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  1. Battalion 1944 looks more like this: (CoD1)...... focus on making the game look like cod2 please. and its because of the textures color.
  2. Texture quality does not effect FPS. In most games you can set the textures to low - ultra and there's 0-3 fps difference.
  3. Hi, Please may the dev's update the textures to make them look more colorful?. I compared the grass on cod2 compared to battalion 1944 and in cod2 the grass for example is way more colorful. This is the same with all the textures. Here are screenshots to compare what I mean: As you can see in CoD2 its way more colorful.
  4. CoD2 was full of color and life.
  5. Hey all, Looking at days of war, it looked good, so I purchased a copy and while playing it, its total useless. days of war maps are all dark and grey. please battalion 1944 dev's, don't make the design/art look like days of war. in days of war it was all too dark and grey. please listen to us !!!1
  6. the current carentan is way too dark/dull.
  7. I'm not talking about copying cod2. I'm talking about adding color to the current Carentan map. The current version of the Carentan map looks really dark and dull.
  8. Is carentan being remade?
  9. Hi, Do you think having a ranking system where the top players are listed as a feature?. - not server bound but global Battalion 1944 bound. - top 10 players e.g: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  10. so can the dev's remake carentan. - create more colorful textures. - re do the whole map. the design of the current carentan is so basic,dark and bland it should not be in the game.
  11. Will there be CTF and other game mods?
  12. Hello, May the dev's remake Carentan please?. It looks nothing like CoD2. It is way too dark and dull. All grey/black/ no good. the game needs to be full of color. days of war dev's had beta carentan and then final version. it was all changed.
  13. Can a dev update on how we're doing?
  14. Also, can the Carentan map be re made? it looks way too dark.