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  1. @[CM] BigTuna For backers who won't even have servers within a reasonable distance (i.e. Australia), this is a huge kick to the nuts to find out we won't even be able to try it out offline.
  2. @ToonBE please don't confuse that I was simply having a go at your methodology in your arguments, not your specific ideas or opinion (as from time to time you tend to put across some pretty decent ideas, regen topic being one of them). But, if you weren't so instantly dismissive of ideas proposed by CoD folks, perhaps they'd be less dismissive of yours? Don't for a second think that you're alone in appreciating the ignorance shown by some on here. It's a publicly open forum, takes patience to sift through the shit. If you didn't take people's negative or unsupportive responses to your opinions so personally perhaps you'd be a little less jaded. I'll agree that you could argue neither method is faster. However, the one-button approach definitely feels less clunkier when compared with inventory based nades when you've got the sprint mechanic to deal with as well.
  3. rip
  4. Well, this is exactly why all of your anti-cod mechanic arguments are flawed. How in the fuck can you draw conclusions on a mechanic in a game --you've never played competitively--. I'd take a stab, from my observations, that the majority of the ex-competitive (or currently) players here have dabbled in both CSGO and CoD. I know myself that I like to keep an open mind to the development direction of the game, and would welcome a lot of CSGO features that I believe would have merit to be implemented into Battalion. You keep drawing lines in the sand where they don't have to be. My point is that you nullify any CoD-based suggestion or arguments made, without any actual knowledge in what they involve. FYI, I'm open to nades in battalion to be inventory based. I just think the points you make in your arguments are generally unfounded and plain childish at times.
  5. Have you ever actually thrown nades in a scrim or otherwise competitive match in CoD2/4 @ToonBE?
  6. You can do that yourself in nvidia control panel though?
  7. A maybe is better than nothing! cheers
  8. Any developments on the possibility of any AUS servers for Alpha @[CM] BigTuna ?
  9. The only good thing the compass was for in CoD2 was to lineup the top cellars nade from top butchers on carentan
  10. How many times must it be said that textures & animations featured in the gameplay reveal trailer are still in development and have already been changed.
  11. Add implemented matchmaking and competitive support in the core model of the game and you've got a winner. @7k35531 it's a collaboration of all the strengths found from games like CoD1/2/4 & CSGO. Not to come across too passive aggressive, but If you still think battalion is a carbon copy of CoD1, I suggest you go over again the media the devs have released and some of the discussions here on the forums.
  12. You're not alone! Still a great feeling to know that our kickstarter money has been well spent
  13. Dude for someone that by the sounds of things hasn't played any CoD2/4 (the games the game has been heavily based on), I believe you're the one being ignorant. Not to mention, why are we bitching about cross hairs when you have the ability to ADS? On topic - gameplay looks great guys! Would be interested to see what sort of dmg reduction over distance is being used for SMGs (if any!).
  14. Think he was referring to how things like skins in games like Dota have funded pro events etc.
  15. It's probably just because people haven't played any decent competitive games that encouraged the use of ADS in so long.