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  1. I put together a video about my initial impressions of Battalion 1944. I will likely be doing more videos like this as changes are made to the game. Also may look into some kinda talk show/podcast with folks and as the esports scene develops maybe some content in that area as well.
  2. DustMouret

    Interview with Joe Brammer is out!

    I definitely asked several questions I saw on these forums and the sub reddit.
  3. DustMouret

    Interview with Joe Brammer is out!

    When we first planned the interview he told me he only had 30-45 min to do the interview. We pushed it a little past an hour. I didn't have time to ask every single question people had.
  4. Here it is! Topic time stamps are in the description!
  5. Hey folks! Some of you may have seen interviews I have already done with Brammertron and Phantasy Interview with Joe Brammer: Interview with Phantasy: I will be recording another interview with Mr. Brammer here soon (possibly the day after this post!). The interview will likely be released just before Early Access launches. I already have some questions in mind but I figured I would see what some of your questions are out there. I won't be able to include them all as I think the interview will only be about 30-45 min long but just though I'd see what was out there! Thanks!
  6. DustMouret

    An interview with phantasy!

    LOL. I fixed the first post. Should see it now!
  7. DustMouret

    An interview with phantasy!

    In this episode of The Hype I sit down with phantasy to talk more about Battalion 1944. We touch on his background as a pro Call of Duty player, his initial thoughts on the game, his impact on it's early development, his recent employment and new role towards the game, etc. Topics by time: 0:00 - Introduction. 2:05 - Phantasy's background in PC gaming and competitive play. 6:35 - Here we focus in a bit more on phantasy's time playing Call of Duty 4 professionally on PC. 12:50 - Here we focus on what phantasy was doing alongside being a player. We also talk about what he has done since ending his career playing (for now). We talk on his background in game design and how he got into content creation on Twitch and YouTube. We also touch on his brief ventures into other competitive PC titles. 22:00 - We shift to phantasy's early involvement with Battalion 1944 prior to becoming an employee. How did he get involved? What was he up to? We touch on initial reactions, the impact phantasy had on early game development, the first Alpha, etc. 46:50 - Here we talk about how and why phantasy became an employee working on Battalion 1944, what he actually does on a day to day basis for the game, etc. 54:50 - Does phantasy always want to be an employee or return to playing? 55:42 - Here we talk about the second alpha for Battalion 1944! We discuss some of the changes and goals for this alpha as well as what is coming next! 1:06:30 - We shift the conversation back over to Battalion 1944 being an esport. Is there room for it? How will it work? Where does fit in inside of the esports space? 1:15:30 - What does phantasy think about the future of Battalion 1944? What final thoughts does he want to sure with the community?