can skip things you don't care about and focus on topics that are of particular interest to you. Thanks and enjoy the interview! You can also share it on Twitter if you want:
  4. Interviews, sharing other content other's have done (basically being a content hub), movies, podcast type thing, etc.
  5. Can't wait for the alpha. Getting pretty hyped!
  6. I just wonder if patches would be too hard to see to be worth it whereas gloves in a first person perspective or a gun engraving would be very easy to notice for spectators.
  7. Agreed with the actual lean mechanic! I believe the devs will be treating the bolt action weapons well so I don't think there is any need to worry there. Not really a fan of health packs tbh, plus I think they are doing health regen so ya. Also I personally like shooting through walls, but obviously it should have some limitations. And the whole campers thing is in my eyes up to what people do with their servers, but it shouldn't be built into the game or competitive play obviously.
  8. So not so long ago I did a thread on spectating competitive Battalion 1944 which people seemed to like: In this thread I wanted to talk a bit about bringing team content into the game. Obviously thinking about team logo stickers in CS:GO, maybe Battalion 1944 could consider team engravings on guns and such. This could be for the team's players as well as for fans. However, I also wanted to think of ways to set teams apart in game. X-Ray colors was one potential option I mentioned in the spectating thread, but I also thought about a couple of others. For example, in CS:GO some events have made gloves with team logos on them thought it is not wide spread in the game (I think I have only seen it at one or two events in the last 4 years). Something like that could be a nice touch to watching competitive play. Obviously players have team tags in front their names and such and the score board will have team names, but this is just another nice bit of art to add that would be neat in my opinion. If not gloves maybe it could be something else or on top of gloves maybe there are other options too. Just a thought! Also I assume S&D will be the man competitive mode, but made for fun stuff you can do team logo flags for CTF or something. That or have team logo banners incorporated on the spawning points for both teams. This is something you see on bases in SC2 for example. Like this Liquid banner: ) Maybe for Battalion 1944 it could be on flags in the spawning zone or with some type of themed decoration of some sort. It is a nice added touch to third person camera shots before a round goes live on something. Just a bit of added production value I suppose. So what do you folks think?
  9. K/D Ratio, Average Damage Per Round (ADR), HS% maybe?, 1vX wins, etc. Ya I am curious what type of tactical depth there will be. With an S&D game mode being used as the primary competitive game mode we will hopefully see cool map control plays, site executes, etc.
  10. Good to hear! Send ya an add!
  11. I don't think compass vs. minimap will change communication that much. Also even if it did require comms that is a bad thing. You already have so much to comm about and if you add ambiguity to it all that just causes the comms to become flooded. I just think a mini map is better, especially for spectating, but I'd rather it over a compass in game as well.
  12. I am talking about for competitive play like tournaments and such. Usually they are streamed on a delay. Also you can restrict who is allowed to spectate.
  13. I think a mini map for both in game and spectating would be best for competitive. Obviously you shouldn't be able to see your enemies, but seeing your team and map is great. At the very least it is important for spectating. As a commentator being able to keep tabs on what is going on across the map while focusing on the player on screen is super important.
  14. So I come from CS:GO and the CS franchise in general (mostly CS:S and CS:GO). I have served as an analyst and commentator in CS:S and CS:GO for several years (most recently doing CS:GO events for ELEAGUE, DreamHack, Gfinity, ECS, etc.). With those things in mind, I obviously am big into spectating the game for live commentary as well as review in post-game situations (analysis, content, etc.). So with that said I wanted to pose some thoughts about spectating games in Battalion 1944. A lot of this is going to be copy pasting features we see in CS:GO. I feel Valve really nailed spectating for the most part, especially in live situations. Though I will say, many of these features are also found in other games as well, especially in recent times. Without further ado, here are some features I think are important to a great spectator experience. X-ray: Having X-ray for character models for spectators is one of the best things I have seen added to spectating FPS games in the last few years. A lot of games are strictly streamed with X-ray on all the time. It really helps quickly see how people are set up or movement on the map while still being able to view the game in a player’s first person perspective. I definitely feel this needs to be a part of this game. You can do Red for Axis and Blue for Allies or something. However, recently in CoD IW I saw the X-ray color be based on the team colors (so OpTic Gaming X-ray colors were green for example). So there are some options on exactly how to implement it, but I would love to see X-ray in the game as early as possible for spectating. Mini Map/Map Overview: It goes without saying having a mini map is a big part of FPS games. Usually this sits in the top left corner or something of your screen as a player to get information about the map. As a spectator it lets you see everything and everyone. It’s definitely a big part of spectating. This is probably too obvious to even add here. However, a big thing from CS:GO and other games is the ability to pull up a giant map overview AND to be able to draw on it with different colors and stuff. This is a great tool to talk tactics and point things out. I would definitely love to see that being a part of the game. A great Spectator GUI: This includes score, team names (maybe logos and country flag), clock, round number, map number (if it’s a bo3 or something so you can quickly see who has the map lead). Also player bars on the sides of the screen (name, what gun they have out, what nades they have, health/armor, number of kills in the round, etc. ) Finally, being able to go through the players with the number keys is HUGE to help with observing. One team is 1-5, the other team is 6-0 (again just look at CS:GO). Map Cameras: Outside of the ability to follow players in first person as well as free roam around the map, having set cameras across the map for third person shots would be great. The added ability for an observer to customize where these cameras are setup will also be great. It can allow you some nice shots between the action and such to add to production value. Instant Replay: This is a great production element. Many people use external means to do it, not sure if it is possible just to be an added element of the game itself. Demo playback: This is one of the things CS:GO got wrong. Demo playback in CS:GO is complete ass. Third party providers like Statshelix crush the actual in game system. I hope that a solid demo playback on this game can be achieved. It is great to be able to watch matches back and pick them apart. These are just some of the biggest elements I see and enjoy in other games. I feel they are important to have to make the viewing experience great. I imagine many of these ideas are already in the works but thought I would share them here anyhow. If I have any more ideas I may add them to this thread at a later date.
  15. Myself and Metuz (Not sure if you know him, but he is with RoomOnFire and has casted some stuff for DreamHack among others) are actually quite interested. Also have some ideas for spec mode, but you may already have many of the bases covered. Will do a post soon with the ideas