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  1. skitelo

    "Proved" Players & Clans

    Probably downvotes from future cheaters IMO ID with your real name and adress is a bad idea and it would violate people's privacy. However I strongly support the idea of 'prime accounts', hardware bans etc. - whatever to get rid of those cheating plebs :D. I've already seen some cod4 ex-cheaters on discord or alpha servers and i'm pretty sure they'll try their luck in Battalion aswell
  2. Wartide = S&D with card system.
  3. How do you know it were 'randoms' who took all the keys??
  4. You can still singup for the beta, right? That extra giveaway was just Brammer's good will..
  5. skitelo

    Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    286, i want to play with my mate, who was dumb enough not to back this game. PS. Look at all these fake '1 post' accounts
  6. skitelo

    Beta coming soon

    Don't expect your own dedicated servers during beta. Just saying.
  7. skitelo

    NickyHD Battalion 1944 Trailer

    They announced it months ago and it's official Battalion trailer on Steam
  8. skitelo

    weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    nah, check your e-mail
  9. skitelo

    Cod ww2 Beta

    @sNrklhaai "Networking – PC Beta data from the top 20 participating countries confirmed that nearly 100% of all matches were hosted on dedicated servers. For launch, our infrastructure is ready to provide our players the best possible online experience with high tick-rate dedicated game servers globally." ^ Playing with words is strong here.. During the beta I experienced host migration several times. Does it mean I wasn't that lucky to play on these 'nearly 100%' dedicated servers? Sledgehammer guys know what kind of dedicated servers pc players want. Maybe they would even implement them in the game if they could but lord Bobby Kotick doesn't want us to play CoD for more than one year so it's not gonna happen. Based on how terrible the latest CODs were, thinking that 'maybe they change something this year' is radiculously stupid.
  10. skitelo

    Cod ww2 Beta

    No they don't. Please name one. Optic and FaZe does not count
  11. skitelo

    Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    this k98 looks sweet