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  1. next battalion weekend?

    anyone know ?
  2. Download the game?

    Im just activated my alpha key and downloaded the launcher (around 150MB) When can I download the game?
  3. Download the game?

    then take your 159 rep and go away my friend. you said same to me without reason. cretin deepsht
  4. Download the game?

    S T F U
  5. Download the game?

  6. Day of the Alpha

    See you tomorrow guys ! The dream come true
  7. Day of the Alpha

    i got the key
  8. Day of the Alpha

    Thanks for pre-ordering! When Battalion 1944 - Alpha Access is ready, you'll be able to get it right here on your download page.
  9. Changes

    This video was uploaded on March 30. Has anything changed in the game since March 30 or will we see this on Friday too?
  10. Changes

    tomorrow pre-load?
  11. Changes

    hm, Devs?
  12. Who will be online when the game release at May26? What do you expect from the game? Do you think this game will be esport-oriented or nah? What weapons will you play first? Will you help developers by detecting and sharing bugs? What ideas would you give developers to make the game more enjoyable for everyone or at least for the majority? How long will it take you to see the first cheat/cheater in the game what do you think? Do you also want classic cod2 maps in the game? For example, carentan. How do you think developers are loyal to their words?
  13. Answer when we meet on the battlefield

  14. Game-Modes in Alpha

    i hope too we can play s&d in alpha
  15. Answer when we meet on the battlefield

    It was good to read, thanks guys, cant wait 10 days
  16. purchase available date?

    When can you buy the game again? One of my friends missed the pre-purchase

    Hey dear devlops. If the Closed Alpha released at May,26 can i pre-load the game on steam?
  18. Alpha key or account

    120 euro
  19. Will there be a 16:10 aspect ratio?

    i think yes
  20. Search in Destroy in Alpha

    Hello guys. I was pre-ordered the Alpha version of the game. Can we play search and destroy mod in closed alpha?
  21. Release/New gameplay?

    Call you tell me about release date of early acces game? When can we expect the next game to play? Pre-ordered alpha from humblebundle if alpha avaliable i can activate the key on steam?
  22. Search in Destroy in Alpha

    i just not want one more Days Of War mistake. I know what is "alpha" but i payed 65 euros to test alpha right? we cant test alpha on just one map and one mod like t-dm but im not developer i dont know. But sorry for that text: "if not im just request refund because we got 1 map and 1 tdm mod for 3 months like days of war. ........................." im trust in developers and gave him chance and time.
  23. Search in Destroy in Alpha

    If i request refund i think YOU NEED refund ALL CENTS to my bank account i think.. if you are legally supposed company, or i know badly? But if the alpha only few weeks its ok for me. Early acces release date?