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  1. Joe has a point in the Dustin interview, RB6: Siege did realistic skins and they're pretty boring in all honesty, who wants to own a snakeskin gun? I dont care if there's skins in the game, at the end of the day its the gameplay I'm here for. And being a small dev team, micro-transactions could potentially be what keeps our game updated and alive so for the sake of a few crazy skins in the game it doesn't bother me. And If its true that players will have to option to turn them off in competitive play, then it literally has zero impact on the game and people need to get a grip. I can't think of a top 5 E-Sport without some kind of micro-transaction in place. It's obviously helps contribute to the games popularity and if there's no player base for a game, sadly there is no game. This game will need all sorts of different players if it wants to be a competitive game. So I welcome the idea of skins, as I trust the developers to use that income to better the game, and I still believe they still have the heart of the competitor in-mind. Ideally I don't wanna see pink Kar98's everywhere I hope they're a bit more creative with their designs. Also wanna add that I'm not a massive skin person myself, but I can appreciate how it benefits the production of games.
  2. Yeah man, I dont want some crazy VOIP just an emphasis on teamwork ect. for example if you dont use a mic in CS people complain because it's pretty necessary to communicate in that game. Maybes it's different in b44 idunno.
  3. Ah great that's awesome
  4. I agree with most of your points except Bounces I dont really think they're needed, plus although it was cool to do it did look stupid af when you saw someone do it haha.
  5. Welcome to the forums
  6. Hey guys probably a stupid question but, I pre-ordered from the B44 website back in January, which in-turn took me the HumbleBundle site where I purchased the game. I just noticed the update on Kickstarter today mentioning the distribution of keys on the 24th of May ready for the 26th. Would this be the same for the people who didn't kick-start but did bought into the Alpha Access via HumbleBundle? Cheers
  7. That's some luck, see you in the alpha dude!
  8. 6 Weeks fuck! Not sure I can wait that long, too hype
  9. Thank god the maps are going to be clutterless! Anyone know if there'll be settings similar to promod where you can change clutter and turn off graffiti? kinda similar to the console command mp_drawDecals 1. And I guess that leads me to another question, will be there a console?
  10. I wouldn't say I "suffer" from colour-blindness as it doesn't have any detrimental effect on my life, but it can be annoying/hindering when it comes to certain activities such as Gaming. As Joe has said most of the visual settings can be tweeked and I know without even playing the game I could get some settings that work for me through Nvidia control panel or something of the likes. But I want to point out that in CoD2 I had real issues seeing the US Player Models on Toujane, Tunisia which has so many (what I call) "pastel" type colours and no matter how much I fuck with my visual settings in Nvidia control panel or other VibranceGUI's, I still always felt I was at a dis-advantage playing. Obviously there's no changing an historical uniform of the US army, but maybe just adding some things you could spot on the player models that clearly stick out against the background. For example darker boots or helmets (even if not historically accurate) It'll help colour blind people like myself. Unfortunately, colour-blindness effects people in different ways and what may work for myself may not for another person. Obviously this is a very minor issue in the light of your game's development, but I hope you'll consider how your player models colour pallet compares to that of the environment. Side note: Also on the mini map, if there's you're going to identify teammates with the use of colour, could you use a system similar to CS:GO where the colours can be changed to letters or numbers.
  11. I think taking the "Best" parts from cod2 and promod would probably be the way to go about this, sprint should be a feature but currently the game play is like hyper speed compared the to Cod2. Find that balance and I think you'll please a lot of people.
  12. I remember hearing or reading that it was planned to be the later side of May cant remember if it was a devblog I heard this on or something I read here on the forums.