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  1. Call Of Duty (2017)

    LMAO @optich3cz, please don't hate me
  2. For consoles: aim assist

    I just didn't want to start another 'console vs pc' war But yes, i agree.
  3. For consoles: aim assist

    It is on PC. Console version will be, well, "different"
  4. Price Strategy

    IMO 20-30 euro is a decent price as long as you roll some "free weekends" after release so people can get familiar with the game. We know the game will be good cause we test it and provide feedback, but there're still many people out there, who think it's just "shitty cod reskin".
  5. Battalion 1918!

    A sequel? Sure, why not but in 2027, not earlier.
  6. Greetings, I am phantasy, QA & jr CM on Battalion

    Having phantasy on board as a developer, we can be sure movement will be perfect Good luck.
  7. E3 Battalion

    ekhm... call... of... duty.. ww2.. ekhm...
  8. can i get the key for early acces

    You can't play at the moment due to game being in closed alpha phase. Officially in Steam Early Access at the earliest. However there are some rumors you'll be able to buy your access into alpha soon. Nothing confirmed yet tho. Personally, i doubt it but if it's true then good for you and all the ppl looking for a key
  9. Estimate Release date?

    I think they misunderstood some things It goes this way: closed alpha --> closed beta --> early access --> full pc release --> console release. So no open beta, i think.
  10. Update the textures

    @rit Please stop posting one exact thing over and over again. It's just alpha, there're more important things to do than colors atm. Nevertheless, devs stated, that we'll be able to customize colors in settings (like cod4's filmtweaks) so if they're too bland for you, you can always adjust them for your liking. What's more, you can make use of nvidia's digital vibrance. Example: AMD cards have such option as well.
  11. @HypeRNT Devs got feedback from so many ex cod pros already, your "precious" advices are needless at this point.
  12. Forum is not dead. It's sleeping atm. We had hot discussions in closed alpha section after May 26th and provided devs some feedback. Now waiting for changes in alpha 0.2. You probably won't see any videos with "points covered" as well. As devs stated, alpha is not a marketing tool for them. PS. I don't really understand your concerns about jumping. You played cod4 and it was pretty similar in promod. Unless you've played some shitty vanila servers.
  13. Call Of Duty (2017)

    You forgot about microtransactions
  14. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Lol, red dot sight. And you guys complained about skins or incorrect way of aiming down the sight with mp-40 in Battalion
  15. Call Of Duty (2017)

    COD4 or WAW were quality games. Please don't compare them to COD WW2 Obvious reason... Political correctness, my ass. Going this way, in 50 years nobody will remember that it was Germans who started WW2. People will call them "nazis" instead... Same bullshit as "polish death camps". Just my 2 cents.