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  1. It depends. If you're accustomed to 120hz, 60 might feel choppy. I have 60hz monitor and it feels good so far, but i'm afraid that if I upgrade to 120/144 in the future, i'll never be able to look at 60hz again This might be a thing. Turned on, it caused massive fps drops in CS:GO back in the days.
  2. I played DayZ Standalone in 2013 when they stepped into Early Access. No alpha can be worse than that
  3. Depends where BF series will go
  4. Sorry, my mistake. Cap this time :DD
  5. Blame phantasy As to competitive-casual war, Battalion was announced as competitive old school shooter from the very beginning, yet many people saw this bad prototype gameplay from KS and thought it was WW2 mil-sim. You can play competitive game casually and have a lot of fun, but you can't play casual game competitively.
  6. TBH you've chosen ugly skins to show us. They look like someone poured paint on them - no artristry at all.
  7. Upvoted you cause i find it so funny that people want to practice from alpha's day 1 (or rather weekend 1)
  8. But it's obvious, isn't it? Yes, BattleRank is their ranking system, but due to dedi servers being in the game and competitive edge of Batalion it's obvious that some 3rd party leagues /sites / e-sport organizations will be insterested in creating their own ladders, events etc. Should Bulkhead forbid them because there's already BattleRank implemented? Hell no. What's more i'm pretty sure they'll heavily support such projects.
  9. So total 3 guns? More like primary and secondary gun (pistol). No one ever said that knife in Battalion will be equipable. More likely you'll need to just press some button to bash/cut the enemy. But even if it's equipable like in cs you can: bind 1 +weapnext bind 2 +weapnext bind 3 +knife (in cs i personally use V instead of 3 cause hey, im cod n00b ) Not that complicated IMO.
  10. You can always put some shiny, pink skin on it
  11. SP games with good storyline, Witcher 3 for example. I don't really like playing games just to grind. It gets boring after some time.
  12. It was just a placeholder for kickstarter promotional video. You probably won't see that map in actual game and if you do, it'll most likely be reworked.
  13. 9 years ago, when cod games were actually good and devs cared about their community. And it has dedicated servers, that's why there're still some people playing it. You won't see dedicated servers in cod ww2. Game will be dead on PC within a month like Ghosts, AW, BO3, IW, MWR.
  14. You don't really need crystal ball to notice that cod series turned to sh*t. Eyes and some brain are enough. Just look at recent titles. Play cod then. It must be good cause, hey, you say so