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  1. Day of Defeat

    Hi! I know that the game Days of War on early access is taking inspiration from Day of Defeat, so is this game having anything like that too? I just bought DoD to practice for Days of War, but im not sure how DoW is gonna turn out, so I want to see if i am wasting my time.
  2. It would be cool to see a big ass map with destructible environments. BattalionField 1944
  3. Competitive Players

    Played Minecraft competitively (i know i know, i swear to god if you make fun of me i will punch a baby hippo). I was actually really good, top 100 on server of 1000s. Then went to CS GO when MC pvp died. Now i have almost 500 hours into CS GO, and i cant get out of Silver because i have no one to queue with, so i get queued with shit players... yup..
  4. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    I like this the most.
  5. Body Damage System

    All I know is if you are really close to someone, a sniper should kill them anywhere in the body. As you get farther, then arms aren't one shots.
  6. Days of War ?

    To be honest, I hope both games do very well. I hope both games have a thriving player base and they offer different experience for us to choose from. That's what's ideal. All we can do is sit and wait.
  7. Hi! I have hundreds of hours into both CS GO and CoD and I am looking for a clan filled with nice people, but people also looking to climb the ranks to be #1.
  8. Loot Crates & Weapon Case drops, what are your thoughts?

    Two things: 1. I'd love to see this as a feature. I was hoping it would be a feature. 2. I frickin love you guys. Do you know how many developers would go for the cash-cab route and make it pay to win. Thanks for being a legit company that gives hope to the future of gaming.
  9. Sniper Rifles, weapon sway and hold breath

    Im up for no sway.
  10. Low Settings For Home Computers?

    One of them is an Radeon HD 8570, and I'll get back to you on the other one. The other is a Radeon 8670D
  11. Low Settings For Home Computers?

    I have an AMD A10 6800k (built in duel graphics) 10gb of ram, and a 1tb hard drive.
  12. Low Settings For Home Computers?

    Hi! One thing I have always loved about CSGO is that even my home computer can run the game. The game has a swing in graphics between settings that I love! You can go Ultra Settings 1080p and the game looks pretty good, or if you have an average laptop, or a home desktop, you can slap on 720p and low Settings and play it 60 fps. Will this game be optimized enough at low settings where average computers can run it?