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  1. They probably could somehow.. but; 1. Not really worth the risk of a lawsuit (even if its only a slight chance). 2. Battalion needs to be its own game. While I too thoroughly enjoyed the likes of carentan, touj, dawny, burgs etc in cod2.. I'm really excited at the prospect of learning completely new maps and their dynamics in battalion. It also helps to remove the whole constant comparison between battalion and cod2 later on, e.g. "Oh but in CoD2 dawny you could make this jump where you cant in battalion.." etc. But, I'm sure the community modders and map makers will have a port of these old maps not long after release anyhow.
  2. scaR


    Pretty sure muso was referring to having the option to select between maps in the filmtweaks menu that brammer posted, like a dropdown selection at the top of the screen. Was only using config or binds from cod4 as an example.
  3. scaR

    Server locations

    No worries Tuna. Completely understand your reasoning behind it, appreciate the quick response. I think there'll still be easily enough people to fill up the 2 x 6v6 servers ... unless there's more?
  4. scaR

    Server locations

    Just one quick question @[CM] BigTuna Firstly, I really don't want this to come across as another whinge or something like that, because I know that I can speak on behalf of the rest of the aussies in saying that we're extremely grateful that we're even getting servers for the Alpha in the first place. I and a few others were just wondering if it'd be possible at all, either for the first weekend or following ones, to either lengthen or shift the times the servers are up in Australia to suit peak periods a little better here? Whilst the 3AM-11AM timeslot is a little inconvenient for us, we also understand that from your side of things it'd be easier to monitor all server locations at once, as opposed to running supporting devs on around-the-clock shifts. Either way I'm sure you'll still have a bunch of us on this weekend, albeit for a smaller duration.
  5. scaR

    Forum Reputation System

    +1 It amazes me how people are getting so worked up over this shit. Just remove the reputation system entirely. All it does is encourage the sheep to amass and create arguments between the "mature" population on these forums. But.. if people can't survive without having their egos stroked, just get rid of the downvoting. I'd be more inclined to see the introduction of burying posts (by moderators) similar to other boards (cybergamer is what I'm thinking of). Makes it 20x easier to sift through the crap in threads and get to the discussion which is actually relevant.
  6. scaR

    Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Doesn't mean you couldn't just use the layout of the map and apply WW2 aesthetics to it though.
  7. well there's one comm already sorted for that map.
  8. scaR

    Server locations

    Sooooo goooood. Appreciate the effort from you and the rest of the team to make this happen @[CM] BigTuna
  9. Speaking of which, when's the next update gonna be in regards to the plan/roadmap for alpha ? @[CM] BigTuna
  10. scaR

    Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    no. exploding. cars. or just reduce the 2039480 cars in the A carpark to one or two. Good choice of map though, would be interesting to see it with some WW2 aesthetics in UE4.
  11. @[CM] BigTuna For backers who won't even have servers within a reasonable distance (i.e. Australia), this is a huge kick to the nuts to find out we won't even be able to try it out offline.
  12. scaR

    Last weapon used bind "q" (CS)

    @ToonBE please don't confuse that I was simply having a go at your methodology in your arguments, not your specific ideas or opinion (as from time to time you tend to put across some pretty decent ideas, regen topic being one of them). But, if you weren't so instantly dismissive of ideas proposed by CoD folks, perhaps they'd be less dismissive of yours? Don't for a second think that you're alone in appreciating the ignorance shown by some on here. It's a publicly open forum, takes patience to sift through the shit. If you didn't take people's negative or unsupportive responses to your opinions so personally perhaps you'd be a little less jaded. I'll agree that you could argue neither method is faster. However, the one-button approach definitely feels less clunkier when compared with inventory based nades when you've got the sprint mechanic to deal with as well.
  13. scaR


  14. scaR

    Last weapon used bind "q" (CS)

    Well, this is exactly why all of your anti-cod mechanic arguments are flawed. How in the fuck can you draw conclusions on a mechanic in a game --you've never played competitively--. I'd take a stab, from my observations, that the majority of the ex-competitive (or currently) players here have dabbled in both CSGO and CoD. I know myself that I like to keep an open mind to the development direction of the game, and would welcome a lot of CSGO features that I believe would have merit to be implemented into Battalion. You keep drawing lines in the sand where they don't have to be. My point is that you nullify any CoD-based suggestion or arguments made, without any actual knowledge in what they involve. FYI, I'm open to nades in battalion to be inventory based. I just think the points you make in your arguments are generally unfounded and plain childish at times.