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  1. read the screen my little friend, choose ur timezone and wait,
  2. then take your 159 rep and go away my friend. you said same to me without reason. cretin deepsht
  3. Im just activated my alpha key and downloaded the launcher (around 150MB) When can I download the game?
  4. See you tomorrow guys ! The dream come true
  5. i got the key
  6. Thanks for pre-ordering! When Battalion 1944 - Alpha Access is ready, you'll be able to get it right here on your download page.
  7. tomorrow pre-load?
  8. hm, Devs?
  9. This video was uploaded on March 30. Has anything changed in the game since March 30 or will we see this on Friday too?
  10. 4days
  11. i hope too we can play s&d in alpha
  12. It was good to read, thanks guys, cant wait 10 days