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  1. Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    Very generous of you! 42, because of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!
  2. CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    I've played the beta, it was fun in the casual aspect, but it's the same console ported thing again. Not meant for anything serious.
  3. Vanir checking in

    Thanks for the warm welcomes guys, appreciate it!
  4. Vanir checking in

    Hello lads! My name is Vanir, I'm a Hungarian guy who used to compete in CoD4 Promod at a top level. I've also played some CoD2 CB with my mates way back in the day. I went on to play some CS:GO over 2 years ago, but that game hasn't really had such an impact on me. The physics are nothing like CoD4, and I prefer fast paced games, strafejumps, crazy rushes, ridiculous noscopes and so on. When I've first seen the startup of Battalion 1944 I instantly caught the hype. Then phantasy made some videos about it and now I'm more hyped than I was for any game in my entire life. I'm planning on buying the 35 GBP PC pack as soon as I'll have some spare money. I really do hope this game will be at least as successful as CoD4 Promod was. I wanna go to LANs again and stuff. So I can't wait this game to be released! I have some fragmovies on my YT channel. And some highlights on my Twitch profile. I stream some CoD4 nowadays, as CyberGamer pugs became a thing again. Please excuse my rusty English.